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Smugly Green Blog
A green investing hedge fund startup blog discussing green investments, socially responsible investments, and responsible investing in general.
2009-02-17 22:01
After a long hiatus, Smug is back. Not so much back (Smug never left), but making a more conscientious effort to reprioritize posting. And no time like the present as the market quietly fa… Read More
2008-07-28 00:52
Smug's next stop on the profile bandwagon is an industry that definitely does not get its due accord - waste and recycling. Waste management, like water treatment, is an inevitable need of… Read More
2008-07-24 18:25
I have been approached by the gurus at Rainbox Portfolios to be one of their premier portfolio managers. It is definitely a tempting idea, and could be a new way to invest, but I'm just not… Read More
2008-07-22 14:43
Big media attention distracts from the fact that green is still a niche investors' market. As more and more utility companies sign on to green initiatives, steady yielding dividends should… Read More
2008-07-21 12:33
Renaissance Capital announced it's Green IPO index. Hold your breath for when the CBOE gets a hold of it - we'll have a green futures market in earnest!Apparently, it's not just us normal j… Read More
2008-07-18 21:25
For those of you who read my recent post on Seeking Alpha, a math error was pointed out to me (it was a late night and Excel was not my friend). The point still remains the same, but the nu… Read More
2008-07-18 02:30
So I'm going to change the tact of this blog a bit and focus more on the asset pool. I'll still go over my start up process from time to time, but I think the more important information is… Read More
2008-07-17 18:18
So you have $10,000, you've read yesterday's post, you're all set up and ready to invest responsibly, and you have no idea where to start. First, you can start with our earlier posts: here… Read More
2008-07-17 17:57
Check these out, some interesting tidbits:Ode Magazine details some Green 401(k) info.The Motley Fool notes that over 10% of all investable assets were invested using socially responsible cr… Read More
2008-07-11 13:36
For basic retail investors, there are a lot of mutual fund options for green. We at Smug have steadily been analyzing some of them, at least in a superficial way (and in some more in depth… Read More
2008-07-09 14:47
My father in law just sent me an excellent op-ed piece written by Peter L. Bernstein in the New York Times (Sunday June 22nd paper) that got me thinking about risk. I've talked a bit about… Read More
2008-07-06 15:25
I just recently published an article for the most excellent Seeking Alpha, a contributor ezine for the consumate DIYers, (read the article here), and I wanted to follow up for my Smug reader… Read More
2008-07-02 17:32
Most people wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, and take a train to work. They sit in a cubicle or an office under flourescent lights, printing report after report, dr… Read More
2008-07-01 17:37
I've just returned from a meeting with a great firm who deals primarily with financial and estate planning in which we decided to move my licenses over to their office so I can begin offerin… Read More
2008-06-26 17:59
The hedge fund model which makes use of the assets and methodology that is the subject of this blog runs as two versions: the active, hedge fund version, and the passive Assets Under Managem… Read More
2008-06-24 22:41
FYI, check out the Smug contribution to's "How-to" guides - our quick and dirty guide to investing in green assets.See it here Read More
2008-06-23 19:28
There is a lot of barking about green energy, sustainable lifestyles, and all things eco. In the end though, it's far more important to be local than green. Supporting local economies, esp… Read More
2008-06-20 17:48
One of the basic things I learned in the non traded REIT (real estate) market is: it's all about the yield. Or at least it used to be before subprime. Now there's a question of credit and… Read More
2008-06-18 20:43
In the midst of all the administrivia, I want to get back to talking about what's actually important - green investing! So I think I'll start by explaining a piece of my model. This is a b… Read More
2008-06-18 20:42
So my concerns about starting a business, like anyone starting a business, are many. And, like anyone starting a business, the primary concern is money.I should start by saying that my miss… Read More

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