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The Deep Cleaning Most Sellers Miss

Agents know the little fixes can help buyers look beyond the superficial and will help homes sell faster. They also know if buyers start to notice that major fixes have been ignored there is no faster way to lose out on a sell. Mostly sellers are just not aware of the amount of deep cleaning their home needs to really stand out from other homes on the market.

Below is a comprehensive list agents can provide to sellers who have the extra time to make their house ready for showings. While the list may seem a little long, it can easily be done in 2.5 hours with two people working together. Just put on some good music, turn it up and get started.


  1. Dust ceiling corners, light fixtures, top of cabinets, fridge
  2. Wipe down ceiling
  3. Wipe down cabinets, top of fridge, pantry shelves, door casings, and light switches
  4. Wipe out cabinet, shelves, and drawers
  5. Deep clean fridge/freezer (replace ice)
  6. Deep clean microwave (clean filters), stove, and coffee pot
  7. Wipe down walls, countertops, backsplash
  8. Dust/clean decor
  9. Vacuum stove vents
  10. Run an empty cycle on dishwasher to clean
  11. Clean, shine, and disinfect sink
  12. Dust and clean the baseboards and floor
  13. Disinfect all knobs and pulls
  14. Clean behind and under the fridge and oven
  15. Clean under the oven hood. You’ll need a degreaser.

Living Room

  1. Dust ceiling corners, vents, curtain rods, window/door trim, light fixtures, wall decor
  2. Vacuum curtains
  3. Dust blinds and window sills
  4. Replace bulbs to highest watt possible.
  5. Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  6. Clean Windows, inside and out.
  7. Remove blinds to clean with a mild solution, try vinegar and water.
  8. Wipe down furniture, decor, etc.
  9. Dust decor including wall decor
  10. Wash blankets and throw pillows
  11. Dust and clean baseboards
  12. Vacuum and steam clean carpets
  13. Disinfect door handles, stair railings, and banisters
  14. Clean grout in house and seal it.
  15. Febreze any fabrics that need to air out.


  1. Dust ceiling corners, vent, door trim, light fixtures, and wall decor
  2. Wipe down ceilings/walls, front door, light switches
  3. Wipe down furniture/decor
  4. Dust and clean baseboards
  5. Clean rug
  6. Dust and clean floor.


  1. Organize cabinet, drawers, and closet
  2. Dust ceiling corners, vent, window and door trims, light fixtures, shower curtain, and

Wall Decor

  1. Vacuum curtains
  2. Replace light bulbs to highest watt possible.
  3. Wipe down ceiling, walls, doors, and light switches
  4. Wipe out all cabinets, shelves, and drawers
  5. Clean window(s) inside and out
  6. Clean backsplash and countertop
  7. Clean and shine faucet and sink
  8. Clean toilet and shower. Use Tilex mold/mildew. It’s basically toxic, so keep windows open, but it gets the job done. It deep cleans the toughest stuff even the stuff under the toilet seat.
  9. Wash shower curtains, liner, bath mat, and towels
  10. Wipe down cabinets and decor
  11. Dust and clean baseboards and floors
  12. Disinfect knobs, pulls, sinks, and bathtubs
  13. Clean shower head and caulk around tub


  1. Organize drawers
  2. Dust ceiling corners, vent, curtain rod, window and door trims, light fixtures, and wall decor
  3. Vacuum curtains and dust blinds and windows sills
  4. Replace light bulbs, if needed, to highest watt possible.
  5. Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  6. Wipe down ceilings, walls, doors, and light switches
  7. Wipe down furniture and decor
  8. Wash bedding, blankets, and throw pillows
  9. Flip and rotate mattress
  10. Dust and clean baseboards
  11. Vacuum and steam clean carpets


  1. Dust vents and fan
  2. Dust and wash light fixtures
  3. Wipe out and clean all cabinets and shelves
  4. Wipe out all drawers
  5. Clean cabinet doors
  6. Disinfect all knobs, pulls, countertops, and sink
  7. Sweep and steam mop floor
  8. Clean washing machine inside and out
  9. Vacuum out dryer hose and back of dryer
  10. Clean residue off lint trap
  11. Change or clean filters

General Tips

  1. Painting walls is great option. If not, spot clean them with Mr. Clean magic eraser. Touch up paint if you have spare paint.
  2. Dust everywhere. Everywhere dust can go, clean it. Every door top, picture frame, wall sconce, light fixture, air vents, even the tops of paintings – dust it. A lightly damp washcloth will do just fine. Don’t just dust around items, remove items from flat surfaces before dusting – it makes a difference.
  3. Do not clean your air ducts now. Dust in ducts is actually usually quite settled and does not affect the everyday dust in your home much. Cleaning ducts before a sale will have you dusting every day, as it loosens the dust in the ducts!
  4. If your oven top or inside of oven need a good cleaning, look up tips on Pinterest and get that done right away. Pinterest has lots of tips for repairing drywall holes from pictures to patching up your siding.
  5. You do not have to use chemicals! There are natural cleaners out there like white vinegar, lemons, and rubbing alcohol.
  6. Let house air out if lots of chemicals were used or it could smell for a long time.
  7. Don’t be afraid to hire professionals if you need help with getting your house sell read or simply don’t have the time.

Let us know if you have any other tips that can help sellers with deep cleaning.

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The Deep Cleaning Most Sellers Miss


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