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Why You Should Buy A Union-Built Home

Moving is a stressful experience. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, there are the anxieties of moving all your belongings, questioning whether this new house is the right one, and dealing with all the red tape that comes with a home purchase. However, there is one simple thing you can do to reduce some of this anxiety: buy a Union-built home.

Here are some reasons why buying a union-built home from a Construction Labor union is a smart choice.

It’s Built to Last

We can all name several companies that produce cheap but poorly built items. Sure, there may be some cases where we’re inclined to buy these items, but buying a poorly built house is a bad idea. Part of the reason why buying a new home is so stressful is because the risks are very high. Buying a home with undiagnosed problems can suddenly end up costing an unlucky homebuyer a fortune.

This is why it really pays to inquire about the home’s construction. Did the developer use a builder or construction union to build the home? Was the house built with highly skilled union labor or nonunion workers with shoddy skills? This one factor can make a huge difference. We recommend buying a home that is developed by skilled and experienced builders or construction unions to avoid critical issues in the future. Problems won’t necessarily surface right away, but they may become apparent within a few months or a few years if you buy a poorly constructed home.

It’s Built Efficiently

Though naysayers sometimes accuse construction labor unions of being too costly, it’s useful to consider what’s really going on. Union workers are paid a higher wage for a reason: they provide better work. As one union law expert explains, labor union job sites are simply much more productive. The higher wages are thus justified by the efficiency and quality of the work that takes place.

When you’re buying a home built by a construction or builders union, you can be confident that you’re not paying a bunch of extra money to account for the job going way over budget. Workers in builders unions are highly trained and hold a lot of experience in the home building and development industry. Labor union workers are trained to do the job right the first time.

You’re Supporting Ethical Practices

Consumers are increasingly more interested in supporting companies that abide by ethical values. Some companies may get away with unsavory practices, but the many firms that are more vocal about their commitment to making the world a better place is surely a good shift.

Voting with our wallets, so to speak, is a key way we can exert force in the marketplace. Buying a home built by builders or construction labor unions shows that arguably our most important purchase is guided by our values. Supporting unionized labor means that more American workers and their families can live the comfortable middle-class lives that are sadly becoming more and more out of reach.

This may sound abstract, so let’s bring the conversation into the realm of human lives. Consider some findings from a New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health report: 90 percent of New York City’s construction companies listed in federal OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program are nonunion. Additionally, the report revealed that the large majority of cases where city construction workers fell to their deaths occurred at nonunion sites. In other words, supporting nonunion labor is quite literally an indirect way of rewarding companies that simultaneously place workers’ lives at risk and provide unfair wages. Make the right choice–financially and morally–and buy a home from a builders or construction union.

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Why You Should Buy A Union-Built Home


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