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Latest Developments in Building Fire Detection and Protection Systems

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Recent advances in fire detection and protection systems

Every building whether commercial or residential require Fire alarms and protection systems. The residents or staff must be aware of the fire risks in their building and measures available to counter fire in case of any emergency.

A fire detection is something which can help in sensing smoke, excessive heat, fire and raise an alarm for building residents or staff to take appropriate measures, evacuate the premises and take proper steps in controlling the fire. Fire alarm systems are crucial to give quick warning to its occupants when a fire occurs and evacuate the building.

The technology advancement in this field has led to many smart and innovative products which are capable of detecting fire or smoke at a much lesser time. They not only help in alarming and controlling the situation but also suppressing it instantly without creating any further losses.

Some of the technologies are mentioned below:

1. Water Mist System

Water mist systems provide effective fire extinguishmentLike the name suggests, it uses the most common element Water to subdue the fire. It is basically an advanced stage of typical water sprinkler systems. The technology uses fine mists instead of large cannons of water. It is stated that mist has more capacity to absorb heat than large water droplets.

Mist can help in lowering the temperature and cooling down fire faster than the direct throw of water. Also, water may damage the property or equipment but mist use is appropriate while dealing with electrical fires or other such devices which may get damaged by direct water use.

Victaulic Vortex Hybrid Water Mist Systems is suitable for controlling fires in both small rooms and large spaces with natural ventilation. Its droplet size is less than 10 microns which are nearly 100 times smaller than water particles in the usual high-pressure water mist system. This gives an improved heat absorption of up to 50% and zero water residue leaving negligible water damage once the fire is curbed. The inerting effects of nitrogen gas and water droplets are forced with enough energy making it far better of the traditional water mist system.

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2. Video Image Smoke Detection

Video Image Smoke Detection - An effective detection technologyAccording to this technology smoke and fire is detected visually from the point it’s originated. Also, it can sense the gravity of fire and send the alarm. It focuses on a spot and is suitable for large areas like an oil refinery, forests and indoor areas with high ceilings.

Signifire Video Imaging Detection system can help in visually recognizing fire and smoke even through a long distance irrespective of airflow in the area. The system is based on video analytics technology which helps in smoke detection and video surveillance particularly in open spaces at a reasonable cost.

It can detect fire within seconds, raise fire alarms and inform security personnel about any kind of emergency. The digital recording of video surveillance can help in in future investigation and safety measures. The system is arranged with the help of an advanced IP Network Video Recorder (NVR) platform.

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3. Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging System

Integrated Voice Evacuation System - The new standard for safe evacuationThe voice evacuation and messaging system act like an alarm in case of fire emergency. They are pre-recorded messages giving instructions and guidance about the right way for evacuating the premises in case of emergency.

They have sensors which make them respond instantly to any hint of fire or smoke in the building. They are suitable for homes, small workplaces, and big buildings.

MSR PolyGard Cellar Alarm is suitable for monitoring of any Co2 leaking and warns people if the level goes up for toxic Co2 beyond the prescribed limit.

The relay outputs of alarm can be used to activate audio-video alarms or shutting off gas supply solenoid valves or turning on ventilation fans to release the toxic Co2.

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4. Fire Sprinkler System

It is a prominent method of fire protection across both commercial and residential buildings. It works wherein glass bulb sprinkler head spray water in the room as soon as the maximum heat reaches the bulb and shatters it. Nowadays there are early suppression fast response sprinkler systems available in the market which are very effective for high piled storage. They don’t require the use of in rack sprinklers in rack storage which helps in averting any water discharge from sprinklers due to a fault, rupture or accidental hit by any item.

Unlike traditional sprinkler system, they don’t control the fire but suppress it also. They use large volumes of water ranging 100 gallons per minute per sprinkler and for this, they require large water supplies and installation of fire pumps.

5. Sound Wave Fire Extinguisher

Sound Wave Fire Extinguisher - A new fire extinguishing technique


The device works best for small fires occurring at the house or small setting. It does not use any coolant like water, chemical but uses sound waves to segregate burning fuel from Oxygen.

It is a hand-held device and cost around $600. Advancements are made to make its use feasible for large fire emergencies with the help of drones.

6. Personalized Voice Smoke Alarms

Voice alarms are common in fire supply market but the ones where one can record the warning measures in their own personal voice would be more beneficial especially in households with kids. Many times children keep sleeping while alarms run out. Through personalized voice alarms, parents can give proper instructions to their children in terms of directions, safety measures and a familiar voice would make them more at ease.

Fire incidents can happen anywhere irrespective of all the precautions maintained at any given place. However, with newer and smarter technology the magnitude of situation and losses can be reduced. Early detection of smoke and heat, instant alarm system with necessary evacuation guidelines, fire control and suppressing equipment can help in keeping the safety of people abreast and losses minimal.

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Latest Developments in Building Fire Detection and Protection Systems


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