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Why the Use of Mine Site Equipment Becomes a Necessity for Every Workplace

How to Establish Safety Standards with Mining Equipment?

Mining operations pose great risks to workers safety and health that’s why it is considered as one of the most dangerous and hazardous industries. There are various risks involved from minor accidents to health hazards. With the proper usage of Mining equipment, automated mining techniques, and better mine engineering one can significantly reduce the risks involved and establish safety standards. While taking a proactive approach and proper usage of mine site equipment one can mitigate the risk involved.

Let’s first look at the risks which are involved in mining sites.

Risk Involved:

  • Cave-ins are one of the most common underground mining accidents that take place due to unsecured underground mine shaft walls and ceilings. It can also be caused due to the gradual sinking of land and cracks in the shaft floor. Cracks in floors and walls weaken the structure hence; resulting into Cave-ins.
  • Mine workers are often exposed to harmful chemicals. Gas explosion in a coal mine or chemical leakage. When these chemicals are not stored properly and miners don’t follow safety practices then accidents happen. These chemicals can cause long-term damages. One of such chemicals is radon which is a radioactive gas which can cause lung cancer if one consumes it for a longer duration of time.
  • Half of the mining injuries result in employees taking time off, this includes back injuries from shoveling and lifting, as well as slips and falls. It can be caused due to floods which can come in both underground and above-ground mining sites. Floods come because of uncontrolled surface runoff and thus compromise the stability of pitfall. It thus kills and injures minders.
  • Equipment, including crushers, drills, and engines, create noise can cause short-term or permanent hearing loss. It can also cause eardrum rupture and compromised speech.
  • Dust inhalation or coal dust is one of the most common problems for miners. Generally methane gas buildup is a serious cause of worry for miners. Thus dust buildup can cause pneumococcus which is an irreversible disease. It can also cause black lung disease and scarring of lungs. Nobody can forget the Couriers accident which was the worst mine disaster in Europe. It was caused due to dust and methane and killed approximately 1099 people in Northern France in 1906.
  • Problem of Electrocution. Miners use heavy electrical equipment like machines, drills, and lightning. Heavy electrical equipment worn plugs and cables can cause electrocution. Electrocution is a death or serious injury which is caused by electric shocks and currents.

Now, let’s see the methods by which we can reduce the risks and miners can lead a risk-free life. By following these methods a miner can avoid some risks. These methods are not only for individuals but also for the organizations which are employing them.

Methods to Reduce the Risk

  • Make sure Hazard Signage is highly visible and installed at the proper position.
  • Working at different heights like mine mountains requires proper fall protection system like ladders and scaffolds are needed. Miners should use these fall protection system to reduce the risks involved.
  • Proper ventilation and alarm systems or sensors should be installed to detect toxic fumes. Make sure you have a regularly scheduled maintenance and testing plan for such equipment. These mining sites and coal mining equipment should be monitored on a regular basis to look for any kind of faults that can cause sparks and explosions.
  • Personal Protective Equipment should be used and Manufacturers of PPE should have significant improvements in the materials they use according to the need. They should be of appropriate size so that miner won’t feel discomfort while wearing them.
  • Ensure equipment like locking clip and Hydraulic Jacks and other protective devices are maintained in good condition to be used at the time of need. Maintenance is very necessary if we want to avoid these kinds of risks.
  • Blasting tools are considered an essential part of the mining industry and used to break down and fracture materials. These tools should be monitored so that they don’t lead to loss of life.

Project Link has the comprehensive list of professional Mining Equipment that can be used at workplaces to reduce the risk and minimize the workload. Let’s look at some of them because safety at work should not be compromised.

1. Monster Mining ChocksMonster Mining chocks to Hold Haul Trucks

It is designed by SM Safety and its MC 1900 series is the strongest and one of the most reliable chocks for the toughest applications. These are quite lightweight but can hold really big stuff like trucks. They are not affected by Oils, Fuels and any other kind of solvents. You can explore more about these chunks here.

2. Spring Locking Clip

This clip is for rod lock refractory anchor. It can be used by the arm of a rod lock anchor which is held in a place by jamming the interfacing surfaces between the lug slots. The first engagement will depress the metal slightly and if it is reengaged more than once then the lock is weakened. It holds in a position which is a completely loosened anchored position. One can explore more about this here.

3. Mammut Air Hydraulic Jacks

Presently accessible in up to 150T limit, the Mammut air water powered jacks easily take care of lifting the heaviest vehicles. The range incorporates 60-150T limit units with two and three phase adjustable lift which permits a low crumbled stature yet introduces an extraordinary measure of stroke. It has self-fixing pneumatic tires and high leeway for use on a coarse landscape. Mammut jacks are fitted with a peaceful air/water powered pump, however can likewise be worked by associating a hand or electric pump, when the air is inaccessible. Extras accessible incorporate expansions, a remote control for safe separation task and security stack bolster squares and holders.
Mammut Heavy Duty Vehicle Air Hydraulic Jack
Mammut jacks, similar to all Larzep items, are completely repairable, with saving parts supplied through our across the country system of wholesalers. The Mammut go incorporates five models at four limits: 60, 80 (two-stroke choices), 100 and 150 ton. Where a lower limit is required, Larzep’s HN Series Air Service Jacks are accessible in limits in the vicinity of 15 and 80 ton. One can explore more here. One can explore more about this here.

4. DT Airlegs

It has Double Telescopic Smooth Independent Control Robust Lightweight DT Airlegs which are strong and yet lightweight with long twofold adjustable feed augmentations. Their ideal execution underway and advancement mining have set the ‘business standard’ for significant mining organizations over various years. Smooth, free feed control, control helped push catch withdrawal and since quite a while ago feed expansions permit quick and simple capturing, back openings, penetrating and less repositioning in both little and huge cross-segments for expanded administrator security and comfort while giving enhanced execution. One can explore more about this here.

Thus, now we have seen numerous ways how to reduce risks associated with mining. Please follow all the ways to reduce all kind of hazards. Have a healthy life !!

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Why the Use of Mine Site Equipment Becomes a Necessity for Every Workplace


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