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5 Mistakes Your Customer Service Makes And You Don’t Know

It’s natural for mistakes to happen in customer service. It’s even more expected for customers to get angry because of them. What is unexpected is to repeat those mistakes and not learn from them.

Excellent customer service is based on constant improvement. As a business owner, you need to monitor your customer Support team’s activity and performance. Listening to your customers’ feedback and looking at your social media messages and comments are just a few examples to determine how they perceive your customer service.

There are different causes for customer service mistakes. Sometimes, a communication process doesn’t work properly. Other times, the issue may come from one of your support representatives. When the second situation happens, it may be time for you to pay attention to how your team members behave in general and in particular cases. Crisis moments and difficult periods can reveal important details about your support team.

Although there are various situations, you may be able to identify some which may lead to a few common mistakes. Here are 5 customer service mistakes your team might make and what you need to learn from them.

Your team doesn’t make any extra effort

Let’s make something clear about this point. We do not imply here that your employees need to always make an extra effort. There are certain situation where, in order to answer to customers’ requests, representatives may need to make further research or discuss with other colleagues.

The following example will make the idea more clear. Your business has recently launched a new software product. Customers are contacting your support team, asking why some features do not work properly. Because it’s a new product, representatives may need to look into the cause of the problem.

Yet, they have another option. It’s simple for them, but unpleasant for your customers. Saying “I don’t know” or “This is a new product, we don’t know exactly how to deal with it” are customer service killers. They show your customers you don’t care about their problem and don’t want to improve your offerings.

Lesson: Always look for possible solutions. If your team is dealing with a new problem, put accent on teaching them how to look for the solution. They may not always find the solution, but they always have to try.

Showing dissatisfaction to your customers

Your support representatives may be dissatisfied with certain aspect of their job: repetitive tasks, angry and hard to satisfy customers. These can represent obstacles in being friendly with them, empathizing with their problems and providing the support customers are expecting.

Lesson: Every job has its ups and downs and sometimes, your support team members may find it hard to maintain the same friendly tone. What you can do is encourage them to always put themselves in your customers’ shoes.

If you were to call with a problem, you may not need to speak with the friendliest support representative. You just want a polite answer to your question.

Complaining to your customers

When having a hard day, everything seems to go wrong. You can’t find the answer to a simple question, the phone doesn’t stop ringing, your inbox seems fuller than ever. It’s a common situation which can happen from time to time. What’s not normal is letting your customers know about this.

Your customers are already experiencing some problems with products or services. Knowing about your support team’s issues can only affect their mood, make them feel more frustrated and have a negative idea of your business.

Lesson: Customers don’t ever need to know about other’s problems. This is a golden rule which stands at the basis of excellent customer service.

Speaking to your customers hastily

There may be days when your team is overwhelmed with requests. Every customer needs an answer and everyone needs it quickly. It can be a sign your team needs to speed up the process, but this doesn’t mean they can treat customers hastily.

Working too fast may lead to multiple errors:

  • not delivering the appropriate answer
  • not understanding the question right

It can also create an unpleasant experience for your customers.

Lesson: Even though there are days loaded with great work, treating requests hastily is not a solution. Every question requires a certain amount of thinking and analysis. Always respect it.

Putting to much accent on the sales part

It’s pretty known that customer service also includes a sales part. It’s important here to understand how much emphasis you can put on sales.

Customers may hardly listen to what you are offering and if you push it too far, they may even consider it offensive.

Lesson: When dealing with sales, encourage your support team to present them as suggestions. Appeal to your customers’ needs and say that your products and services will satisfy them. Highlight what they get from this exchange more than what you obtain.

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5 Mistakes Your Customer Service Makes And You Don’t Know


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