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Getting Your Radical Edge – Part 2


“But it’s not about finding your frequency by ruling out everything else; on the contrary, it’s about finding the frequency that includes all those other important values and ideals. The very act of trying to wrap it all together is what’s really important, because to do that you have to get very clear on what you mean by each value and principle. You have to define, think through, and understand each to its core, and evaluate your life against each one. The clearer you get, the closer you get to the frequency that pulsates through your life and characterizes who you really are.”

—Agnes Golden

Tune into your frequency. List five values or principles that are most important to you in the way you live your life. Write down your best definition of each value. It only has to make sense to you.

Read through your list and your definitions. Now tune into one by considering the following perspectives. Which one of these values—

—is the most important to you in the way you live your life?

—has the clearest meaning for you?

—feels the best?

—most accurately describes who you really are?

—best describes how you’d like others to know you?

—most fully encompasses your other values?

—energizes you when you think about it?

—if it were a radio station,  what would you turn up the loudest?

That’s your Frequency.

Amp it up. Think of all the roles you play in your life at work, at home, in the community, and with your family and friends. To what degree do you live by your frequency in each of those roles? In other words, at what volume does your frequency play in each role?

For the next week, take notes in your WUP about how your frequency shows up—or doesn’t—in your activities in the roles you play. Then work on the solution(s) to this question:

What can you change about your activities, your attitude, your priorities, or your choices that will bring you more in tune with your frequency and reduce the static in your life?

If you’re more of a visual person, you can use these frequency worksheets to help you focus your thinking:

What do I love and value most?

What do I love and value most?

What do I love and value most?

In the circles, list the things you love and value most, then see where they overlap. This could be your frequency.

How does my Frequency align with my organization?

What do others see when I am in Frequency?

How does my Frequency align with my friends and family?

What does it look like when I am in Frequency? How does it feel?

What is an example of when I excelled as a result of being in Frequency?

What helps me find my Frequency?

What keeps me from achieving Frequency more often?

What pulls me out of Frequency?


“Define what you mean by ‘world’ and get clear on how you want that world to be different from the current reality. ‘World’ doesn’t have to mean the very fabric of human existence, although it certainly could be. It could be the world of your customers, neighborhood, industry—or the world of one person, for that matter. You define it for yourself.”

—Ronald Perricone and SKATE!

Four SKATE! Guidelines for Changing the World

1. What is your world—the world you’d like to change?

  • Who is in it?
  • What is your relationship to these individuals?
  • Why do you care about them?
  • Why do you care so deeply about this world?
  • How do you want your world to be different than it is today? Be specific about what changes need to happen and what a changed world will look like in the future.

“Act as if your every action has a direct impact on the world. In other words, perform every deed as if it will either improve the world or damage it.”

             —Ronald Perricone and SKATE!

2. List the first three steps you personally need to take in order to create the change you described.




Set a deadline for Step #1. If the above quote were liter- ally true, what would you do differently starting right now?

“Don’t judge yourself based on the outcome of your efforts. If you succeed, don’t take credit for it; if you fail, don’t blame yourself. The only thing you take credit for is the fact that you tried.”

—Ronald Perricone and SKATE!

3. Write the above quote on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror.

Now, review #2 and get going.

“Never—never, ever—try to do it alone.”

—Ronald Perricone and SKATE!

4. Build your own SKATE! Mastermind team and create your community for change.

Consider starting with one or two others and grow from there. Take your time finding like-minded people who want to change their worlds for the better and who fully believe that, with help, they can get it done. These are people you’d love to spend time with, people who are different from you, yet whose frequencies are harmonious with your own. Most importantly, build a team of people who can contribute to one another.

Experiment and find the best structure for your meetings. Whatever works for you will be the right way. Try this meeting process:

  1. Take turns reading new entries from your WUPs.
  2. Have an open, no holds barred conversation about your findings and observations.
  3. Give a progress report on each person’s change the world project and identify areas that need help, ideas, or solutions.
  4. Brainstorm ideas and solutions, as a group, for each project.
  5. Take a few minutes of solo time to record notes in your WUPs.

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Getting Your Radical Edge – Part 2


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