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Maintenance Tips to Keep your Construction Equipment in Operation

Top maintenance tips to extend construction equipment life and ROI

The Construction industry is an ever growing industry. The compass of construction industry stretches from houses and buildings to public spaces and transportation system. This industry stands on the pillars of specializations like architecture, civil and environmental engineering, construction management, industrial design and manufacturing, landscaping design, interior design and planning, financial management etc. Each of these sections put to use construction Equipment and machinery that aid in the process of construction. Therefore the maintenance of these heavy machinery becomes important.

When the Construction Equipment are regularly checked and maintained, they last longer in comparison to those that have not been serviced often. Regular maintenance of heavy machinery reduces the repair costs, increases the longevity of the machinery and adds resale value if you intend to sell it. Operating cost is also important while running these machines. Construction machinery require fuel or electricity to run. Heavy duty equipment run on fuel of some kind. When these equipment are not up-to-date, these will use more fuel and energy than usual. This increases the operating cost. So, in order to reduce the cost of operation, regular maintenance and servicing of these construction equipment is required.

Construction equipment maintenance tips can be divided into sections. Each section is based on suggestions about how to improve the work quality of the construction equipment and how to reduce the overall cost.

A. Follow the Maintenance Schedule of the Construction Equipment

On purchase of any heavy machinery or construction equipment, you get a rule book or an instruction manual. This manual lists down in detail how to assemble and use the equipment. This manual also lists down the maintenance tips for these construction equipment.

It is essential to follow these tips as this will ensure a smooth running of the machinery. The maintenance tips on the manual are designed in such a way that if followed will lead to the equipment working in optimal conditions. Therefore, for a long run of any heavy machinery, one must stick to these steps for maintenance.

B. Set a Routine and Adhere to it

During construction, different types of construction equipment are put to use daily. The construction manager should set a team of workers who run checks over the construction equipment before and after use at regular intervals in a week or daily. This not only reduces chances of accidents but also helps you to pinpoint any problem in the running of the machinery.  Once you have the root cause of the problem, the machinery can be repaired accordingly. Another advantage of regular maintenance is that resale value of the heavy machinery does not drop considerably. So when you are planning to resell it, you will get a good value for your efforts and initial investment.

C. Have your Own Set of Guidelines and Rules

Have your own set of guidelines and rules to maintain your construction equipmentConstruction equipment maintenance tips should also include maintenance procedures based on your experiences with the machine and equipment. The operating environment of the construction equipment may not be the same everywhere. Based on these requirements, the maintenance procedure will vary. Hence it becomes essential for the person who is operating the machinery to study the machinery from the point of view of the area it is being used in.

It may differ from place to place and function to function. For instance, a certain place will have fine soil while the soil in other areas may be loamy or the air may be polluted enough to have conduct the maintenance procedures more often in comparison to other regions.

D. Use it Wisely

While working with heavy machinery, it is advised to use it carefully and with proper safety procedures. The construction equipment costs may differ from one equipment to other but keeping it workable and functioning well helps get you a good value when it is resold.

Classification of Construction Equipment:

On a large scale, the construction equipment can be divided into 4 sub categories. These are based on their functionality. These are as follows:

  • Construction Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Earth Moving Equipment

ProjectLink has an array of all the above construction equipment. Based on purpose, each category has a multiple choice of equipment to pick up from. Let’s take a look at each category and the construction equipment maintenance tips to go along with it:

Boost productivity and improve operational efficiency with construction vehiclesA. Construction Vehicles

Construction Vehicles are designed to undertake construction related tasks effortlessly. These heavy machines are operated by a professional trained to do so.

There are different types of construction vehicles that are used for different construction related jobs. Some machines are used to move large construction materials yet others are used to level the ground.

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B. Construction Equipment

Make your project more efficient and functional with quality construction equipmentUnder this category, heavy duty equipment fall that are designed to assist in the tasks related to construction process. Construction equipment may be used to dig large quantities of earth or for applications in mining processes, military processes, petroleum etc.

These equipment consist of parts that can gauge various factors at a time and offer you a desired result such as the foundation depth, earthquakes, rockfalls, landslides etc. Many such equipment are put to use in construction investigation.

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C. Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment advantagesMaterial handling equipment are put to use for storage of material. It is also helpful when large quantity of material needs to be moved from one place to another. Storage under controlled environment and protection of the material is another aspect that it cover.

It may be further categorised into storage equipment, unit load formation equipment, transport equipment and positioning equipment. Heavy machinery such as cranes, conveyors and trucks fall under this category.

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D. Earth Moving Equipment

Find a comprehensive range of earth moving equipment for excavation or demolition workConstruction processes regularly require earthworks. Digging foundations for buildings, moving large amounts of earth from one place to another, landscaping etc are some of the jobs that require earth moving equipment. Excavators, loaders and tractors of various kinds fall under this category.

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Each of the above category of heavy machinery comes with maintenance tips that should be followed as a regular practice. While each equipment is a heavy duty equipment and can be put to use for hours of work, you need to remember that overusing the equipment may damage the internal parts of the machinery. This may increase the repair cost over the construction equipment cost and may decrease the life of your machinery.

Every machine comes with a manual of instructions. For such heavy machinery, special training is given to the individuals who would be handling them. Without a proper training and experience, handling such equipment may increase the risk of accidents and damage the machinery.

It is essential to know the complete detail of a certain construction equipment that is being put to use in the construction process. Each equipment is designed for a specific job or set of jobs. One needs to know and be able to differentiate amongst the various kinds of equipment in order to make use of it correctly.

The right use of heavy machinery is important in order to prevent damage to the equipment. With routine checks before and after the use of the equipment, it is crucial to store these equipment in the right place and under the right conditions. Following these steps will be useful for the working of the equipment and keep a good resale value for these heavy machinery.

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Maintenance Tips to Keep your Construction Equipment in Operation


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