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4 Payroll Services for Small Business

One big stat line to know as you enter 2018: 100 percent of employees like to get paid.

Now we don’t have the source data to prove that, just so you know. But it’s a number with which few would argue. Even in the noblest, most spiritually enriching professions, payday is a joy and a relief. It means you won’t get kicked out of your apartment this month, and that you’re (most likely) not working for a con artist. For millions more it means “omg brunch this wknd?” which is a very special feeling, indeed.

As a small business, staying on top of your team’s Payroll is especially crucial in building trust and keeping your talented group of rockstars from jumping ship or losing morale. One delayed deposit or inaccurate amount could be a serious boo-boo in today’s climate and send certain individuals back on the job hunt.

There are dozens of payroll software applications to help your in-house accounting team get the moolah in the right hands at the right times. But there’s a learning curve, margin of error and labor demand involved with implementing software for such a task that you might not be willing or able to deal with at this stage.

This is where Payroll Services for small business come in.

Payroll services deliver the pizza when you don’t have the ingredients or the patience to make your own. You may pay a few bucks more for the tip — staying with pizza analogy for a minute — but without the headache of preparation or cleanup. They’ve also made pizza a few thousand times more than you, at least, so it’s not quite the gamble in quality inherent with your startup pizza skills.

In other words, outsourcing payroll to a trained team of professionals will ensure that your staff gets paid. Then everyone can order their own pizza.

More than 80 payroll service providers are currently listed on G2 Crowd, and knowing where to start can be an intimidating endeavor that keeps some businesses from choosing one at all. We’ve taken the liberty of selecting a few of the more popular agencies to present as starting points. If it seems payroll outsourcing is in your small business’s future, check out these payroll companies and then compare them to the many other great providers listed in our payroll services category, such as ADP payroll services and Execupay.

Payroll Services for Small Business

Insperity payroll services for small business

Founded over 30 years ago, Insperity (formerly Administaff) is a full-service HR provider trusted by more than 100,000 organizations both big and small. Their signature offering, Workforce Optimization®, runs the gamut of human resources needs including benefits administration and employee training as a complete package. But you can order their solutions “by the slice,” as it were, and modify your services through a single centralized online hub.

In addition to services, Insperity produces software tools to handle many common business tasks, such as their expense management platform ExpensAble. The company takes particular pride in their consulting and outsourcing abilities, though, boasting stats on their website such as an average 12-plus years of experience among their hundreds of service team members. Currently sitting with 4.5 stars from G2 Crowd reviews, Insperity services such as payroll are the real deal. If you don’t believe the reviews, you may believe the $3 billion the company earned in 2016 alone.

Part of their “stress-free payroll” pitch is that “Insperity takes care of processing your payroll information, filing related taxes, verifying employment eligibility and more.” What’s more, the company offers a free e-book on HR outsourcing with basic information about professional employer organizations (PEOs), an industry term for organizations like Insperity that assist others with their HR workloads. Even if you decide on another provider to do your payroll, there’s no harm in digesting some of the wisdom the publicly-traded company has picked up over 30 years in the industry.

You can fill out a sales inquiry directly on the Insperity website, or call a representative at 866-583-8748.

What clients are saying:

“I’m not involved with the finances, so I can’t say whether Insperity’s costs are comparable with competitors, but I can tell you that the service and professionalism are amazing. They are the only payroll and benefits administrators that I’ve worked with that know how to consistently get things right. Let’s just say that Insperity never associated my FSA funds to someone else’s Dependent Care account like one of their competitors did.” — Erin O. in an Insperity review from September 7, 2017.

Intuit Payroll Services
Intuit payroll services for small business

Intuit is synonymous with large sheets of numbers as the behemoth behind QuickBooks, the accounting software against which others have been measured for years and years. Your dad uses QuickBooks. So maybe without knowing it, Intuit is your dad’s favorite provider of payroll solutions.

The Mountain View-based company offers both well-received payroll software and payroll services, as well as Assisted Payroll for QuickBooks Desktop. As a full service payroll solution, Intuit Payroll Services advertises a litany of features on their website, with workers’ compensation and employee time tracking assistance in addition to every facet of payroll processing. They’ll even send you up-to-date labor law posters to display in your workplace — helping you stay compliant and your employees informed. (It’s also the law to display these, so they’re really doing you a solid.)

As worded on Intuit payroll services page: “Just enter hours, we run payroll for you.” Currently with 4.3 out of 5 stars on G2 Crowd, Intuit’s payroll services are clearly a distillation of the untold lessons learned from millions of shipped software units and satisfied customers. It’s a great bet for small businesses looking for a name brand they know and trust to get the job done right.

Intuit offers a 30-day free trial of its full service payroll solution, and you can call the company’s sales team at 800-445-1890 for information on getting started.

What clients are saying:

“They are a little more expensive than other payroll services, but they are worth it.” — G2 Crowd user in an Intuit Payroll Services review from April 26, 2017.

FrankCrum payroll services for small business

Like Insperity, FrankCrum goes out of its way to explain the wonders of PEO — in the form of a cute animated video, rather than an e-book — and how one could benefit your business. These Florida-based HR gurus have been around a smidge longer than even the tricenarian Insperity, entering its 38th year of operation in 2018. Not too shabby.

A shiny blue button on the FrankCrum website’s payroll and tax solutions page guides you to an obligation-free rate quote on a services package. Clients receive access to the MyFrankCrum human resource information system (HRIS) where they can easily access and manage payroll information to ensure employee information is always current and each dollar and cent is accounted for, regardless of company size.

You can hire FrankCrum for just about any HR demand, including risk management and coverage for workers’ comp. Payroll is front and center in the company’s offerings, advertised as a way to “free you from daunting labor, costly and embarrassing errors, tax risks, and compliance challenges” as well as “have more time to focus on what will make your company more profitable and productive.” The homepage posits that small businesses waste 25 percent of their time on paper, on average. Giving you a handful of this time back is a promise that FrankCrum stakes its reputation on.

The FrankBlog is a valuable resource for learning more about payroll and other common human resources obstacles, with insider tips from some of the country’s true seasoned vets. To get in touch directly with the FrankCrum team about your own payroll challenges, you can call 800-277-1620.

Paychex Services
Paychex payroll services for small business

When it comes to straight-up, no-nonsense payroll software, SurePayroll by Paychex is at the head of its class. Now in business for more than 45 years, Paychex does paychecks for 600,000 clients through its technology and outsourced payroll offerings. And as one the world’s most ethical companies, according to, small businesses who invest in the company can bank on their team’s financial information being safe and contracts being shipshape.

Small business payroll services from Paychex help “make payroll for small business effortless — just as it should be.” Clients can input information through a web interface or mobile app, or put data collection in the hands of the Paychex team. Employees are also given access to the platform for downloading paystubs and updating W-2 forms, among other things. As a small business owner, you can utilize these services to pay different groups of hires, from salaried to contract. You can also leverage the payroll data into 160-plus types of reports and analytics.

Paychex Flex, the all-in-one digital hub for managing services accounts, can be expanded to assist with other HR duties such as recruiting and time/attendance. Dedicated specialists are available as well as 24/7 support in the U.S., and systems are updated behind the scenes to ensure regulatory compliance to your region, nation and industry.

You can request a free quote for payroll services through the company’s website or by calling 855-263-1021. Take a peek at the many HR solutions from Paychex by exploring the Paychex website or its listings on G2 Crowd.

What clients are saying:

“What I liked best was the Paychex Flex app both on the admin and employee side. It was a friendly user interface that allows you to see the dashboard at a glance. On the admin side it was easy to see all the employments and do automatic payments that were already synced to the payclock. On the user employee side I can see all my paystubs, vacation and sick time, and all my retirement accounts. It was easy to change my portfolio to my 401k and my contributions.” — G2 Crowd user in a Paychex Services review from November 16, 2017.

A well-oiled payroll is the gatekeeper between your smiling staff and their hard-earned bucks (dollars, rupees, pesos, et al.). If you don’t trust yourself to get it right, can’t decide on software to use, or simply don’t want the headache of crunching digits and filing taxes for the time being, know there are some amazing companies out there eager to help.

Payroll outsourcing with a qualified PEO can save you an ocean of time in which your management and HR teams can splash around, zone in and tackle the long list of other items on their plate. You can learn about these featured payroll services providers and other HR services agencies, and help your fellow small business owners by leaving honest reviews about your experiences. When choosing payroll solutions, it pays to know what’s worked and what hasn’t among your peers. So if reviews help you make the right payroll decision, pay it forward with a review of your own. (I’m on a roll! Like payroll? Okay, I’ll stop.)

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4 Payroll Services for Small Business


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