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The Redbows Advertising Gifts Blog
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Redbows is one of the UK's leading BPMA Charter Distributors of promotional marketing and advertising gifts branded with a logo or supplied as plain stock items. The blog provides information, comment and news on Rebdows and the promotional merchandise industry.
Introducing The Mood Collection
2019-11-15 00:00
Introducing the Mood™ Collection a range of essential lifestyle products featuring Vacuum Insulated Bottles, A5 Notebooks, Ballpens and Mechanical pencils available with soft-touch mat… Read More
The Redbows Christmas Shop
2019-10-10 23:00
A collection of festive products from the Redbows Christmas shop including Drinkware, Giveaways, Technology, Stationery, Home and Living and Sweets. We offer a wide variety of Christmas pro… Read More
Why Logo Branded Bags Are So Popular
2019-03-28 00:00
Branded bags are one of the best ways to promote your company or organisation. In the 2018 market research report by Sourcing City, bags were the top of the first 20 products most people en… Read More
Why Use Printed Travel Mugs?
2018-11-06 00:00
Why use printed travel mugs? It’s no surprise that in today’s climate businesses are now asking themselves this question when planning marketing strategies and selecting the pr… Read More
2018-10-30 00:00
In the UK we consume and estimated 660,900 tones of chocolate each year with an avery of 3 bars per week or 11kg per person per year. Chocolate appeals to a very wide demographic and modern… Read More
How To Plan For Exhibition Succcess
2018-10-24 23:00
Exhibition planning doesn’t have to be one of the most stressful marketing activities you undertake. We’ve put together an exhibition planning checklist that will help you to pl… Read More
How To Go Green On Your Next Promotion
2018-10-15 23:00
When you use environmentally friendly promotional products in your marketing, you make a very positive statement about your company and your brand. Just how green you make your marketing de… Read More
The Health Benefits Of Herbal Teas
2018-09-13 23:00
For thousands of years, tea has been considered the key to good health and mental wellbeing. Advancements in modern science, has allowed researchers to find supporting evidence for the tr… Read More
Personalised Sweets In The Summer
2018-07-29 23:00
Our personalised sweets collection is packed with sweets that can be used in a variety of marketing campaigns. We offer a wide range of confectionery items to promote your business or organ… Read More
Promotional Sweets In The Summer
2018-07-29 23:00
Our Promotional sweets collection is packed with sweets that can be used in a variety of marketing campaigns. We offer a wide range of confectionery items to promote your business or organ… Read More
Branded Sweets In The Summer
2018-07-29 23:00
Our branded sweets collection is packed with sweets that can be used in a variety of marketing campaigns. We offer a wide range of confectionery items to promote your business or organisat… Read More
Sustainable Alternatives To Plastic Bags
2018-07-01 23:00
There is a definite shift in the UK away from single-use plastic carrier bags to more eco-friendly ‘bags for life’ and ones made from more natural materials including cotton, ju… Read More
Why Do We Have Easter Eggs At Easter?
2018-03-06 00:00
For millions of people, Easter is one of the most important dates in the Christian calendar as it signifies the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The symbols surrounding this event h… Read More
What Are Christmas Marketing Gifts?
2017-12-08 00:00
It’s CHRISTMAS! For for the office workers already sipping on mulled wine and singing their hearts out to Christmas songs played on the radio. For the rest of the office without holida… Read More
Glorious Sweets
2017-09-26 23:00
As the title suggests even Redbows are fond of the glorious substance called sweets. From branded biscuit tins to branded sweets, Redbows can supply a range of promotional items to satisfy… Read More
Why Pantone Colours Don't Always Match
2017-08-04 23:00
The use of Pantone Guides as a colour reference chart is common in many industries today. The guides form part of the Pantone Matching System (PMS), developed by an American company that de… Read More
2017-07-30 23:00
Did #LoveIsland leave you head of over heels with Kem and Amber? Were you one of the millions who got hooked and watched the #ITV show every week? I have to say that it was hard to meet any… Read More
The Role Of Social Media In Your Marketing
2017-07-20 23:00
Social media has grown into a major new marketing platform. Traditionally the marketing communications mix consisted of a range of marcoms channels including direct mail, advertising, publi… Read More
2017-07-14 23:00
We all have favourite brands whether its cars, clothes or even chocolate. Over time we build up what’s called ‘brand loyalty’ and buy these products or services because we… Read More
2017-06-29 23:00
Customer testimonials have long been a great way to promote a business. I can remember in the first days of starting this business how thrilled I was to get a positive comment from a client… Read More
2017-06-22 23:00
Social media and customer reviews are fast becoming one of the most important elements within the marketing mix and one you cannot afford to ignore if you have a business to promote. Whethe… Read More
2017-06-15 23:00
The internet and e-commerce shopping has massively changed the way we shop and how we look for value for money. This is evident in business today but also and probably more so when we come… Read More
2016-05-14 23:00
In advertising we always talk about the Call To Action or CTA as it is known for short. To marketers it’s the final piece of an advert, after the headline, copy and offer that leads th… Read More
2016-01-22 00:00
When Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, as it does this year, you have a whole weekend to share with a loved one and show them how much you care. Now some of you may be looking forwar… Read More
2016-01-16 00:00
The secret to a great promotion is marrying the right product and artwork together to create a marketing communications product that will get your message across and reinforce your advertis… Read More
2016-01-08 00:00
We made it again to the 2015 top ten of the Distributors list run by Sourcing City. This is an industry elected top ten of the best promotional products distributors to work with in the ind… Read More
2015-09-23 23:00
Every brand needs to promote itself. Whether you are a sole-proprietor, SME or larger corporation, your brand is what you are known and recognised for. When a company is looking to promote… Read More
2015-09-14 23:00
Every so often a product comes along that fits the bill when it comes to great marketing gifts you can use to promote your company. Power Banks are one such product and one I have used at R… Read More
2015-09-09 23:00
Branded clothing is one of the most visible forms of corporate branding you can use. Also known as wearables, workwear or corporate clothing, promotional clothing can add great value to an… Read More
2015-09-02 23:00
According to the latest market research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), pens are the number one desktop item used in promotions by companies and organisations acr… Read More
Top-6 Tips For Advent Calendars
2015-08-17 23:00
Over the last 10 years we like to think we have accumulated a wealth of experience in marketing and advertising gifts. That’s not to say that there’s never anything new to learn… Read More
2015-08-02 23:00
The history of promotional gifts lies in entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising and a certain amount of lateral thinking. In 1789 a commemorative button was commissioned to celebrate Geor… Read More
2015-06-29 23:00
Sometimes, people overlook promotional calendars as effective marketing tools. HUGE MISTAKE! Calendars and planners are versatile promotional products that not only reinforce your brand but… Read More
2015-06-22 23:00
The summer solstice, the longest day of the year occurred over the weekend, which officially means summer has arrived. The solstice happens when the tilt of Earth’s axis is most incli… Read More
2015-05-29 23:00
LinkedIn has grown into the business social network. It is a great platform for content marketing and business advertising. LinkedIn is also one of the most topical social media items when i… Read More
Use Facebook To Market Your Business
2015-05-27 23:00
Facebook can be one of the most important social media tools you could use to market your business. Over 1.5 billion users globally use Facebook daily. Thanks to their profile scanning, Fac… Read More
Giveaways For Festival Goers This Summer
2015-05-18 23:00
Festivals and outdoor events attract a vast amount of people, so it’s no wonder brands want a slice of the festival pie. The effectiveness of brand activity at such as events is huge… Read More
2015-05-13 23:00
When you search in Google on your mobile phone you can now start to see some websites listed as ‘mobile friendly’. What does this mean for the searcher and marketer and what is… Read More
Hot Products For Summer Promotions
2015-04-29 23:00
Summer is fast approaching, where our smiles get bigger, skin gets darker and memories ever greater. The onset of warmer weather and longer days offers the chance for businesses to benefit… Read More
2015-04-27 23:00
Today no diary is private. Years ago, if you kept a diary it was private. If someone read it, you had every right to admonish the reader, for not respecting your privacy. Now we live in a so… Read More
April's Thought - Think Desktop Calendars
2015-04-22 23:00
You may not think April is a good month for planning promotional calendars for the next year but it most certainly is. Desktop calendars are one of our best selling and most useful promotio… Read More
2015-04-15 23:00
OK so you have decided that promotional gifts is something to invest in as part of your marketing communications budget. There are literally hundreds of thousands of items to choose from. Ho… Read More
2015-04-09 23:00
So the latest ‘buzz’ question for techie lovers is: should you get an Apple Watch? I’m all for technology but wonder if we are just taking being constantly available and on… Read More
2015-04-05 23:00
The other day I watched the Imitation Game and wondered at the brilliance of Alan Touring’s mind. The man who designed the machine, that broke the German encrypting machine ‘Eni… Read More
2015-04-02 23:00
Some of our marketing team remember the good old days of advertising agencies. You generated a marketing brief and gave this to an advertising agency who came back with black board scamps o… Read More
2015-03-30 23:00
In our blog we try to cover quite a few general topics relating to marketing and current issues. One that caught our eye recently was Google’s Quality Score. OK so what exactly is &lsq&hell…Read More
2015-03-29 00:00
Promotional gifts are becoming a more important element within the marketing communications mix. Used as part of a company’s advertising strategy, branded gifts can help to reinforce… Read More
2015-03-25 00:00
Strategy is sometimes defined as a pattern in a stream of actions. It can either be deliberately created or one that evolves over time to react to events around it. When it comes to marketin… Read More
Getting Your Content Strategy On Message
2015-03-23 00:00
These days the buzz-words in marketing all seem to centre around big data, social media and content marketing. When you drill down though, all we are actually talking about is marketing in… Read More
2014-12-21 00:00
Corporate gifts or to use the more popular term – Promotional Gifts are getting a lot of marketing focus. This is because when marketing budgets are tight, marketing spends have to bec… Read More
2014-10-12 23:00
Promotional Baseball Caps*have become an everyday wear item and are often used casually. To be classified as a baseball cap it should be soft cap with a long, stiff brim, either curved or fl… Read More
2014-09-22 23:00
Just consider the effect that a new batch of promotional gifts can generate within an office environment. When gifts of any sort turn-up, people are naturally inquisitive and want to take a… Read More
2014-06-30 23:00
Have you been looking for a way to come up with a new logo for your company? Do you like the idea of getting your employees involved in the company and making them feel like they are a part… Read More

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