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Transform Your Garden With Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting ideas for your garden, pool and outdoor spaces

The most attractive part of a house is usually the Garden. And, if your garden and the outdoor space is well illuminated, then you sure would be the most envied property owner in your locality. You do not necessarily have to have a green thumb to develop a great outdoor area. A landscape designer, a gardener and some good lighting will do the job.

The concept of landscape lighting is growing these days and we often hear a lot about having a well-maintained outdoor space. People are taking interest in turning their outdoor space into an ideal evening barbecue spot or a comfortable seating area with the help of landscaping. Fact is that good Landscape Lighting Ideas can completely change the look of the place.

Landscaping is gaining an important place in the process of construction of a house. Including the house plan, landscape designers and architects provide a detailed outdoor plan as well. Questions like which trees are to be planted, what area is covered by the shrubs, where does the rose bush finds it’s place, which flowers are to be planted along the pathway, is the seating by the pool side or is the pond to be surrounded by lavender… might be very common. But all these are covered during the conceptual stage. Renovations of outdoor spaces are conducted too.

Landscaping reveals its importance in the modification of the outdoors around a building and in doing so lighting plays a major role.

Good illumination ensures the following:
  • Aesthetics
  • Enhances the features and flare and fauna
  • Provides safety and security
  • Provides accessibility
  • Helpful for recreational activities after sundown

Let’s take a look at the types of outdoor lighting that can be used to enhance your garden spaces. With the help of ProjectLink, you can get detailed information about these lights:

Old and rusty lanterns to enhance the vintage theme of gardens1. The Old-Style Lanterns

Lanterns carry a vintage romantic feel to it and that is reflected in the spot where it is installed. Lanterns can be placed in porches, along the poolside or by the rose bush near a garden bench. These add a touch of elegant sophistication to the area you place these lanterns at. Landscape lighting ideas using lanterns are applied to theme based outdoors.

Unlike the traditional lanterns, the latest ones use LED light bulbs that are environment friendly. These lanterns have various types of electric fixtures that you can select as per your requirement. Add lanterns to your existing garden design and the overall look of the place will get enhanced.

Here are links to some latest lanterns available »

Illuminate the outdoor pathways with attractive exterior lighting2…A Light On My Path

Gardens and backyards have walkways. To beautify these, people plant flowers or shrubs along the pathway. This serves the purpose during daylight but after sun-down, lighting is essential. The use of illumination on the pathways is to ensure safety. If you select the right kind of garden lights, these pathways will be a feast to look at while you take a walk.

Outdoor lighting like the up-lights put your driveway or garden paths in a breathtaking light. This type of light uses LED light bulbs. Lights like Cree Edge are also an example of pathway lights. This light has a multiple height option. The height can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Some pathway lighting options are »

Install downlight at heights to mimic the Moon in the garden3. Under The Moon “Light”

Lights that mimic the moonlight seem to be a great idea for people who live in a crowded neighbourhood. The moonlight effect can be achieved using the downlight. The lights are installed at a height so that the light illuminates a larger area. These lights are available in high colour rendering index (CRI) and high lumen. These lights can be used to light up sitting area or even in pool landscaping.

Check out some options for downlight here »

4. Drama In The Garden

Yet another type of outdoor lighting is the shadow lighting. Shadow lighting involves the use of lighting with an object in front of the light. This casts a shadow of the object in front of the light onto the feature the lights are aimed at. The shadow of the object creates drama thus turning your humble backyard into a luxurious expanse of lively outdoor. The object that are used in front of the light can be trees or other vegetation in your garden or even cut-out designs.

Find the right shadow lights for your garden »

Pool landscaping with lighting5. Lights In The Pool

As the name suggests, there are lights that can be installed in pools, ponds, fountains, constructed waterfalls etc. These lights are designed in such a way that these can be installed on the walls or floor of a pool or fountain. It lights up the water body from within thus giving it a lively appearance during the night. It adds on to the aesthetic aspect. Pool lights are often used in pool landscaping.

See the options for pool lights here »

So how do we go about it?

1. Conceptualise

While planning the refurbishment of the outdoors, illumination is one of the first point you look at. Before you begin, you need to figure out the purpose of illumination in your garden. Lighting requirements for the purpose of a casual backyard and garden will differ according to the needs. A pool landscaping will have different lighting requirements and lighting up the pathways will use certain other lighting styles.

Seating areas need to be well lit in comparison to a pathway or a fish pond which will look great in diffused lighting.The cost of the project has to be estimated at this point to see whether it sets in your budget. Electricity supply lines have to kept in mind too. Lights can only be placed where electricity supply lines are present and there is no risk of leakage of electricity. You need to know which type of illumination will suit the area best.

Light and shadow effect with antique lamps2. Put it on paper

What is in your imagination, has to be on papers. This means, the conceptualisation of your garden area has to turn into a blueprint. In order to make this blueprint, you need to make a flat-sketch of your garden with each and every small detail. This includes all sorts of vegetation present in your garden, pathways, seating if any, existing lights etc. This flat-sketch will help you with the new garden design.

Based on all this groundwork, you are ready to transform your garden space into a magical evening spot. The installation of these lights are done with the help of landscape designers and electricians. There are many landscape lighting ideas that can change the most mundane backyards into an inviting party space.

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Transform Your Garden With Landscape Lighting


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