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Rubber Flooring: The New Trend in Commercial Buildings

Rubber flooring - The hottest trend in commercial buildings

The aesthetics of a building are not only measured by its architecture, but also by the details of the interiors. An eye-catching part of the interiors of any building is its Flooring. Since the flooring plays a big role in the look and function of the building, the emphasis is laid on the correct selection of the same.

Based on the requirement, the flooring of a building may vary from wooden panels to recycled carpets. One of the new flooring trends in the selection of flooring for a building is the use of Rubber Flooring.

Rubber flooring falls under sustainable flooring. It is sustainable because it does not make wasteful use of material and resources. Moreover, Rubber flooring is very easy to install. It is cost effective and there is a large variety in the same. It is also easy to manufacture, store and maintain. It is at the same time, longer lasting.

Rubber flooring and rubber floor mats are made of either natural or synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is extracted from the rubber tree. It is then processed further to add on to strength and resilience. Flooring is made using this material. These days, a compound called styrene-butadiene rubber or SBR is widely being used in the rubber flooring industry. This general purpose synthetic rubber is apt for flooring purposes. Rubber floor mats can be made using SBR which are perfect for flooring purposes. As we know that the rubber flooring is very easy to install, these SBR floorings can be installed and maintained easily.

Details of Styrene Butadiene Rubber and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

Rubber flooring tiles and mats offer value and beauty for the long-termSBR is manufactured by the process of copolymerization of one part of styrene and three parts of butadiene. You might be familiar with the use of SBR in the tires of vehicles. Lately, the use of SBR for rubber flooring has increased. The rubber flooring is also made by recycling the tires and removing the unwanted impurities such as metal pieces, fibers etc from the scrap. This is later on turned into rubber flooring tiles and mats. The SBR flooring gives a considerable vibration reduction and an effective sound insulation. It is known to be resistant to cigarette burns and marks. It is also resistant to fading. Rubber flooring tiles and mats can be given colours with the use of dyes and pigments.

Another material that is used for rubber flooring is ethylene propylene diene monomer, better known as EPDM. This is a synthetic organic elastomer. When it is cured, it displays properties similar or better than those of the natural rubber. Features like durability, flexibility, stability of colour and wear and tear play an important role in making EPDM a good choice for flooring applications. To control these qualities, additives are used. The colour of EPDM is based on a selection of some inorganic pigments and a few organic dyes.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring

  1. Strength
    What sets rubber flooring apart from the restRubber floor tiles are strong. SBR and EPDM prove to be a strong flooring product. These tiles can easily withstand heavy weight without any sign of distortion or breakage.
  2. Static Resistant and Sound Absorbency
    SBR rubber flooring displays static resistance property. It does not allow current to pass through it. This property makes it safe and ideal for use in places like hospitals, schools etc. These flooring products also have a good sound absorbency property. This property helps this product find its uses in various commercial and non-commercial buildings.
  3. Anti-Slip
    The rubber flooring is designed in a way that it offers great grip while walking over it. Slip-resistant flooring is specifically designed for spaces such as gym, swimming pools, schools, hospitals etc. Even if the flooring is wet, it still offers a good grip.
  4. Dimensional Stability
    The rubber flooring mats and tiles are dimensionally stable. WIth increased weight or pressure and continuous use for years, these flooring products do not lose shape. This property makes it easy to maintain and it lasts long.
  5. Water Resistant
    The SBR and EPDM flooring is resistant to water. It retains the water on the surface. This can be cleaned. The flooring does not absorb water or other liquid.
  6. Longer Lasting
    The rubber flooring is durable, resilient and requires very low maintenance. These and other properties that it exhibits, make it last longer than other flooring options. This makes it a good choice for various applications.
  7. Resistant to Impact
    This flooring is resistant to impact. This means that a strong impact or pressure on the flooring will not compress or break the flooring. This makes it ideal for use in gyms. This property saves the flooring from developing depressions along with the use over the years.
  8. Resistant to Burns and Spills
    The SBR and EPDM rubber flooring is resistant to chemical spills and burns from a cigarette or other means. The material is inert in nature and does not react to chemicals or other substances that may accidentally spill on it. Cigarette butts also do not leave any mark on the surface of these flooring tiles or mats.
  9. Stain-Resistant
    This flooring is resistant to stains. Since it does not absorb any liquids and can be cleaned easily, it does not stain.
  10. Homogenous
    The rubber floor tiles, mats and rubber rolls are homogeneous in nature. This means that it does have uneven surface or patches and areas of different compounds of the SBR or EPDM rubber. The rubber compound is evenly mixed and set into desirable flooring products.
  11. Safe for Health and Environment
    This rubber flooring is safe for health and environment. It does not have any ill-effect on either. SInce it is made from recycled material, it is safe for use in any building.
  12. Uniformity of Colour
    Rubber flooring offers a uniform colour. You will not observe any patches of condensed colour in it. The colour is evenly present on it. At the same time, you will not experience discolouration or fading of this flooring with time and use.
  13. Easy Maintenance
    This flooring is very easy to maintain and this is attributed to properties such as anti-absorbency, homogeneity, burn and spill resistance. You only need to follow the basic maintenance instructions given by the manufacturer. It does not require much time, effort or money to maintain this flooring.
  14. Recyclable
    The rubber flooring tiles and mats can be easily recycled. It can be used as rubber crumb for decorative purposes, landscaping mulch or for playground surfacing. This way it does not have an adverse effect on the environment and can be reused. There are many other options that this rubber flooring finds its use when it needs to be recycled.
  15. Absence of PVC
    In case, you are unable to recycle the rubber flooring mats or tiles, it can be disposed of in the landfills. The absence of PVC means that it does not contain dioxins, halogens or plasticizers. These are harmful to the groundwater. No PVC means, these harmful substances do not get seeped into the groundwater.

New flooring trends put to use the rubber flooring in many areas. Pertaining to the easy rubber flooring installation, this flooring is high in demand. It finds its use in schools, gym, hospitals and other commercial areas. The properties that rubber flooring tiles and mats have, make it the best choice to be used as a flooring option in such buildings. Rubber flooring is also being used in cafeterias and commercial kitchens as it offers non-absorbent and anti-slip properties.

These can also be installed successfully in restrooms, below-grade basements and garages. Rubber flooring does not encourage the growth of molds and fungi easily. However, in a couple of years, it requires cleaning and maintenance in such areas. As a whole, it proves to be a useful flooring option.

ProjectLink has an array of options for rubber flooring. Below are some of the best options to take into consideration for your project:

1. Classic Rubber Floor Covering

Slip-resistant and hard-wearing rubber flooring. Ideal for high-traffic areasThese rubber rolls can be installed in a variety of buildings. These are anti-slip, stain resistant and easy to clean. These are environment-friendly at every stage of its life-cycle. These are available in a range of attractive colours.

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2. Grain Rubber Flooring Covering

This rubber floor cover is strong and flexible. It absorbs sound. These properties offer a great range of use for this product. It is smooth on the surface with granules of various colours. The product is approved by various international standards for quality and integrity. A range of colours are available for you to select from.

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3. Granito Rubber Floor Covering

This rubber flooring is easy to clean and maintain. SInce the company offers a wide range of colours for this product, it can be used not only in office surroundings but also in cafeterias, eating joints, schools etc.

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4. Kayar Rubber Floor Covering

The right commercial flooring for your space. It is durable, strong and safe for the environmentThis rubber floor cover is durable and strong. The manufacturer makes it available in many colours, patterns as well as textures. It allows one to get creative and use this floor cover in any kind of building or interiors.

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5. Spectrum High Impact Sports Flooring

This rubber flooring is apt for application in running tracks, gyms and ice-skating arenas. The rubber rolls are strong and slip-resistant. These also offer a great resistance to impact thus making it perfect for use in gyms and weight-lifting areas. It can be put to use in many other places as well.

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Rubber Flooring: The New Trend in Commercial Buildings


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