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Excellent Tips For Enhancing Your Car’s Fuel Mileage

Gone are the days when people used to believe that owning a car is the ultimate luxury. Nowadays, having a Vehicle is a basic necessity to live a normal life. The advancements in technology have changed the way we used to live our lives. Earlier only affluent people could afford cars, mobile phones, and laptops, but today everyone can own them.

In short, owning a car is no longer a big deal, but considering that Fuel prices are increasing with each passing day, you certainly need to learn the art of making your car more fuel efficient. If you pay attention to your driving, you can reduce the fuel consumption of your car at least up to 40%.

Here’s how you can make your vehicle more fuel efficient and safe.

Carry Out Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance is the key to enhancing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. There is little doubt that, if any of its parts are not in the perfect working order, it will put more stress on the engine, which will eventually increase its fuel consumption. Therefore, it’s essential for you to have your vehicle checked by a reliable mechanic at regular intervals.

Your vehicle will consume nearly 35% more fuel if you fail to satisfy its maintenance requirement at regular intervals. So, make sure that you allow a skilled mechanic to examine your vehicle’s tyres, braking system, engine, fuel filter, lights, and steering and suspension, etc., for wear and tear.

Carrying out timely maintenance will not only help increase the fuel mileage of your vehicle, but it will also extend its life.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

It imperative for you to check your tyre pressure regularly, which means at least once a month. Driving a vehicle with under-inflated tyres not only pose a threat to your safety, but it also reduces the fuel efficiency.

And, reduced fuel efficiency means your vehicle will use more fuel to cover any particular distance than it generally requires. Refer to your owner’s manual to figure out the correct pound per square inch (psi) for your vehicle’s tyres. To avoid under-inflated tyres, you can use a tyre pressure gauge to examine your tyre pressure.

Avoid Using Corroded Battery Cables

If you want the alternator to function smoothly, it’s necessary for you to clean your battery cables at regular intervals. Corroded Battery Cables can put a lot of stress on the alternator, which eventually reduces the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

When corroded battery cables put stress on the alternator, it requires more fuel to function effectively.

Avoid Unnecessary Idling

Turning off your ignition when you are waiting in traffic or due to any other reason, can save you a significant amount of fuel. In short, it’s always better to avoid unnecessary idling because your vehicle consumes a lot of fuel in that state.

Change Unfunctional Air Filter

If you think that your air filter has stopped functioning effectively, then it’s better to replace it with a new one. Since it prevents unnecessary things such as dirt and contaminants from entering the engine, it’s imperative for you to keep it in the correct working order, otherwise; it will affect the functioning of the engine, which will reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Don’t Overspeed Your Car

You should never encourage overspeeding because it’s highly dangerous. Most people lose control of their vehicles when they drive at high-speed, which eventually leads to accidents.

Apart from that, overspeeding also decreases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

In addition to that, you should lighten the load on your vehicle, change the oil at the right time, avoid resting your foot on the brake pedal and use the ideal fuel.

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Excellent Tips For Enhancing Your Car’s Fuel Mileage


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