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6 Best Home Remedies can Helps to Prevent Mosquito Bites on Your Skin Naturally

When season arrives and we spend more time outdoors and also indoors, those who also arrive without being invited to our activities are mosquitoes. And not just during the day, as they can keep us from catching an eye all night because of their buzzing close to our ears. They really are very annoying.

And it seems that nothing and nobody can stop them. In the following article you will find natural remedies for mosquito bites to prevent the area from becoming infected.

Why do Mosquito Bites Itch?

This is so because the saliva that uses this insect at the moment of nailing its sting and sucking the blood causes us allergy. Then, the area becomes inflamed and leaves us a rash of reddish color that pits us a lot.

It is good to know also that only female mosquitoes are stinging and they do so to many people and even animals throughout the day. This does not mean that your bites can cause disease in all cases. Most of the time, they only cause minor irritation.What if, is very annoying and does not let us think about anything else. We just want to scratch ourselves. But the problem is that this is worse, because we can infect the area or irritate even more, preventing the body from taking its own way to remove that harmful agent and heal the wound produced by the sting.

How to treat a Mosquito Bite?

  • The first advice then, is not to scratch . No matter how desperate it may be, keep busy so you do not think about how the itch that the mosquito has left you. If you can not avoid it, then place a gauze or bandage to protect (this will also help you not to infect the wound with the dust, for example).
  • Second, always keep the area clean and dry. Wash the infected area with plenty of water and neutral soap (white). This will remove the saliva from the mosquito that has produced the irritation and allow the wound to heal faster.

Then, if the itching is too unbearable, you can place an ice cube on the bite for no more than 30 seconds, so that the skin does not burn. If you want to leave it longer, you will have to wrap the ice in a plastic bag or cloth. This will help you not only control the itching, but it will also reduce the swelling.

If you have been stung many times in different parts of the body, you can do one last step: fill the tub with water and add a few tablespoons of oats, Epsom salts or baking soda . Immerse the parts where you have been bitten for a few minutes. The effect is astounding.

Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bites :

1. Apple Vinegar Cider

It is an excellent antiseptic and will help prevent the sting from becoming infected. Soak a cotton, gauze or cloth with apple vinegar and then apply as a compress on the bladder.

If you have a lot of bites, you can take a dip with water as hot as you can stand and two and a half cups of vinegar.

2. Onion

Like aloe Vera, onions have very good properties for skin problems (such as burns or wounds). In case you have a Mosquito bite, relieve the itching by applying a slice as thin as possible onion.

Leave for a few minutes and then wash with plenty of water and mild soap.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera aloe is actually very good in everything that concerns skin care. So, in the case of mosquito bites is more than effective. It serves to relieve the itching produced by the saliva of this insect and will also reduce the swelling and heal the wound you have probably produced when scratching.

All you have to do is open a mid or stem of aloe Vera horizontally and extract the wise. Apply that juice to the bite and cover with a gauze. Do not hesitate to have an aloe Vera plant at home!

4. Honey

Honey has many properties and one of them is its antiseptic power. Besides being delicious, substitute sugar and more, it will be your ally if you suffer many mosquito bites.

Apply a small amount where you have the rash and let it dry. Then rinse well with warm water.

5. Lemon

You can also use file. While it is a home remedy that can burn a bit, it is really helpful. There are different ways of applying it. For example, you can squeeze half a lemon and soak a cotton ball, which you then apply to the bite.

Another option is to split the fruit in half and rub where the mosquito has chopped you.

6. Essential Oils

Several essential oils (which are bought in the naturist houses) will give you temporary relief if you think you can not resist the temptation to scratch yourself. The most recommended are rosemary, lavender, tea tree, witch hazel and cedar.

Remember that they are used in little quantity (two or three drops) and always diluted with hot water or other oil, whatever you have in the kitchen (olive, sunflower, corn, etc.) and also almonds or coconut.

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6 Best Home Remedies can Helps to Prevent Mosquito Bites on Your Skin Naturally


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