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Never under estimate the influence of Car batteries

Your car gets started with the help of Battery as the car battery’s whole and sole purpose is to start the engine. It is also called SLI – starting, lighting and ignition. Without car battery you cannot even start your vehicle.

It supplies the extra power to the starter and ignition system to start the engine. They also supply the extra power that is required in case the vehicle’s electrical load surpasses the supply from the charging system. In other words it acts as the voltage stabilizer in the electrical system.

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Car batteries can influence your vehicle to a great extent. A poor battery can reduce the performance and fuel efficiency of your car and can cause poor car mileage. Following are the effects the car battery can have on your vehicle.

  • Weak car battery can minimize the engine performance. The main effect is on the alternator, which runs flat and thus fuel consumption is increased due to incomplete ignition.
  • Performance of the vehicle depends on the efficiency of the car battery. Poor battery gives poor car performance.
  • Weather has great influence on car batteries. The colder the weather, the harder car batteries is required. Batteries are rated in sync to their Amp hours and Cold cranking Amps (CCA) and CCA is the power that turns the engine on in sufficiently cold conditions. So for a small capacity engine, battery with high CCA is futile.
  • Harm to charging system: Say if you have weak ankle, you tend to put more weight on the healthy one same goes with battery. If your car battery is weak, your car ends up putting pressure on healthy parts, which in turn affects the charging system, starter motor or starter solenoid. And all the above parts can malfunction as excessive voltage is drawn to make up the lack of battery power.
  • Long lasting performance: Choice of good car battery is required for long lasting performance and good quotient of satisfaction.
  • Cheap brand: Going for cheap brand and costing your vehicle’s performance is certainly not an intelligent task. Instead opting for quality brands that lasts longer and give good performance etc is definitely the best option to go for.
  • Going for the right one: Opt for the battery based on the size of your vehicle engine. A battery that fits with your driving needs and your car will give optimum performance and vice versa.

Car batteries are in fact the ignition and start up of any car. It supplies required current to the starter motor and the ignition system while cranking starts the engine. Also when there is rise in the demand, it is the car battery that supplies additional current if the alternator cannot supply the current and in a way it acts as an electric reservoir.

Another feature of battery is that it is used in stabilizing, filtering and also provides the needed power for ignition, electrical lighting and other car accessories. It also has the capacity to maintain the electric flow of charging system when it is not operating.

All in all car batteries have great influence on your vehicle. So never under estimate them!!

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Never under estimate the influence of Car batteries


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