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10 Standing Desk Accessories You Need to Try

Studies suggest that something as simple and routine as sitting for a prolonged period can lead to negative health effects.

People who sit for 6 or more hours a day suffer from poor posture, are more susceptible to cancer and are at risk of becoming obese.

As more people become concerned about the risks of too much sitting, they’re buying Standing desks to avoid these health risks.

If you don’t have a standing desk, you should invest in one for your workplace or home office. And if you do have one, you should buy Standing Desk Accessories to optimize your experience.

Not sure which standing desk accessories you should get? In this article, we’ll cover ten of the best standing accessories you need to try.

10 Standing Desk Accessories You Need to Try

Standing desks are great, but they can’t improve your health and comfort alone. Here are 10 standing desk accessories that will make using a standing desk enjoyable and beneficial for you!

1. Comfortable & Supportive Shoes

If you’re going to be standing for multiple hours, you’ll need to buy comfortable and supportive shoes to properly support your body. Standard everyday work shoes or slippers won’t cut it. You should buy a pair of supportive running or walking shoes, as these will make standing at your desk the most comfortable it can be.

2. An Anti-Fatigue Mat

While comfortable and supportive shoes are incredibly helpful, they can’t make you fully comfortable on their own. One of the most important standing desk accessories to get is an anti-fatigue mat, which will cushion your feet from the hard surface or ground you’re standing on.

These mats fight standing fatigue by encouraging subtle movements of your leg muscles, which helps to improve your blood flow and reduce discomfort.

People who use anti-fatigue mats experience less discomfort when standing. They’re also believed to help with leg or lower back pain, so if you’re experiencing these things you should definitely get an anti-fatigue mat.

3. Arm Supports

Arm supports are soft padding or surface area that you can attach to your desk. They can reduce the pressure on your wrist that occurs when you’re using a mouse or typing. These supports can also reduce the risk of developing neck and shoulder problems.

Tip: If you’re only going to get one, use it on the side of your dominant hand.

4. A Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for exercising and stretching, but they’re also great as standing desk accessories. By occasionally standing on one, you can stretch to your leg muscles and promote blood flow circulation. They come in many sizes and varieties, but the best ones for standing are the extra-firm and durable options.

5. A Mini-Elliptical Trainer

If you work long hours and are unable to get to the gym as much as you’d like, a mini-elliptical trainer can be a great accessory for your standing desk. They’re tiny, so they don’t take up a lot of room, and you can place it right in front of your desk. This makes it easy to burn some calories and get work done at the same time!

6. A Bicycle Trainer

Bicycle trainers aren’t ideal for a formal office space, as riding one can make you sweaty and your workspace dirty and unclean. But they’re a great option if you work from home! The leg motion can help you focus your mind and reduce stress, which will make you more productive.

At the same time, you’ll burn a ton of calories!

7. A Supportive Chair

Just because you have a standing desk doesn’t mean you should stand all day! The best health balance is mostly standing with some periods of sitting mixed in.

You should find a chair that supports your lower back, offers adjustable seat height and width and is comfortable for you!

8. A Footrest

If you don’t have an anti-fatigue mat or don’t plan on sitting much, you should get a standing footrest. This footrest will help you ease the pressure off your feet, which will ultimately make you more comfortable. Many are also adjustable by height and angle, so you can modify it to meet your needs.

9. A Timer

If you have a habit of working long hours without ever taking a break and leaving your desk, a timer may be a great thing to have. You can use this timer to monitor how long you’ve been standing at your desk, and when it goes off you’ll be reminded to stretch, take a walk, or sit down for a bit.

Standing at a desk for hours at a time can lead to soreness and serious fatigue, so having a reminder to take a break can be extremely beneficial.

10. A Dual Monitor Mount

If your workspace isn’t set up ergonomically, you won’t get much use out of your standing desk. Things like the placement of the hardware on your desk, like your monitor and mouse and keyboard can greatly impact your physical health.

If your workstation is poorly set up, you’ll end up with bad posture, straining in your neck and back, and muscle tension.

A dual monitor will let you spread your windows across two screens, which will eliminate eye strain. They also make it easy to adjust the positioning of your monitors to make it more comfortable for you.

Final Thoughts

Standing desks offer anyone with a home office many benefits. They help you burn calories, which minimizes the risk of obesity and metabolic disease. They reduce back pain.

They may even help improve mood and energy levels, which will ultimately boost your productivity!

But a standing desk is only as good as its exercises. So if you’re planning on buying a standing desk or already have one, you should consider these 10 standing desk accessories to boost overall health, comfort, and productivity!

Do you have a standing desk? What accessories do you use for it? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Standing Desk Accessories You Need to Try


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