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9 Great Ways To Deal With Baby Roaches Fast And Easy

A. How Can You Identify Baby Roaches?

baby roaches fly

What you have to note about Baby Roaches is that they are pretty much the smaller version of the regular roaches. Because of that, you can spot them pretty fast. They don’t have wings though, and they may even have a lighter color. The German variant is a bit darker when compared to a regular roach.

B. How Do They Look Like?

baby roaches in bed

You have to keep in mind that the adult roaches have a flat body and they also have a small head that’s covered via a pronotum. The mouth of these roaches is directed downwards.

Another thing to keep in mind is that roaches have 6 long legs and they can easily go on many surfaces without a problem. Their tarsi also has some small pads that make it easy to crawl. Some species have flat wings on their backs. Not all species use those wings for flying though. Another interesting thing is that the female roaches are larger when compared to makes.

This is how the species compare to one another:

  • American cockroaches have around 40 mm in length, and they are reddish-brown
  • German Cockroaches: These roaches are up to 16 mm in length, and they are also Dark brown
  • Oriental cockroaches: Their color is black, and they tend to be larger when compared to their German counterparts
  • Pennsylvania wood roaches: Up to 20 mm and tan

C. Identifying the Cockroach Eggs

baby asian roaches

Most of the time, roach eggs are very hard to detect due to their size. In case you see some small roaches inside your home, they may have a nest on your walls or anywhere in your home.

Also, the regular female can generate lots of eggs via an oothecae. There is a substance that surrounds the oothecae, and this will harden, it will become a casing in the end. You can find some females that drop the egg case, but others will carry them on until they are ready for hatching.

3.1 American Cockroach Eggs

baby roaches after exterminator

The female roaches will end up leaving the oothecae, and this will be up to 8 mm in length. Depending on the female, she can lay up to 6-90 of these during her life. She will carry them for a few hours or days. Either way, these can have up to 15 embryos, and they are usually deposited somewhere hard to find. The Baby Roaches will emerge in up to 38 days at most.

3.2 Oriental Roach Eggs

how many baby roaches are in one egg

These roaches can have an egg case up to 10 mm. Their oothecae seem to be swollen and most of the time it will have up to 16 eggs in total. The female can generate around 18 oothecae during her lifetime. The nymphs will require around 600 days to reach full maturity. However the development will depend on where they are located.

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3.3 Brown-Banded Roach Eggs

a lot of baby roaches

This is a species that has a reddish brown case up to 5 mm in length. Females can make around 20 oothecae, and these can host up tom 18 embryos. You can easily find these nymphs because they have a yellow band on the abdomen. It will take them up to 6 months to reach adulthood.

3.4 German Cockroach Eggs

baby black roaches

These cockroaches have brown oothecae and this can be up to 9 mm in length. These females will actually carry the eggs until they are ready for hatching. It’s a fascinating thing to note and one that will impress you quite a lot. The oothecae will host up to 50 eggs.

The interesting thing here is that it will take around 103 days to reach adulthood for these roaches. Since there are so many eggs in a single oothecae, you will find that the german roach population can grow fast. They are the ones widely known to infest homes.

D. How Long Do Baby Roaches Take Until They Reach Adulthood?

can baby roaches bite

In order for Baby Roaches to reach adulthood, they will go through different processes. First, they will be a nymph when they hatch from their eggs, and this status will last anywhere from 1 to around 2 months. As they grow, these babies will end up developing wings, and they will end up becoming adults.

This phase is known as an instar. You will see that babies will end up going through up to 7 instars before they become an adult. The process differs based on what species we are talking about, but it can be anywhere from 40 and up to 160 days. Climate and environment can play a major role in this particular situation.

E. Are There any Risks if You Have Baby Roaches in Your Home?

We all know that roaches can be damaging to your home, but will Baby Roaches be detrimental to your home? Yes! Just because they are small, that doesn’t mean they will not attack you. The idea here is that you need to focus on dealing with them as fast as possible. Plus, they carry diseases that can easily be spread within your entire home.

roaches babycenter

If you don’t deal with the baby roach problem, this will be very challenging for you. Plus, you won’t stop the reproduction process without the right approach. Otherwise you can be looking at an infestation.

A thing to note here is that the German roaches can lay up to 50 eggs at a single time. If you have 50 baby roaches, you can imagine the horror. Just because they are Baby Roaches, that doesn’t mean they are safe. They are still roaches, and you have to eliminate them.

F. Understanding Roach Behavior

how many baby roaches come out of an egg

Once you know the risks, you have to understand how they operate and behave before you eliminate them. This will make it easier for you to find the right extermination strategy, so try to keep that in mind!

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6.1 Even If They Live In Groups, They are not Social

Unlike other insects, these roaches are not social even if they live in groups. A study has shown that groups just share spaces, if the area is small, the groups will just split in two. It all comes down to the enclosure and how the group approaches it!

6.2 Roaches Do Show Collective Intelligence

A few studies show that the group can indeed have a collective intelligence. A roach robot mimicking their behavior interacted with the roaches and the way that robot acted changed the way those roaches behaved. This was a very good experiment that did show quite a lot about roaches and how they behave.

G. How Can You Eliminate Roaches for Good?

All of us want to know how to deal with roaches. Let’s face it, roaches are a major problem for most of us, and they can quickly become an even more challenging one. The idea is that you can find them anywhere in your home, so you have to approach it the best way you can! With that in mind, here are some great ideas to keep in mind!

7.1 Seal Up All Holes and Cracks

baby roaches everywhere

Remember, use foam and caulk as this will eliminate roaches from your home. Plus, if you don’t have a nest in your home, caulking can come in handy as it will help you remove these roaches fast and easy.

Try to figure out where is the entry point for those roaches. Some of them tend to enter via doors, pipes, your home’s foundation, windows, the roof, steps, porches and interior pipes, but there are some that focus on coming from molding and baseboards.

Make sure that you study all areas and use a tooth comb to find any holes or cracks. If there are some that need to be treated, try to focus on that. Caulk is usually better for gaps that are smaller than ½”, if you have higher gaps then you may want to use foam.

7.2 Clean The Home

baby eats roaches

After you ended up sealing all the gaps and cracks, you have to keep your home clean. The idea is that roaches tend to look for shelter, food, and water. If you offer them a place with immediate access to all 3 things, you may be looking at an infestation.

The first thing you want to avoid is keeping the food out in the open. Keep it sealed as it will help you a lot and you will avoid any issues without a problem this way! Also, it’s important to wash the dirty dishes as fast as possible, because leaving leftovers on the plate does invite a lot of roaches! Obviously, you also need to take the trash out often, so try to be sure that you take the trash out often.

And, while there, clean under the appliances too, just to be safe that you reach everything. You can also try to use an adhesive trap if you want. Wipe the counters at least once a day, especially if you cook or prepare food Also, keep the floor clean by sweeping often, at least every time you eat!

7.3 Use Roach Traps

Not everyone agrees that roach traps work, but they are very efficient actually. The idea is that you need to see where the roaches are coming from and then you have to address the problem. This will be a magnificent idea, so try to keep that in mind. Remember that roaches tend to move often, so identifying their source is a great idea!

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7.4 Use Natural Repellents

baby survives eating roaches

In case you are not one that’s ok with poisoning, you can also opt for some natural repellents. These are known to be very efficient. We are talking mostly about nepetalactone which is found in catnip, osage orange oil as well as eucalyptol that you can find in the bay leaves!

All of these are very helpful, and they can bring you a very good set of results all the time. You just need to remember that these natural repellents are great for prevention, but they won’t do much in the case of an infestation!

7.5 Borax

Borax can come in handy if you want to deal with roaches fast and easy. Most of us use it for laundry, but it does end up dealing with baby roaches just as well since it dries out their exoskeleton.

It’s not an instant killer, but it does make it easy for you to infest an entire nest. This helps you a lot, so you may want to check it out. You should sprinkle it when you see these roaches often. Keep pets and children away from it though.

7.6 Soap and Water

This old school recipe works great, and roaches will be able to survive in water. This will clog their pores, and it can even lead to suffocation and even death in the long term. Soap with water is deadly for them, but you have to add soap otherwise they will survive in water.

7.7 Boric Acid and Sugar

baby german roaches

This is yet another good roach killer. It’s similar to borax; the idea is that boric acid is even more toxic. This is why you need to keep it away from everyone. This has sugar which attracts roaches, so keep that in mind. Once this gets in contact with the baby roaches, it will dry out their exo, which in the end will leave them dead.

However, you have to clean the dead bodies. The live roaches may even end up eating the dead ones, so this is by far something that you want to avoid. Plus, this can generate quite the stench, so you want to avoid all of that!

7.8 Remove All Standing Water

Remember that roaches will require water, so if you have standing water, they will go there. Remove all the standing water and deal with any leaky pipes if you have any! Try to fix all those leaks and make sure that you deal with those fast and easy. Usually, the good idea is to use a dehumidifier as this will bring you a magnificent quality and value in the end!

7.9 Work With An Exterminator

baby house roaches

Although a regular DIY approach may come in handy, if you have to deal with a serious infestation, you may have to bring in front a better approach. An exterminator will help you deal with this issue, and it can be the best option, to be honest. This is especially true if you want to live in an apartment free of any baby roaches.

The exterminator has all the tools and skill needed to deal with such an infestation. However, he will have to use poison and chemicals, so you have to keep pets or children away from it. Some exterminators will provide you with alternative solutions, but chemical based options are most of the time the best in this regard.

As you can see, dealing with baby roaches can be quite challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding. If you have to deal with such an infestation at this time, you should consider hiring an exterminator and using all the tips listed above. This will help a lot, and it will bring you the quality and value you need. Do that, and you will not be disappointed!

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