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How To Sell Over The Phone – The Ultimate Guide

In this Guide, you will learn How To Sell Effectively Over The Phone. I started out selling door-to-door cold, and since the pandemic began, I needed to change gears and transitioned to using the telephone instead. The strategies are similar, with a couple of important differences. Read on and as this is a practical guide from a practical guy that does this for a living

Table of Contents

  • Tonality
  • Sales-script
  • Be Ready for Rudeness
  • Disconnecting from people

All set? Let’s Go.

1.  Tonality:

Before you start calling people, you need to get your voice ready. All of us have a much deeper tone than the one we usually use to talk. The problem is that throughout your day you start getting tense, and your throat, neck, chest, and shoulder muscles start getting tense. All this, with lack of practice, gets your voice in a less than optimal condition and you sound like how you are feeling.

Morgan Freeman is well-known for his deep, whispery like voice, and he is very effective when communicating. His voice commands authority without being pushy and has this calm, deep and sexy soothing tone. 

When you are listening to someone on the phone, who would you rather listen to: Morgan Freeman or a crazy stressed-out chicken? Why do you think it would be any different for the people listening to you?

You might say: how does one sound like Morgan Freeman? You don’t, because you are different, but you can sound like your own version of this type of voice. That is your natural tone, and you will notice that the more you do it, the better you will feel and you will start noticing a different response from people. Men or Women.

To get to your true tone, follow this guide. It is what I do every day.

2. Sales-Script

One of the main factors that contribute to people getting stressed-out when cold-calling people is that they don’t know what to say and how to respond, but they need to make a sale, so this creates this feeling of overwhelm as your brain doesn’t have enough data so you can act on it. Don’t listen to those idiot gurus out there. Stick to it, practice and you will start getting better. It doesn’t get easier, it is you that start getting skilled and getting better results. Everyone starts off the same, if you just keep doing it, you will improve.

For me what worked well, was to keep listening to common objections people had, and by thinking about these and addressing them on the next ones, I started noticing a better response from people. 

To develop an effective sales-script follow this guide.

3. How to Handle rudeness as a salesperson

People that are insecure and dysfunctional, when facing someone that is showing confidence they don’t have, they will get rude. Since this is a situation that involves the phone, they have this feeling of more power, because the can hang-up or say something unpleasant. This is why most people quit this career as too much of this, start to wear them down. But you are not most people, so we are going to handle this like a boss.

Practice gets you better, and dealing with rudeness is no different. What you might not be aware of is that there are not that many insults and rude things people can say to you, and as soon as you realize this, you can do something about it.

What I did was categorizing these into a guide and come up with answers that if someone told those to me, I would have trouble responding on the spot. Chances are if you are raising the bar that high, most people that initiated this line of dialogue will fall prey to you as they are not ready and you are.

And so I started practicing every day before start cold-calling people and sill do.  This will give you a tremendous boost in confidence as you are ready for lots of situations, and they aren’t expecting someone like you.

What you will notice is that as soon as you hear something rude or unpleasant, your training will kick-in immediately. Your brain is trying to help you and since you now have data you can use instilled in your memory from practice, instant answers will pop-out of your mouth without you even thinking about it.

So when calling the next lead, make sure to expect to change gears from being polite to being rude right out of the getgo. It’s about you maintaining your sanity not them. If you offend them and they don0t know how to deal with it, it’s their problem as they weren’t expecting you coming.

Example #1:

prospect: “Call me later, I’m busy”

you: “Sure, make sure you are sitting while you wait. It might take a while” (Hang-up)

Example #2:

prospect: “You are calling me on a Sunday bothering me.”

you: “Did you type in your details on the website?”

prospect: “But you send me an email, you don’t call me”

you: “Don’t send us your details on a Sunday then”(Hang-up)

If you would like to learn more about this, check this guide.

4. How to Disconnect from People

People have this subconscious need to create a bond with other people in a conversation. You are putting out your best self, trying to nail the job, trying to show people you are the one, trying for them to see you as someone they can like, and trust. I now know this is a flaw in human behavior.

Dysfunctional people have their own agenda, and since they are not getting what they want they are just interested in putting people around them down. So if you are coming across as someone that is showing that you are trying to connect with them, they will feel this and take advantage of it.

Since you don’t know who is in front of you, you have to learn to disconnect from people. And you do this, not by showing you are upset or violent, but by dealing with the person in an analytical way, without showing any need to attach to them, or any signs of emotion.

If they show you their hand to shake it, you don’t. If they present you with a business card you don’t accept it.

Since in this situation you are using the phone, the way to disconnect from people is knowing first-hand your agenda: to close the sale on the first call and move one. If you keep this objective in mind as a goal, you won’t allow certain behaviors from them as you know that you want.


prospect: “I don’t have the bank details with me”

you: “I’ll wait” (remain silent and don’t say anything. The first one to talk, loses)


prospect: “I need to think about it”

you: “The utility company is going to cut your electricity tomorrow. Do you need to think about that?”


prospect: “I need to talk with my wife”

you: “What would be your wife’s concern?”

See what I mean? You need to disconnect from their bullshit and remain focused on attaining your objective which in this case is to gather all the required information for the life insurance application. But you can never reveal your feelings, as this is a sign of weakness. You must train to become cold as ice. How you might ask? Practice, that’s it. As soon as you start putting in your best efforts in practicing, you will notice how much more detached you are in your conversations with them, and you will address their objections much more effectively.

Like we covered already, this doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it. If you would like to learn more about this, check this guide.


In this guide, we covered the main parts to address when selling over the phone.

Remember that if you start putting your best efforts into practicing, you will get better. As you do, you will start to set yourself apart from mediocre people, as you are taking this seriously. As a result, you will get better.

How would it feel to be able to effectively close nine out of ten people every time you picked up the phone? 

Practice, this is the “hidden secret”, nothing else.

Need help? We’re here for this. Schedule a session with us here to see if we can help you.

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How To Sell Over The Phone – The Ultimate Guide


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