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Android 7.0 Nougat, analysis of the most important changes

Android 7.0 Nougat, Analysis Of The Most Important Changes

Android 7.0 Nougat, analysis of the most important changes

Nougat Android 7.0 is here. Habemus new version of Android and how could it be otherwise have been thoroughly tested since its inception. You really could say I have Android 7.0 on my Nexus 6P for months, as most changes have been introduced in the preview successive Android N. Now we have the final stable version and take the opportunity to discuss what we think, what brings important changes and if it was worth the wait.

Nougat is the beginning of a change.

Multitasking, new quick adjustments, new notifications panel, file browser, VPN ;the changes it brings Android 7.0 are very numerous. For an exhaustive list we recommend that you read the various items that already perform at the time. Today take the opportunity to name the most important and discuss how everyday experience has been testing new products.

Multitasking, a new ally 

One of the main new features of Android 7.0 is the multi screen . It works very well, at least in those applications adapted. It is holding the multitasking button and the screen will split into two. From the button itself we can go leaping to the previous app, it is really comfortable. Besides sliding we modify the size of each window. In tablets it is great, somewhat less mobile.

 The problem with it is that takes some getting used multi screen. We’ve spent years doing one thing at a time in Android and see a video and watch twitter is great. Or look Chrome and record simultaneously in Google Keep. Many times I have been moving from one tab to another as it has always done, but I would save some time if you were using the multi screen time.

The actual multi ventana end up coming to Android, for now we have a solution that if developers adopt work very well. A small step towards bringing mobile productivity to the desktop. You might think that the less powerful phones can not use it , but really any Android with Nougat we see already have enough to cope with the multi power.

Minimal changes in design and performance

Is it worth upgrading to Android 6.0? Yes, it works quite well. Now, can we say the same of Android 7.0?For too. We support the new Vulkan API, the doze mode energy saving has improved and my Nexus 6P have gotten slightly better numbers than before . Other colleagues with 5X Nexus alike. This was the preview, but it seems that the stable version is in the same direction.

With the design goes something like that . Does it change much Android 7.0? No. Really design changes depend on the manufacturer and the launcher (in our case the Google Now Launcher). Although we do see some details as can be the settings menu , which now provides more information, new quick adjustments , which can be moved from site and even developers can create new and the button to close all recent applications . Oh, and of course the new Emoji Unicode 9.0.

They are not changes that justify the wait but are welcome. Notifications have also changed, I’ve gotten used to having them grouped while others consider it annoying. Probably this will be one of the spots when the user update.

New tricks that facilitate everyday

In each version of Android we have small additions very useful. One of my favorite in Nougat is the press notice and to choose their priority . If you’re tired of getting WhatsApp, set the priority to a minimum and is as if silenciásemos only that app.

Another interesting detail is that the system distinguishes between apps from Google Play installed, via APK store or a third party. For me to install many APKs it helps me to better control what I have on mobile.Equally interesting it is the improved browser preinstalled files.

Android is different in the Nexus

One of the problems we encounter often is the difference between Nexus and Android for Android for each manufacturer. When we talk about the news we assume that all these changes will come to rest but it is not always the case . Android 7.0 Nougat we feel that this difference will be broadened.

For example, we now have the option to change the DPI natively. It ‘s great to have the smaller icons and menus, so the size of a screen like the Nexus 6P better use. But this option may not reach the Sony, LG or Samsung with Nougat, either because they do not want to enter it or because they already had.

Besides this, we must be prepared for certain functions Nougat only work with some Nexus. Can you imagine Nexus July 2016 with enhanced multiscreen?

We must remember that many of the new features of Android not arrive via system update and do reach via the Google Play Services.

Nougat Android 7.0 has also improved its security. Along with the monthly patches, it changed the installation system updates itself. In this version has been introduced updates in the background (which will arrive in the new partitions of the new Nexus), file – level encryption and Direct Boot for the system to load apps even before putting the password. They are aimed at strengthening the system improvements and so Android for Work more complete. By contrast, many developers find these changes ROMs real headaches.

Another new feature of Android 7.0 is the arrival of Daydream , virtual reality platform of Google. It is still early to comment on this new technology but will need to have this version at least to try.

Good news, finally reshapes update

If you want to eat at Christmas nougat, better to have a Nexus.

If you have a Nexus 6, 5X, 6P, Pixel C or Nexus 9 ;you’re in luck. Now you can have Android 7.0 Nougat simply pressing a few buttons. Gone is the OTA install and images factory always manually. You can keep doing, but unless you want a completely clean install is a waste of time.

The best novelty of Android 7.0 has been the arrival of Google Beta Program , a fund managed by Google itself in which we send updates directly system. That is, there is an option to arrive before by OTA. We simply aim, press and immediately receive the update. From 1,1 GB if you come from Marshmallow or just 45MB if you already have the latest preview of Android N. The important thing is that despite being the “beta program” comes the update that is stable.

The information we have is that this service will be used for providing constant updates go to all those who want it . So much so that it is said that the new Nexus will come with Android 7.1 . A version that can be tested immediately with this Beta Program and will bring interesting new features like Google Assistant .What do you get with this? On the one hand updates are in the hands of Google, on the other hand is not burdening the various manufacturers with many minor updates. If you have a Samsung or LG, may never see Android 7.1 unless participate in this beta program.

Android 7.0 Nougat, attractive but little need

Google has done an excellent job with Android 7.0 Nougat, but our operating system already reached maturity with Marshmallow . Now the changes are aimed at  improving experience already satisfactory. If your phone is not updated to Android 7.0 , nothing happens, but if you try it you will like.

Multitasking opens many doors and streamlines processes, but we can live without it. Design changes are good, but will be overshadowed by the manufacturer. And improvements in battery life and performance are not powerful enough to make a difference.

“Made for you, with more ways to make Android your own.” That is the motto of Android 7.0 Nougat. For me, I’m all day testing the latest technology itself is designed, but how much% of users will enjoy these changes? Android already has many years behind and it shows, with Nougat 7.0 we continue in phase stability preparing yes for some changes in the future.

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Android 7.0 Nougat, analysis of the most important changes


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