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Things that I know now that I wish I knew when I was young

Just imagine if you can go back in time and bring along everything that you’ve learn from experience. I bet your life would be a lot different. How everybody wish that they have a time machine to correct their mistakes. Here are some of the things I know now.that I wish I knew when I was young.


Problem is one of the most common thing in life. Everyone has them. The only difference is people’s perception. Some people might think that a situation is a problem while some people might think it is an opportunity. Opportunity to learn that is.

Although problems might be constant it does not mean that it can’t be solve. Think about it. You might have encountered a problem that seem impossible to solve. Like it is the end of the world. Then think back at the time when you solved it and it seems menial.

Problem gives you the chance to grow. The bigger problem that you encounter, the more capable you will be when another one happens.


A lot of people have spent a lot of time building their Career. At one point you might have fooled yourself thinking that it would be for your family. But then again you look back at the time when you went to work instead of being with your family during christmas or new year. Or spent your birthday in the office instead of people who really matters.

I read this article in facebook about prioritizing work instead of Relationship. So it goes something like this. When you leave the company you will be missed for a day. Everything might after be in chaos but somehow things will get back the way it used to be. You will be replaced.

But for your family, you will be someone who can not be replaced. If you are gone they would not missed you for a day but you will be missed the rest of your life.

When I read that I thought of numerous time that I spent on the office instead of going home right away. I thought of the time that I should have spent with my kid instead of doing reports. I maybe needed today in the office and tomorrow I might not be. But my child will need me forever.


Time is the biggest asset that everyone has. Spending time doing something you hate is time wasted. I get it. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like to earn a living. We might be a corporate rat for years. Making money for other people instead of putting money in our pockets.

What’s my point? Time seems irrelevant when you are young. You feel that you can live forever. People tend to enjoy way too much when they start earning money. Just think about how much you saved during the first year of working? For most people not much. But for those who are financially literate, they started saving and investing early. That is a good thing. How I wish I invested for my future early.

Learn to make passive and increase your income channels. It would be difficult to be rich when you are an employee. Have the balls to start your business and if you are not ready find other means to earn extra income.


Relationship is a wonderful thing. If you can find a person who can stand everything about you, even the douchebag side of you, then make sure to care of the relationship.  I heard that if a relationship last longer than 10 years then it would last a lifetime. In some ways I agree with that. How about you? Have you been friends with someone for more than a decade and you are still friends despite not being together all the time

I have gain and loss a lot of friends over the years. I did not lose them due to a misunderstanding or a fight. It more of not keeping in touch. 

Good friends are hard to get by. Invest time developing meaningful relationship and work harder to keep those friendship intact. 


The problem with focusing on career first is that we tend to set aside finding someone to spend the rest our lives with. I spent ten years focusing on building my career. I thought that when I have establish a career and saved.enough money then everything will fall into place. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Things do go that way. By the time your so called career building phase is over, you would have already fallen in love with the idea of being single. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. And being single is not that bad. All I am saying is that growing old with someone is a good thing.

Find your passion

Doing something that you are passion about is very important. You heard the saying  from Mark Twain

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life

The problem lies with our upbringing. We were thought to aim for job that we will earn steady income. With that we are forced to abide with norms. We take courses in college that will provide stable jobs. But we learn later in life that having a stable job will provide a stable income so that means no matter how much effort you exert, the outcome (in this case your income) will be not be far off your expected monthly salary.

So learn to play an instrument, take photography lesson, learn how to cook or develop your passion. In this day and age, people that focus on their passion are getting paid well. 

Taking care of yourself

One day you will have to kick that bucket. Everybody will. Treating your body like an amusement park will take it’s toll. We will have to take care of our body so that we can make wonderful memories with our loved ones.

Sleepless nights, excessive alcohol, lack of exercise and not eating healthy is a recipe for destruction.

We told ourselves that we change our habits. We will sleep early, drink less, exercise and eat nutritious food. But can we do it tomorrow? Don’t wait until the choice of living healthy is taken away from you.


We all have them. We dream of having a better life, a better marriage or relationship, a better physical condition and a better relationship.with God. But although we dream such things, we tend to postpone everything. Nah I am too lazy to change. But Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

Someone told me that you need one thing to achieve your goal and it is not mindset. Want to take a guess? If you guess Determination then you are right. So what’s the difference?


Mindset is you setting your mind to do something while determination is having the will to set it in motion.

Here is an example. You have set your mind to wake early so that you will not be late for work. You have set your alarm two hours before the start of your work. Then the next day the alarm sets off. You quickly press the snooze button. You continually press snooze until you wasted a lot of time lying on your bed instead of getting ready for work. So what’s missing?


Determination is the will to get out of the bed. Determination helps you cross out your list of goals. Yes having a positive mindset helps you succeed in life but determination give you the push that you need to make it happen.

Closing note

I think everyone wants a replay button for their life. There are mistakes that we commited that we wish never happened. My biggest regret is not having the properly manage time because it boils down to it.

Life is about timing. If you haven’t achieve a goal that simply means that it is not the right time for you. Opportunity

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Things that I know now that I wish I knew when I was young


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