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5 Challenges SMEs Commonly Face During Lead Generation

Often, there are a lot of challenges SMEs commonly face during lead generation. Being an important aspect of business growth, b2b leads can’t be taken lightly and you just need to give your best in strategizing and getting the right kind of lead generation for your business. While you will agree with us on the importance of lead generation for your business, you might be confused about where to start and go about the process. This might lead to various challenges and setbacks that might also have serious repercussions on your business.

With so much of market competition and the recent change in consumerism, it has become more vital to invest in a good b2b lead generation solution for your business. While there are a plethora of lead generation channels available, not every business would have the leverage or manpower to focus on every one of it to get results. The process is not only time consuming but also tedious and daunting. It is thus important that you choose the best possible ones out of them and focus stringently on those.

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Top 5 Challenges SMEs Commonly Face During Lead Generation

With all the power given to the customers and an abundance of information at fingertips just waiting to be used, businesses have a lot to worry about with respect to B2B SME lead generation. Let us look at some major challenges SMEs commonly face during lead generation.

1.   Not Finding the Right Strategy and Lack of Insight

This is by far the most common of all challenges SMEs face during lead generation. Often, SMEs lack the insight into what attracts potential customers to their business. This might be due to a lack of a marketing team or having one with less expertise in B2B SME lead generation. Before you start any kind of lead generation campaign it is extremely crucial that you do your homework diligently.

This would mean an end-to-end market research and competitor analysis along with a research on your target customer. Without this, even the most fool-proof of all techniques would be in vain.

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2.   Lack of Data or Expertise to Use Them

While most of the businesses today have access to an abundance of market data, only a few know which ones are of use. Also, you must have access to reliable and high-quality data to be able to convert it into potential leads for your business. But there is so much of information available due to the advent of digitalization that unless you know exactly what you are looking out for, you might just get lost in the mayhem of digital data. You must also have the needed expertise to convert the raw data to something which can be used for b2b SME lead generation.

One of the main challenges Smes Commonly Face during lead generation is finding the right kind of talent that could help them in lead generation campaigns. When your business is a start up, you might not have in-house resources that you might need for an effective lead generation campaign. However, you still must work out a way to deal with this problem because without b2b leads you won’t have a business. In such cases, hiring the services of a lead generation expert or a b2b business lead generation company can prove to be extremely beneficial for your business.

Challenges SMEs Commonly Face During Lead Generation

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3.   Lacking the Knowledge to Track the Progress of Your Campaign

There is absolutely no point in investing in a lead generation campaign if you don’t or can’t track its progress and effectiveness for your business. For every business decision you make, there must be a clear objective, and a tactical performance evaluation strategy in place. Otherwise, it is just a liability on your business.

If you don’t have the resources and capabilities to evaluate or analyse the progress and success of your lead generation campaign it would be advisable to take the services of b2b lead generation providers who have access to modern software and technology. This would not only help you focus more on your business but would also help you get better results out of the campaigns.

4.   Lack of Infrastructure to Manage the Leads

Imagine having an enquiry sheet on your webpage which gets a lot of enquiries from relevant business leads. If you don’t have the required amount of manpower or resources to keep a track of all such leads and respond in a timely fashion, these leads could potentially go cold.

Every cold lead would essentially mean a missed opportunity. However, since a small business only has a limited human resource support, this can be by far the most critical of all challenges SMEs commonly face during lead generation.

5.   Taking up an Ineffective Lead Generation Campaign

Though not that common, there are many SMEs who tend to invest in a lead generation campaign and focus all their time on it just because their competitors also have run that. Running a campaign because someone else did might not go that well for your business. What works for some business might not necessarily work for you and it is extremely important that you have a calculated approach towards such campaign.

If you somehow do feel the need to use a strategy, document it properly and record the number of leads it is able to generate over a period. This would help you understand its effectiveness and your need to pursue it further. Managing and effectively tracking the leads is the best way to combat a lot of challenges SMEs commonly face during lead generation.

Challenges SMEs Commonly Face During Lead Generation

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B2B SME lead generation might not be as simple as it is made to sound and even the simplest of lead generation strategies can become an epic failure if not run in the right way. For a small business, hiring a b2b lead generation services would be the most effective way to get quality B2B leads.

When it comes to lead generation the success mantra just has few steps: Start simple, focus on few, document and record, analyse progress and repeat!

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5 Challenges SMEs Commonly Face During Lead Generation


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