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The ladder of life: how to improve yourself every day in 5 steps

The Ladder Of Life: How To Improve Yourself Every Day In 5 Steps

The Ladder of life: how to improve yourself every day in 5 steps

To improve yourself, you do not have to compete with anyone but you. Learn to procure for welfare and protect you from possible external aggression to realize yourself as a person.

To improve yourself every day in the ladder of life, you only need one thing: determination . Now, you may be experiencing right now a number of very particular sensations.

You notes exhausted mind and body. Perceive as if the world were in one direction and you in another. You have the distinct impression you’re the last person in every decision they make others, and that somehow, you’re falling behind.

All these Personal dimensions trap us in a fixed point. In our environment is added the attribution itself us to do about the situation itself.

All this certainly prevents us from moving forward, keep moving up the ladder of life.

Beyond the metaphorical there is a very clear point: you need to improve yourself to be happy. Then we give you 5 key ways to promote your personal growth .

1. First step to improve yourself: no longer permeable

If you are permeable affect critical . If you let go of what others tell you, you recommend and suggest you regardless of your own opinion, you are permeable.

Furthermore, if you are one of those people who feel dominated by the negativity of those who surround them , by limiting their toxic ideas and then you are also permeable.

But somehow this feature, that of emotional and personal permeability, is something greater or lesser extent characterizes us all.

  • To stop being begins by displaying a wall.
  • Then it internalizes something very simple: no one is going to cross that wall.Because that is where is your dignity and self – esteem , and no one can violate the border.
  • To protect this limit, be assertive. Learn to say “NO”.

2. Second step: to address what hurts us

The second phase to improve yourself and move up the ladder of life is to resolve what hurts.

We hurt disappointments, failures, lies lived and everything that we have failed.

  • Sana all those empty and stop dragging. Disappointments hurt, but beyond being aware that the world and people can not be as we wish.
  • Assumes that people fail, you also failures rather than when . He understands that this is part of your past. Which is part of yesterday and nothing can change what happened.
  • Now, what can not be changed it is exceeded. So goes one step after having resolved these wounds.

3. Third step: nonresistance

If you want to improve yourself starting to operate the approach of “no resistance”.What persists, resists.

  • If you are an indecisive person, let yourself go, break chains and take the step.Climbs the ladder of life out of your comfort zone. Everything you want and you dream is beyond this psychological barrier.
  • Fear is more Thugs who will put you in every step you take.
  • Fear of failure, fear of not being like others expect or concerns that go in search of our dreams just bring us disappointments  are very common facts in humans.
  • The law of resistance not applied in various ways. One way is accepting others as they are. Do not expect to change them.

Another useful strategy is to practice self-knowledge. If I know who I am and what I want, I must break with everything that catches me, forcing me to persist in suffering, in sadness.

4. Fourth step: personal freedom

With personal freedom we mean not drop everything and leave. Absolutely.Freedom, above all, demand responsibility.

 You have the right to be free and choose what you want and do not want in your life. Also who do not want to you. You deserve to move up the ladder of life unattached to fight for your dreams and what you deserve.

The fourth step involves, above all, be brave. It is time to leave behind certain things and climbing the most difficult step: the decisions.

5. Fourth step: embrace love

Embracing love is fighting for what it’s worth and know how to maintain it. The top of the ladder of life is to preserve what makes us happy.

  • On your side you have undoubtedly people who you love: They are the pinnacle of your existence: aprécialas.
  • Also in this final goal, in the top of the stairs of your existence is your personal fulfillment . This is where your own love shines where you shine with the calm of being that feels and looks done.
  • Getting here is not easy. You need, as we said at the beginning, determination.However, your side always accounts with people who push you, they give you encouragement.

They are those magical beings who indulge our soul and that are an intimate part of our personal maps.

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The ladder of life: how to improve yourself every day in 5 steps


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