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Tips for Protecting Your Home and Home Office

As a freelancer, you work hard for your money. Last time, we wrote about what you should do when you’re making more than you need. We mentioned investing, real estate, and a few other options for turning cash into more cash.

Once you have something worth having, you want to protect it. There are plenty of people who are going to be jealous of your wfh lifestyle and strangers who will have no problems taking what you have and selling it. Thieves, burglars, and other sorts of seedy types are always looking around for stuff to take.

How do you protect your home and your home office? We have some ideas. Some are classic and some are outside of the box. Read on to know more about protecting what’s yours.

Get a Dog

Nothing is going to upset a would-be burglar like a dog. Even a small dog or a puppy is enough to make a lot of thieves head to the next stop.

Why? Because dogs bark. A barking dog is enough to alert the owners of the home that someone is creeping around the property. They have a great sense of smell and hearing as well.

What kind of dog is going to be the best deterrent? We recommend getting a pitbull. They’re incredibly sweet dogs and there are always a lot of them at SPCAs and animal rescues. Pitbulls have a terrible reputation and are often used for dog fights. While they are sweet and kind animals by nature, they are also protective of their homes and the other people who live there, especially children.

If you want the best possible guard dog, a pit is the way to go. They have scary growls and barks but they’re gentle animals.

Your kids will love your new pet, but you also need to keep in mind that all pets have associated costs, including vet bills and food. If you’re willing to cough up the extra cash, then a dog might be all you need to keep the Bad Guys away.

Smart Home Accessories

Every year, homes get smarter. There is almost nothing technology can’t do for your home at this point in the game. You can control the lights and temperature with a tablet. You can have heated floors in your shower and digital screens in every room. You can even see the temperature of the food in your oven with a smart device.

As far as home security is concerned, smart cameras are not only advanced, but easily purchased at pretty much every major electronics retailer in the country. This doesn’t mean you’re going to get the best quality, though.

When you want the best, you should do plenty of research. If you want top-quality merchandise at a reasonable price, check out Sentel Tech. They have everything you need for smart cameras for your home security. If you want something that even 007 would find interesting, they’re definitely the website you should check out.


Want the bad guys to go away? Don’t let them know where you live.

Criminals rarely go off the beaten path. If you live on a main road or a popular area, they’ll find you. If you live in a high-end area, they’ll also find you.

There are plenty of places in the world where potential burglars will never find you. It’s a simple as vetting the community you want to be a part of.

It’s also about living below your means. A modest apartment or house is going to be less attractive than a place in an upscale neighborhood. The average freelancer is going to spend most of their time in the home and in their home office. However, you don’t need to live in a mansion to be successful.

Also, smaller towns and communities have less crime and are tight-knit areas where the community really matters. You’ll enjoy farmer’s markets and local shops and boutiques. If you support them, you’ll be surprised at what they’ll do for you.

Common Sense

Practice some common sense. It will take you far.

Make sure to keep windows and doors locked if you’re concerned with thieves or anyone who may cause you physical harm.

Don’t keep anything valuable in plain view. If someone can look in a window and see something they can sell for a large profit, then they are going to be more likely to try and break in.

Do you have a security system? If you do, great! If you don’t, that’s fine, you really don’t need one. All you need is a sign that says “protected by x”. To make sure you aren’t violating any kind of laws or copyrights, just make up a company name and make a homemade sign. It’s really that easy. Who’s going to know?

Something else you can do is keep the area around your home well-lit. Fences may help keep some criminals away but it may draw other ones in. They can help to conceal thieves. Trees and hedges can also have the same effect. The easiest practice is to make sure the area around your home has plenty of light. So even if you have fences and bushes around your windows, it’ll be harder for people to hide.

The Takeaway

Keeping thieves and criminals away from your home is easier than you think.

The key is to show off an environment that does not welcome them inside.

Cameras will record intruders and a dog will convince them it’s not a good idea for them to try anything shady.

Keep checking in with our blog for more ideas on how to keep your home and home office safe, secure, and comfortable. And thanks for stopping by!

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Tips for Protecting Your Home and Home Office


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