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Innovative Parking Facilities Can Deal With The Urban Chaos

How To Improve Parking Facilities?

The traditional car Parking facilities have never been able to address sustainability and congestion challenges in cities. In fact, the lack of modernisation and structural improvements have had a deleterious effect. If we talk about Australian cities, they are one among those that always had a flourishing car culture with car parking an indispensable asset for the society. However, the traditional parking facilities have been inadequate and have always forced drivers to look for parking areas contributing to 30% traffic congestion – creating inefficient and unsustainable cities.

Therefore, it is time to think innovative and embrace a smart approach that not just makes parking facilities accessible for everyone (in a timely manner) but goes beyond conventionalism. So we are here to do our bit in making cities more comfortable, sustainable and reliable for the people.

How To Begin With?

Car parking facilities do not just reap benefits for the users but also come with opportunities for the operators. Operators need to identify those opportunities and financial gains that can be obtained from the improvements of parking facilities. As far as the improvements are concerned, it could include a major renovation for the facilities facade or more to the internal layout. Perhaps, it could even be done by utilising the underused areas of the city.

Whether it is about improving an existing car parking area or creating a new one, both ways should lead to a pleasant and user-friendly parking space that can benefit everyone. Besides delivering a better experience, the operators need to consider the safety benefits such as evaluation of driver orientation and auditing of the facility. Essentially, all this should comply with Australian Standards that act as crucial elements in creating a safe parking facility.

Safety compliance is obligatory for car parks to protect both drivers and pedestrians when car park accidents occur frequently. For example, there have been incidents when drivers have lost their spatial orientation while driving through car parks or while reversing their vehicles through insufficient boundary walls. It is necessary that safety barriers and fences, ramps and parking bays are reviewed so that they align well with the modern vehicle sizes and turning circles.

Three Axes Force Sensor For Measurement And Testing Of ForceFor your next car parking project, Three Axes Force Sensor can prove to be a crucial technology that helps in detecting collisions. As the name suggests, the Three Axes Force Sensor from ME Systeme is deployed to measure and test force ±50N, ±200N or ±1000N in three perpendicular axes. The product can provide complete data on the magnitude of the force as well as the direction and component force. The product boasts to have a compact construction with a base corresponding to 120 x 120 mm and a low profile with a height of 30 mm. In addition, the product is manufactured with aluminium that imparts strength and stainless steel that makes it corrosion-resistant. Even the internal wiring of the device is made with a highly adaptable and fine-wired miniature. Apart from its application in automobiles industry, it can be used in Aerospace, Tribology, Test and assembly technology, Sports science and medical technology.

Example Of Innovative Car Parking

Divvy Parking, an innovative car parking startup was found in Australia in 2011 by Nick Austin who quit his job in the financial sector and went creative in making car parking pleasing for the people also efficient and sustainable for the cities.

Divvy Parking has a free app that allows the drivers to look for and book a parking space in commercial buildings that are owned and run by property organisations like TFE Hotels, Knight Frank, Mirvac, and Dexus that in turn gain profits from the digital market for parking.

Through the integration of smart technology, Divvy Parking is helping the drivers connect with empty spaces that can be safely utilised for parking vehicles. In the way, this innovative idea of off-site car parking is contributing to the reduction of traffic congestion in the CBD and disturbance caused due to on-street parking on the roads.

Such innovative car parking systems are vital to the economic well-being of the cities, considering the benefits they can reap. They act as important assets of the modern urban infrastructure, deal with the chaos of traditional car parking while serving as a profitable opportunity for the owners and operators.

EnvoHexGrid™ provides an economical, sustainable, efficient – and eco-friendly – pavement solution for car parking which provides soil stabilisation and enables the introduction of parking spaces in lawns while reducing heat from concrete and bitumen driveways. EnvoHexoGrid is a porous paver manufactured from 100% recycled plastic waste. The product has innumerable benefits that make it a better option than concrete or bitumen. It can be easily installed along driveways, sand dunes, tourist parks, helipads, caravan parks, entertainment parking areas, gold course buggy track, cow lanes and many more. The product can be backfilled either with gravel of different sizes or filled with soil and used as a lawn that can be easily mowed.

With the installation of EnvoHexGrid, one can contribute to reduced urban flooding, sustainable drainage system, underground stormwater storage, 90% reduction in embodied energy etc. The product is compliant with the Standards and resistant to UV while reflecting solubility resistance to acid, alcohol, oil, petrol ammonia, and acid rain. What’s more, with this product your project will be contributing to make the parking area a better place in cities.

Let’s Not Forget The Cycling Trend

Though personal vehicles like cars, public transport like buses and trains are at the centre of mobility in urban environments, nothing can be better than a healthy and eco-friendly bicycle ride to and from our homes. This is the reason we have included the importance of bicycle parking facilities that encourage citizens to opt for a bicycle ride to commute in cities. But there is also a second reason – people of all ages from Australian suburbs are moving into the inner parts of the cities which means travelling distance to their workplaces significantly decreases – making bicycles a convenient option for commutation.

While cycling proves to be an invaluable method of transportation, it is important for cyclists to have convenient, reliable and secure facilities to park bikes. Without good bike parks, especially in high-density areas, cyclists can easily feel discouraged in their choice of transportation.

The Cora Bike Rack For Commercial And Residential AreasFor the same, a bike rack is one of the easiest and most economical ways to create either permanent or temporary parking solutions. Being enthusiastic cyclists themselves, Cora Bike Rack provides an attractive array of styles in bike parking racks to meet the demands of the cycling community. The company includes a wide range of bicycle parking racks like vertical wall mounted racks (saving space), parking rails, multiple parking racks in U-shape, wave, grid, spiral etc.

Cora Bike Rack has bicycle parking solutions applicable indoors, outdoors in commercial as well as residential areas. The Expo Series of the company is available in 4 sizes from 3 to 10 bicycle parking spaces with a choice of 3 finishes which are galvanised, colour and 316 stainless steel. Cora Bike Rack understands the requirements of bike parking facilities in different environments and hence develops solutions that are compliant with the local Australian Standards. All its products have been tested and verified by Ecospecifier as compliant with Global Green Building Rating Schemes and Australian Standards. All the more, Cora Bike Rack can provide expert recommendations to guide you through the new standards in the country ensuring your parking project is a success.

ProjectLink has the necessary tools and solutions to meet the existing demands of car parking in cities. Now it is time for you to implement!

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Innovative Parking Facilities Can Deal With The Urban Chaos


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