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Latest Trends in Online Marketing by Bulk Email Marketing Service Providers in Pune & Mumbai

Bulk Email Marketing Service Providers in Pune & Mumbai are helping businesses get the best worth for their money by helping them with email marketing solutions.

Any business enterprise needs to figure out the ins and outs of their budget and also the best way to spend it, especially when working out on their Marketing strategy. Email Marketing is an evolutionary step in the marketing forum as new technologies sweep to cover the landscape. It is important to follow the trend correctly so as to reap the best results at the most effective time frame. Every year, there has been a steep rise in the ROI with email marketing as one of the key marketing tools. The tactics of emailing, however, needs to evolve in terms of personalization, automation, devices, data and content year after year, to multiply on sales figures.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the new trends for email marketing solutions in pune which can enable you build your next digital marketing plan most rewardingly and why email marketing is preferred over other digital marketing options.

  1. Making emails responsive to mobile services

The sale of smartphones is increasing at a rapid pace all across the globe. Statistics say that almost 40 to 60 percent of consumers in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe read their emails on their smart phones. Hence, it is very important for marketers to make their emails responsive to the mobile experiences of their ultimate target audience. Hence. it would not be incorrect to say that the topmost trends in email marketing space at the moment is to redesign an email in a manner so as to improve click-through rates on a mobile device.

  1. Building email marketing software based on client feedback

Marketers should aim to build their email marketing software based on their client feedback and in this manner they would be able to cater to their needs in a better manner. The need of the hour is to build mobile-responsive templates which can leverage your data, can be sent confidentially, assists in increasing conversions and boosts efficiency.

  1. Email marketing allows customers to manage preferences and unsubscribe

One of the leading email marketing services provider sugests that, “Keeping in mind the privacy and preference of your customers is of utmost importance and email marketing enables you to do so with ease. Smarter algorithms help decline spam and unwanted e-mails, hence the privacy of the clients is kept intact.”

Consumers trust their inbox because their permission and preference is respected by the marketers. Hence email marketing proves to be one such unique media source that permits consumers to manage their communications as per their whims and fancies

  1. Uniqueness of email marketing campaigns

What makes email marketing unique from other forms of marketing is the fact that it is highly measurable. The return on investment can be easily quantified in email marketing, a leverage which is not found with other marketing channels. Also, the ROI from email marketing has been seen to be the highest of all marketing channels. It directly drives venue as consumers actually convert when they click on an email link, visit the corresponding website or app and end up buying, thereby driving revenue for your company website.

Another reason why email marketing is preferred by consumers is the fact that it allows brands to communicate with them directly as individuals with real-time offers. The right message along with captured data is leveraged to deliver in real time which stands to be unique based on their interaction with the consumer both online and offline.

  1. Email marketing happens to be the cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy

Businesses are seen to have been built completely upon emails getting to the inbox every day like flash sale sites. Such companies target 80-90% of their revenue based on emails, driving customers to click, which happens to be the core business strategy by making every email the most relevant message in their clients’ inbox. Their laser-focus is to put all their resources towards the execution of this marketing strategy as this directly lifts their revenue figures. Hence, for such SME’s email marketing is not just the cornerstone of their digital marketing strategy, it is the cornerstone of their entire business.

Future predictions on email marketing

Looking to the future of Email Marketing Campaigns and Marketing Automation, experts in the field predict the following trends:

Image source

Email marketing might be run with chat bots for ecommerce promotion in future. This means chat bots would trigger automated emails according to customer behaviour, thereby run automated workflows, abandon cart emails, send confirmation emails to clients, create newsletter sign ups. Everything would be personalized and based on chat data.

  • The future calls for a further cut down on the number of words used by marketing experts for their products in order to reap optimal effect. As mobile phones are the most common devices for accessing emails, mail content is expected to be concise, with less space and minimal attention spans.
  • For testing creative email for focusing groups with real end users, eye tracking is expected to be used for email marketing in future.
  • The future of email marketing expects is choosing integrated models involving Machine learning and Artificial intelligence which would generate lead scores automatically.
  • The approach of emails would be more conversational and casual which would help customers identify and connect with you and your brand in a much easier manner.
  • There would be a way where content would be matched with the customers automatically through segmentation and personalisation, without making it time consuming through special machines designed for content matching for email marketing.
  • There would be less prevalence of channel data silos. For obtaining single customer view, demographic, behavioural, contextual and transactional data would be used across email campaigns, so that they are pushed with the apt content at the apt time to generate positive and sure shot leads.

Email marketing campaigns are undoubtedly the future for online marketing trends and tops the list in this category. Interactive email, Big Data personalization and HTML 5 video in email are some of the features marketers are betting on to break through in 2017. Check below infographic to know more:

Featured Image source Infographic Source

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Latest Trends in Online Marketing by Bulk Email Marketing Service Providers in Pune & Mumbai


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