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5 Customer Service Facts You Didn’t Know

When you say customer service, you think about clients calling or mailing you questions about how to use a particular feature of your software product, how to place an order or how to fix an issue. However, customer Support is more than that. It represents the opportunity of a Business to receive feedback from its customers, to understand better their experiences and needs.

Small Businesses need to learn from customer support in order to grow. Large businesses like Amazon and Zappos have worked on creating great customer experiences. This helped them earn the top position they occupy on the market. Thus, small businesses have some great examples to learn from. Looking at customer service facts of big businesses will help the small players learn the basic principles of customer support. Also, it may determine them to develop techniques that will offer great customer experiences.

Quality and pleasant customer service brings businesses great benefits that contribute to their growth process:

  • increases sales
  • increases customer retention
  • brings them new customers
  • helps them obtain referrals from their clients
  • plays an important role in becoming a strong brand in the market

Knowing and understanding customer support helps businesses boost their success and building a solid trustworthy image. Here are 5 customer service facts that you most probably did not know.

1. People spend more if they receive excellent customer service

According to the from 2014 Global Service Barometer, 74% of the people who were questioned have spent more due to the fact they received excellent customer service. The percentage was similar with the one from 2012 (75%) and from 2011 (73%). These numbers illustrate that people are extremely influenced by the interaction they have with a business. This implies that they speak to a polite person, who understands their situation and knows how and what to advise them to do in order to fix the problem.

Moreover, people were willing to spend 14% more on average because of the same reason. In order to show the importance of this number, let’s take a look at the next example. Your small software business produces WordPress themes. You offer them for a $10 monthly subscription. However, people are not satisfied because your customer service department is not prepared, from the technical point of view, to explain to them how they can change the background color of your website. All the frustration that they gather determines them to go to your competitor who has a well-trained customer service department even if they offer the themes for a higher price.

Poor customer service will make you lose clients. Great customer service makes your existing clients happy to refer you to others.

2. Great customer service attracts more customers

When asked about the most important criteria based on which they choose a company, people ranked ‘excellent customer service‘ as the second reason after ‘good value for price’. This shows that their decision is highly influenced by the information they have about the customer support department of a business. This information comes from other people who interacted with a company, forums and the social media profiles of the company (e.g. Facebook reviews). All of these elements determine whether you will be their number one choice or whether they will decide to avoid you.

3. Great customer service means prompt answers

When clients contact customer service representatives, they are usually in need of a quick relevant answer.  This was the characteristic that was considered the most important for a successful customer service professional. The ability to answer the questions that people have is a key factor. The second most important factor was handling requests without transfers or escalations.

4. Help customers with everything, no matter how long it takes

Zappos is a company that has built its business image around excellent customer service. Their employees are specially trained to deal with all kinds of situations and people are pleased to work with them. One example that shows their devotion to their customers is the following. On June 11, 2016, an employee spent 10 hours and 43 minutes with a customer to help her place an order. Even though the woman received the help she needed, they continued to talk.

This example emphasizes two important aspects.

  • One: You need to help customers with everything, not matter how long it takes.
  • Two: The experience you create for them is the key to making them loyal to your business and to become successful.

5. Every employee needs to work in customer service once in a while

Amazon has a rule that every two years, employees work at customer service for two days. This includes even the people who occupy high positions, such as the CEO. It helps employees understand the process of customer support. In addition, it highlights that customer service is an essential aspect in the company and that everyone needs to be aware of its importance.

All of these facts not only stress the importance of great customer service, but they also represent a good lesson for other businesses. Your products and services are not the only elements that make your customers happy. How you treat their problems and how much do you manage to solve them are two other decisive factors. Always listen to your customers and offer them a great customer service. It may determine the success of your business.

What other customer service facts do you consider relevant for your business?

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5 Customer Service Facts You Didn’t Know


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