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6 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Condition

Perform regular maintenance checks on your dream car if you want to enhance its efficiency and safety. To extend its life; it’s essential for you to keep it in tip-top condition all year round. It’s not only crucial to have your vehicle checked by a well-trained and experienced mechanic at regular intervals, but you should also learn the art of handling it properly.

If you use it in the right way, you can Avoid damaging its parts to a great extent. Whether you talk about clutch, brakes, tyres, steering wheel or engine, you can enhance their lives by honing your driving skills and handling your car with a bit more care.

Here are some simple and easy to follow maintenance tips to keep your car running at its best as long as you want.

Don’t Speed Up Your Car in The Break-In Period

Follow the speed limit recommended in the owner’s manual during the break-in period. Generally, it’s advisable to maintain a speed of approximately 55-to-60 mph for the first 1000-to-1200 miles. However, if you go beyond it, chances are you might confront a problem. The reason you need to avoid speeding up your car, in the beginning, is that its parts require some time to adjust before they start performing effectively.

Don’t Load Your Car Too Much

It’s never a good idea to drive a heavily loaded car because that puts a lot of stress on its parts, thereby causing wear and tear on them. Don’t pack the boot space and the luggage carrier on the roof with heavy items; otherwise, it will put too much stress on tyres.

Avoid Idling

If you have to wait at any place for more than 10-15 seconds while driving a car, then it’s better to turn off your engine because idling is bad for your engine and the environment.

So make sure that that you turn your engine off at traffic signals, traffic jams, and while waiting for your kids outside the school. Restarting is way too better than idling, not only because it puts less stress on your engine, but it also saves the environment from getting polluted.

Idling also reduces your Fuel efficiency, so it’s not an ideal thing to do.

Drive Carefully to Avoid Wear and Tear

Careful driving plays a vital role in extending the life of your engine, tyres, and brakes, etc. For example, you should start your car slowly, avoid stopping it frequently, and drive safely at turns. If you see any object on the road, don’t make the mistake of hitting it because that can affect your balance and can also lead to an accident. You should also drive carefully on highly trafficked roads and should always try to avoid potholes.

Also, make sure that you avoid holding your steering wheel for more than a couple of seconds in the extreme right position or extreme left position because it affects its functioning. When you do that, it has a severe impact on your power steering pump.

Use Good Quality Fuel

Using quality fuel is highly crucial for keeping your car running at its best. So stick to a Reputed Gas Station to avoid contaminated gasoline entering your fuel tank. A reputed gas station always sells the fuel after filtering it. They use quality pump filters to purify contaminated fuel.

Have Your Car Serviced At Regular Intervals

You should take your car for servicing at regular intervals. It helps in addressing the wear and tear. It not only enhances fuel efficiency but also increases the safety of your vehicle.

Apart from that, make sure you always park your vehicle in the shade, clean it frequently, and safeguard it from the harmful impact of snow.

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6 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Condition


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