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3 Types of Roach And How Can You Kill the Cockroach Eggs

Cockroach Eggs – It’s always a very good idea to know how the roach eggs before you want to eliminate them. There are a wide range of roach eggs out there, which is why it can be hard to find the ones that are actually bad as a whole!

A) Roach Types

1. American Cockroach Oothecae

killing a cockroach eggs

This species actually lays a rather dark brown oothecae. This has up to 8 mm in length and they can easily create up to 90 cases during their lifetime, this actually comes from a single female. Also, the casing can host up to 15 embryos overall.

As you can imagine, the female can generate up to 1350 babies in total, but at least 100 of them will be born. As you can imagine, it’s very hard to deal with them and keeping them away is even more challenging. These tend to hatch in around 24 days or up to 38 days in total.

2. Oriental Cockroach Oothecae

what does a cockroach eggs look like

This Cockroach has different eggs, they tend to be a combination of red and brown. They are also around 10 mm, a bit larger when compared to the American ones. The sacks tend to be inflated and the oothecae can include 16 eggs in total here. When the case is created, Roaches will try to move to a new place in order to boost their own safety. Usually, this will be a location that’s cold and where people will not be able to reach them.

These roaches can create up to 18 cases in total, so they may have around 288 babies, but they will have at least 16 all the time. The oriental cockroaches tend to develop very fast. It all comes down to the environment they are in. It may take up to 600 days for them to reach adulthood.

  • 16 babies on the low end
  • 288 babies on the high-end

And another interesting fact is that these roaches will develop faster, depending on their environmental factors. Babies can take 600 days to become adults.

3. German Cockroach Oothecae

does a cockroach lay eggs

These german cockroach eggs can have around 9 mm in length, but some of them tend to be smaller. They don’t keep the oothecae in safe location. They actually tend to carry the roach around until they are ready for hatching. So you can indeed squash a female that carries her eggs if you are not careful. Babies will require around 103 days until they reach adulthood. This means you get to deal with infestations that happen extremely fast. The oothecae can deliver 50 eggs. And since the german roach can deliver up to 6 cases during her lifetime, you will have around 300 babies in total here, which is downright scary most of the time. These roaches tend to live for around 200 days in total, so they do end up multiplying extremely fast most of the time.

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B) Are Cockroaches Laying Eggs?

german cockroach eggs hatch

The short answer to this question is yes, they actually do that and they end up laying many of them at one time. They create an ootheca full of eggs. This is a protein layer that will get harder very fast and the idea is to protect all the eggs found in it. Of course, the number of eggs will differ based on the cockroach species.

  • American cockroaches can have up to 16 eggs in that case
  • Brown-banded cockroaches have around 18 or less eggs in the case
  • Oriental cockroaches also have 16 eggs in the case
  • German roaches can have no less than 50 eggs in a single sack.

The problem that most of us deal with is that it can be hard to figure out the type of roaches you are dealing with at this time. This is why you need to identify them with the use of a dedicated trap. The Trapper Max is offering one of the best results in here and you can get a very good, interesting value from this. It certainly shines and the value on its own is rather impressive.

Obviously, you want to make sure that you destroy all eggs as fast as you can. Sprays like Gentrol can be very good in this regard. Just try to keep that in mind.

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C) How to Find Cockroach Eggs?

cockroach eggs how long to hatch

Finding these eggs can be a very demanding and downright challenging task most of the time. These roaches end up carrying the ootheca until they hatch, but others will just hide it. This is why you need to know the specifics of each roach. Obviously, such a thing can be very time consuming, so you have to take your time with this as you figure out your approach.

The American cockroach tends to carry his ootheca until it reaches a safe place. The oriental ones do the same. The German cockroach will carry the sack until it hatches, then it will drop to a safe location. The brown-banded cockroaches deposit it as well, however they do end up carrying it around for a while before they do such a thing! So yes, each type of cockroach has its own unique approach. This is why you will have to figure out what type of cockroach you are dealing with before you get the best results!

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D) What is Considered a Safe Location?

cockroach eggs how many babies

Finding these safe locations is certainly a very challenging thing to do. But you have to remember, what do cockroaches tend to like the most? They want dark places that allow them to stay away from people. So, the idea here is to search under the cabinet or baseboard. This is where you can find them. Damp places will also be ok for them, so you may want to look in those places too. Just consider all these options, because they can give you a good insight into how you can get rid of these roaches fast and easy, without that much of a trouble.

E) Killing the Roach Eggs

cockroach eggs killer

You can kill or destroy the Cockroach eggs, but finding those is the true challenging thing and it can be very hard to do at first. There is a reason behind that, as those eggs can be just about anywhere. The Cockroaches can deposit eggs in a safe place and thus your entire home can be at risk. If you had to deal with such a problem for quite some time, you will see that there are some specific places where these sacks can be found!

5.1) Environments that Roaches Like a Lot

They dislike light, so you will find them in dark places. They do like moisture too. So, you will find them in those damp and hard to reach, dark locations.

Usually, the best hiding places for them are the basement, bathroom, baseboard, appliances, ceiling, paper/garbage, as well as furniture, pipes, electronics and cupboards. These are the preferred locations for them, but you can find these roaches in some other places too. Obviously, you have to investigate properly in order to make sure that there are no roaches out there to begin with. The last thing you want is to not look in these places, as they are most likely filled with roaches to begin with! Roaches tend to eat dead roaches, so even if you kill them and leave them laying on the floor, another roach may eat them and just continue spreading the eggs. This is a very challenging thing to focus on, but it shows just how problematic this situation can be to begin with! So, cleaning up after you kill roaches is mandatory, if you want to get the best results!

5.2) What Should I Do If I Found the Eggs?

cockroach lay eggs when killed

Roach killing products should be used in this situation. The idea is that you already have the roach eggs right in front of you, so you have to figure out which is the right approach to be used in such a situation. It will not be an easy thing to do right off the bat, so it may be a bit time consuming. But if you approach this with extra care and professionalism, results can be amazing.

You can try to use the old school method of stomping on the eggs. Not the roach on its own, you have to stomp on the eggs too. However, finding the eggs is very hard, so most of the time this will be a rather elusive, challenging project for you!

Alternative Solutions

As you can imagine, this is not the best sounding option out there. So most of us will want to find an alternative in this regard. Thankfully, there are lots of interesting ideas that you can choose from in this regard. You just need to figure out which is the right option for you, and in the end this can be quite an interesting opportunity!

Boric Acid

eggs of cockroach

You will see that boric acid is particularly good at eliminating the adult roaches. This will help you kill them when they are babies, so you may want to try it. Roaches can spread this to their eggs, but you may have to spread this to the eggs on your own too. It’s a challenging thing to do at first, but you can get some very good results in the end. You just have to figure out the right way to approach all of this in the end.


remove cockroach eggs

You have to opt for the commercial products that have pesticides if the aforementioned option may not work. This will help quite a bit, but these products are quite demanding and damaging for the environment. So, you need to take that into consideration the best way you can.


what cockroach eggs look like

There are also quite a lot of commercial baits too. These tend to be very good if you want to eliminate babies as soon as they hatch. They aren’t that expensive either, but the value can be quite impressive!

There are persons that say it’s a good idea to use the vacuum to suck up the eggs, but the reality is that the eggs can easily hatch inside the vacuum. You can clean up your vacuum’s interior, but the idea is to know how to handle the situation to get the best results. Or you can use one of the methods above.

The best way to fully kill them is to stomp with your shoes. It will help a lot. Avoid setting the roaches on fire, because this can be quite problematic. In the end, this can be very challenging for your home, so try to keep that in mind.

And then you also have the insect growth regulators. This is a type of products that you can find online without a problem. It’s a liquid that you put on the eggs and this will eliminate the eggs and not make them hatch. You can put the liquid inside cracks and walls, which is quite nice! Even the German Cockroach will abandon the eggs if it deals with this liquid.

Also, this concentrate is very demanding and challenging. It will usually attach to the food sources of any roach as well. So, it’s really easy to spread between roaches. There are some people that tend to add a fogging agent in order to boost the overall results. This can be a very bad substance for animals, so definitely try to keep it away from them!

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3 Types of Roach And How Can You Kill the Cockroach Eggs


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