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‘Elite corps’ fun at the expense of the topic

‘Elite Corps’ Fun At The Expense Of The Topic

‘Elite corps’ fun at the expense of the topic

It was clear that the huge success of ‘8 Basque surnames’ was something that many members of Spanish cinema would consider. Their own responsible were carried away by the rush to make a sequel much lower than that, nevertheless, also it enjoyed a very good reception by the public , so it would not be uncommon sooner rather than later try to move forward with a third installment

A few titles exploring the court manners humor came between the first two and more will do from now on. However, many of them end up going unnoticed, but it looks like it will not be the case of ‘elite corps’ , as the advertising push Atresmedia could turn this quirky comedy in one of the great successes of Spanish cinema 2016.

Capitalizing on the manners mood

The very premise of ‘elite corps’ and prepares us for the kind of comedy with which we will find something that will surely cause sluggishness in some sector of the public. For my part, not that I go crazy you play with the manners topic, but the key, as always, is knowing how to do to make a good time the viewer instead of falling into the easy and even stale to exit making it the funny step badly .

I will not deny that my great fear was that ‘elite corps’ had just falling in all those common mistakes and it is fair to note that there are some times when it falls squarely on it, but the dominant note is know manage to build a story quite funny entertaining specific times, unabashedly embracing the topic, but also twisting ita bit, especially with the character of an inspired Andoni Agirregomezkorta .

Large responsible for finding the right tone for the story are the screenwritersChristopher Garrido and Adolfo Valor , already at the time wrote the estimable’Ghost Graduation’ . There inspiration in film of John Hughes was the clear leader, while here is the local humor, but with different weapons to ‘8 Basque surnames’ he reminded me more entertaining French film ‘ Nothing to declare ‘because this is the action comedy that has to channel the differences between the players.

At that point it is true that in the most intense moments budgetary constraints that have had to handle noticeable Joaquín Mazón for staging, but what really matters in history is not the visual spectacle, because it is a simple vehicle for give greater range to their comic possibilities , quite effective during training of the elite and then still offers quite majos moments when history is complicated and the script begins to show major weaknesses.

Lights and Shadows ‘elite corps’

What we should be clear is that not lack some details- the somewhat hackneyed romantic story between Mike and Maria Leon Esparbé – but ‘elite corps’ get something essential to minimize its importance, is that conveys freshness. In fact, that’s his great virtue, first because it helps bring more interest to the archetypes that represent their characters and then because it helps both the actors and the audience to enjoy.

That’s something that the actors can also take advantage , starting with the simple – and quite repartidos- one-liners and through other levels to reach the dynamic of its own that arises between them. There yes that naturally arises necessary for us to see in them something more than a disastrous group to give us a laugh at his expense and for us to believe that, against all odds, they discover the villain ‘s plot.

It is also true that there are not a few gags that do not work in some cases to the extent that fail are charged nothing that delicate and effective tone alluded to before- and also handling of questionable secondary characters is done at times- here I think especially Silvia Abril , very funny at times and somewhat out of place on other occasions, but the soft absurd that traces the libretto Garrido and Valor through different contrasts makes it all more bearable when interest wanes.

In addition, it would have been great a greater visual push from Mazon , but the truth is that it meets solvency, especially in working with -Les actors gives enough freedom to shine more when the opportunity allows, but not too much not tocannibalize any situation- excess, and is not carried away at any time by laziness exhibited by Emilio Martinez Lazaro in ‘eight Basque surnames’.

In short, ‘elite corps’ is a nice comedy of manners who chooses a different route to the title that I am sure you all came to a head when knowing its existence. A lot of funny gags, the right tone to enhance his virtues and a deal more than correct make it one of the best pastimes this summer despite not being, much less, exempt certain recurring failures such tapes .

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‘Elite corps’ fun at the expense of the topic


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