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Chainium ICO Review : Equity market reinvented — A revolutionary way to buy and sell shares

About Chainium ICO

Chainium ICO have a simple mission: to disrupt the global equity market. Chainium stand for any Business that wants to raise capital to grow. Chainium stand for any investor who wants to buy shares in businesses they believe in. That’s why Team Of Chainium built Chainium. To connect businesses directly to investors, using blockchain. To make buying and selling shares easy. Chainium platform is already available as a prototype on Chainium website. It provides solutions to the problem of raising capital for large enterprises and smaller businesses alike. Chainium offer Business Owners access to the sophisticated tools and techniques of the listed markets for a fraction of the price. For investors chainium provide direct access to a huge range of equity offers previously only open to institutional investors, for zero fees. Raising capital through equity in the traditional way is a complicated and costly process. Running an IPO takes months of planning, multiple engagements with advisors, negotiations with banks and law firms to gain regulatory approval, and pitches to attract institutional investors. The process takes a minimum of twelve months, attracts hefty fees, and the end result is uncertain. Chainium back-to-basics approach to raising capital reduces bureaucracy, whilst Chainium use of blockchain technology removes duplication and eliminates errors. Chainium allow investors and businesses to exchange digital share certificates for fiat or crypto-currency in a transparent, tamper proof and immutable distributed ledger. No intermediary or other reconciliation steps are involved in transactions, cutting through hundreds of legacy systems and solutions from the old world.

Basic Information

Token Name CHX
Hard Cap USD $8m
Pre-Sale Hard Cap USD $1m
Total Token Supply 20,000,000
Total Tokens for Sale 10,000,000

Of the 10,000,000 CHX tokens available for sale, any that are not sold once the public sale ends will be burnt (permanently destroyed).

Token Price 1 CHX = 0.0017 ETH
Min Individual Contribution 0.1 ETH
KYC On purchases of greater than 22 ETH or equivalent
Protocol Ethereum ERC20
Accepted Funds ETH, BTC, LTC

Funds Allocation:

  • Percentage of funds allotted for the developmental purposes is 50%
  • Percentage of funds allotted for the operational purposes is 15%
  • Percentage of funds allotted for the marketing and sales purposes is 10%
  • Percentage of funds allotted for the compliance and regulatory purposes is 10%
  • Percentage of funds allotted for the loans is 5%
  • Percentage of funds allotted for the infrastructure is 10%

Token Sale

Token sales are the latest innovation in raising capital. Whilst there are obvious benefits to
undertaking a token sale for certain blockchain technology companies that require a token to
underpin their community and platform economics, clearly the vast majority of businesses do not
require a token. A token sale does provide a useful capital raising mechanism but only for a very
niche, very small subset of technology businesses in the blockchain industry.


Start Date: November 27 (12:00 UTC)

End Date: Chainium pre-sale is capped at $1m USD. The pre-sale will end either on the December 18th 12:00 UTC or once $1m USD is raised, whichever comes first.


Start Date: December 25 (12:00 UTC)

End Date: January 12 (12:00 UTC)


Tokens will be distributed within a few days of the close of the public token sale.


During our Pre Sale we offer a bonus of 30% for early contributors.

Benefits of Chainium

Chainium enables the following benefits for business owners and investors.

For Business Owners

  • Sell shares in their business to raise capital
  • Sell shares directly to investors
  • There’s no need for an IPO or a bank
  • Remove the middlemen and reduce fees from the process
  • Sell shares regardless of whether the business is listed or unlisted
  • Access all of these features for free

For Investors

  • Buy shares directly from businesses
  • Remove the middlemen
  • Get access to exclusive investment opportunities
  • Buy and sell shares on secondary markets
  • Access all of these features for free

The CHX Token

CHX is the utility token that fuels and runs Chainium and the underlying network. Business owners
are required to lock up CHX tokens in a Smart Contract in order to launch an equity offer on
Chainium. This ties business owners to their investors and protects the entire community from spam
and fraudulent offers. Business owners and investors can also use CHX to purchase additional value
add services.CHX tokens do not represent equity or securities in Chainium itself nor can they be used to purchase equities or securities offered for sale on Chainium.The Role of CHX
In practice CHX tokens are used for; Offer Reserves:- Business owners are required to lock up a reserve of CHX tokens for the life of the equity they issue. – Business owners must lock up at least 1% of the total value of the equity on offer, but they may opt to offer a higher reserve if they choose. The lock up value is visible to all investors.The CHX lock up provides a level of guarantee to investors that business owners will remain committed to their investors.The lock up CHX remains the property of the business owner but they controlled via a Smart Contract. In the event of an orderly buy back of all equity the business owner can reclaim their lock up CHX. In the event of a default the lock up CHX are distributed to the investors.CHX reserves create a minimum barrier cost for spurious offers, helping to protect against fraudulent listings and denial of service attacks.

Payment of Platform Fees
Fees from business owners for paid services o Capital Raising Advice – for businesses who are looking for advice and support with raising capital and launching a share offer. o Shareholder Engagement – we offer a range of shareholder services including communications and event management delivery.o Investor Insight – we use our data and predictive models to forecast who investors will be and how they will behave.  Fees from investors for paid services o Investment Advice – for investors who are looking for advice and support when buying and selling shares.
o Business Insight – we use our data and predictive models to identify businesses that fit their investment profile.
– Fees from 3rd party institutions for anonymised data feeds.
– Fees from 3rd party developers to build apps that query Chainium, based on service level
and user numbers.
 Community Rewards
– CHX reward referral program for new users sign-up.

-CHX top-up/ bonus schemes for business owners who run successful capital raising offers.
– CHX payback program for business owners based on volume of ancillary services
– CHX payback program for 3rd party API users based on number of API calls and unique

Chainium RoadMap

Over the next few months we will release the first alpha version (minimum viable product) of
Chainium through multiple revisions and releases in a traditional agile development approach.
These iterations will be released to our early supporters, Chainium community members, friendly clients,partners, advisors and early adopters. Chainium will use the community feedback to continuously develop and improve our product, utilising the standard iterative agile development approach.The beta stage of our development milestone is targeted to deliver the “almost” finished product(80% completion), and will be released to public customers, investors and business owners. The feature-set will still contain functionality for the SME market, including a few modules to deal with
larger global companies.
The fourth stage in the lifecycle of our organisation is  most ambitious phase: driving market
penetration of our Investment Marketplace into the traditional equities markets: disrupting clearing
houses, stock exchanges, registrars and any intermediary involved in the current global capital
market space. By offering a proven full-service shop with zero fees for investors, we will attract
further old-economy heavyweights to utilise services. This campaign will be supported by a
heavy marketing campaign, support and backing from our community, and traditional sales and
business development activities.


Chainium Team

Chainium is based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The company was founded in 2017 by a group with 15+ years of experience in global equity markets. That team also has hands-on experience with blockchain technology, data security, and financial regulations.

Key members of the team include Sascha Ragtschaa (CEO and Co-Founder), Florian Batliner-Staber (COO and Co-Founder), Ermin Dzinic (CTO and Co-Founder), and Helen Tanner (Chief Marketing Officer).

Chainium AG is supervised by EU jurisdictions and policies, including the Financial Market Authority (FMA) from Liechtenstein (called the Finanzmarktaufsicht).

Obviously, there are a lot of blockchain companies built in nearby Switzerland – but the tiny country of Liechtenstein doesn’t have as many blockchain companies. Why did Chainium choose to incorporate in Liechtenstein? The company claimed that the country has minimal bureaucracy, stable market conditions, and a government that’s actively supporting blockchain-based startups.

While Chainium is headquartered in Liechtenstein, the company has office hubs in the UK and Germany, and they plan to open more hubs in North America and Asia in the future.

 Useful Link 



Chainium looks safe to partner with. At least, they are paying hourly, thereby reducing your risks of doing business with them. It is recommendable for both the low and average income earners since they don’t charge much per investment package. Just be sure you are using your spare funds when entering into anything like this. We wish you success.

This article is writing on 14 Dec , 2017 based on information available online & news portal. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: [email protected] Or Whatsaap Us- 918077121282

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Chainium is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Chainium ICO Review : Equity market reinvented — A revolutionary way to buy and sell shares


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