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Top BS Facts about Introvert Experiences You Might Think Are True

One of my weaknesses, even with knowing it is an utterly useless way to be or act, is judging who I am by comparing myself to others. Do you ever get that way? As I regularly say about it, it’s a win-lose proposition. Comparitis as I like to call this dilemma, can only add to the top BS facts about Introvert Experiences you might think are true. Hence, Top BS Facts about Introvert Experiences You Might Think Are True

That’s my sign to take some additional time to get my head and heart cleared. And, get happy.

Award winning photo by Christopher Weber

Award winning photo by Christopher Weber

The clearing started to lift yesterday afternoon after just a few hours of being down on myself, in my head of course.

With every good intention to write a couple of blog posts to queue up since I am traveling next week, the venom of judging myself delayed me until getting in a better space. That’s when I realized it could be because of BS facts about introvert experiences. Experiences you might think are true.

In my humble opinion here are a few of those Top BS Facts about Introvert Experiences You Might Think Are True:

 We are solely introvertsTop-BS-Facts-about-Introvert-Experiences

Because the word introvert is often used in isolation, we think we are the sum of what it means. In reality, this is untrue. I grew up in an authentic Italian household. In my family this means many people around at all times, funeral sadness followed with a time of celebration, frequent occasions beyond traditional holidays to – mangiare. That means to eat. When reading Susan Cain’s bestseller book Quiet,  there were many things I just could not relate too. It did however encourage me, and strengthen my beliefs. Many of the stories were off for me because my own family was anything but quiet.

We are who we are because of a Variety of experiences, influences in our environment, our family upbringing or even other personality traits in the mix. Whether you like the MBTI (c) assessment or not, at least it considers a variety of personality traits.

This blend of different characteristics explains in part why others often mistake me for being more of an extrovert. I am not solely an introvert.

What do you think? Are you a totality of one thing or the sum of many?

Introverts do not need variety

Extroverts do not have the corner on a preference for variety. Right, I might prefer a small, close circle of friends. But if I think about how I’ve found them, it’s from a wide variety of both business and social experiences.

Here’s an example. Maybe you are considering being, or already are, more vegetarian. Do you eat just one vegetable? Heck no. Likely you have your favorite vegetables, and make delicious meals with a variety of them.

It’s a similar process to getting to those close friendships and relationships. It’s a go wide, then go in-depth process.

I welcome all kinds of experiences in my life. From the noisiest like a midweek party where there are hundreds of people, to the quietest like a library on a Sunday morning.  It may be because one of my highest values is being able to often try something new out. If I am not doing that, I’m not growing.

How about you? Do you need variety?

Introverts are quietTop-BS-Facts-about-Introvert-Experiences

This morning the wretched feeling of being stuck loosened up. After tweaking my morning routine a wee bit, my head was softly saying to me, “You are the best you who you can be! And that is enough.”

Then that noise in my head pulled me away from the struggling feelings of not feeling quite as good as someone else. In talking with a new friend, more words spilled out into a fun, lively and intelligent conversation.

Some words in my head even spilled out here in this blog post.

Not all introverts are quiet. We might prefer quiet because it is what opens us up, frees us up and pumps us up.

While relishing the introvert in me, as you might be, it’s not the full story.  It’s more liberating to recognize that having a preference for introversion – is just one dimension of our personality.

PS – So come on, get happy! Let this video pump you up, and out of any particular funk, you are in, if you are, ever.

What’s a BS fact about your personality experience?

Originally posted July 18, 2014

Top BS Facts about Introvert Experiences You Might Think Are True is a post from: Patricia Weber: Introvert inspirer, providing practical tools for the introvert to navigate the rules at work.

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Top BS Facts about Introvert Experiences You Might Think Are True


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