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Innovative Covered Walkways and Canopies for your Outdoor Architecture

What are the uses of covered walkways?

Covered walkways and canopies not only add functionality to your Outdoor design but also increase its aesthetic value. The design of the covered walkway and choice of canopies can revolutionise the outdoor architecture. Innovation in this field has made them lightweight and cost-effective.

The Shelter solutions are not only ideal for outdoor architecture instead, they are also useful in making secure areas such as outdoor educational space in a school, a shaded playground, park shelter, waiting area and more.

These serve many purposes like providing connectivity between the existing buildings to the facilities. These solutions serve as an economical alternative to traditional construction and at the same time help in beautifying the vicinity. All these creative Shelter Solutions have many purposes to serve which may not be evident but are essential.

Listed below are some of the essential solutions and advantages these shelter solutions provide:

1. Protection from Weather

As per the Bureau of Meteorology, Australian region gets one of the highest level of harmful UV rays, exposure to which may lead to health ailments such as skin cancer. An appropriate sun protection is necessary if one is under direct contact with the sun for a prolonged period. A simple sun protection measure such as covered walkway would safeguard from the harmful effects of direct sun exposure. Apart from UV rays protection, a covered walkway also provides the shield from other harsh weather conditions too. Walking the short distance from buildings to the parking areas can become extremely difficult in unfavourable weather situations. The walkways give excellent protective coverage to the area that links building and facilities. They are very durable and made to withstand Australia’s all weather conditions.

2. Extensions and Safe Area

Advantages of Shelter SolutionsOutdoor architecture makes use of these shelter solutions to create safe play areas for kids. For large playgrounds and parks, a shade from the tree and other natural sources may not be adequate.

Protective shield such as shade sails and structures in these areas will allow kids to enjoy the outdoors without being worried about the harsh effects of the sun or rain. They are the best option for creating small shade area near a swimming pool and other outdoor living space too.

These solutions can help in extending an existing structure. Many times, space in the gymnasium is underutilised, as young kids do not need access to all the equipment for their physical activities. A covered extended space can give these young children a secured space that they need for the activities. If a school wants to extend its gymnasium space, the management can explore the possibilities that these sun shelters can offer.

3. Promotes Eco-friendly Mode of Transportation

Often due to hard weather conditions, one chooses driving a car over an eco-friendly mode of transportation such as cycling or walking. The flexible design of these walkways helps to create an environment that encourages people to walk.

The ease of parking and securing a bike will encourage people to choose an eco-friendly mode of transportation. The versatility of these products provides the flexibility to form any kind of structures. They provide secure shelter structure like Bike shelter. Modern cover walkway products are a brilliant option to separate the motorised traffic area with cyclist and pedestrian walking area. They are easy to keep up and long lasting.

4. Saves Construction Cost

The innovative use of these products has provided a cost-effective alternative to the traditional construction. Sidewalks, patios, windows can get the sunshade without constructing concrete shade structures. Shade structures such as Canopies and Awnings can be attached to the wall and retractable when not needed. Apart from being available in various colours and frame, these can withstand all Australian weather conditions making it a perfect solution to cover outdoor learning area for students. They are a popular shelter option due to their low cost and maintenance.

5. Lower Maintenance

One must wisely choose the shelter solutions as each shelter option comes with its own set of problems. Be it difficulty in cleaning, protection from damage over time, or maintenance. Integration of advanced designs in these structures has made it easy to install and maintain. The amalgamation of advanced materials with conducive designs prevent them from corrosion and help withstand other harsh conditions, which improve the durability of these structures. The designs have made it easier to clean and maintain, which is why they are used in a variety of settings such as hospitals and schools to keep people safe from various elements such as sun, rain, dirt storms etc.

6. Perfect For Business and Short Term Projects

Portable Shelter StructuresOutdoor shelter solutions offer cost-effective, portable and modular structures for business and short-term projects. A short-term project or a construction site has to incur the additional cost of building conventional site offices. Construction of a temporary portable shelter structure can reduce that cost to a fraction. The inflatable modular shelters are self-erected. These standalone units can stay inflated for months with no maintenance. The ease and portability make them ideal for locations such as emergency response site, workshops etc.

Grain Covers have become an accepted and popular method for providing on-farm temporary storage of grain. To shield grains during short-term storage at harvesting site or in between transportation, bunker covers are an ideal option. The bunker cover comes in different materials that can suit different storage conditions.

7. Portable with Temperature Control

Portable shelter solutions are convenient for social purposes like small or large gatherings. The wide variety of portable sun shade and umbrellas protect the outdoors from wind, sun, rain, and cold. This innovative technology system can control the ambient temperature with humidity sensors and water filter pump to cool things down by 10 degree Celsius (18 Fahrenheit). The umbrellas come with heating and cooling option along with the flexibility to choose from a range of shapes and sizes. Restaurants and cafes can offer beautiful outdoor sitting areas with climate control ambience for their customers.

Do explore the innovative covered walkways and canopies for your outdoor architecture needs of home and businesses. If you are working on a new construction project or planning to add some special element to your outdoors, here are some really good covered walkway options and canopies that you can consider.

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Innovative Covered Walkways and Canopies for your Outdoor Architecture


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