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10 Signs You Should Invest In Website Localisation Services

In today’s business context, you have to consider your website as one of the first places at which your potential customers will find information about your products and services. There are companies that invest part of their initial budget in Website Localisation Services in order to be able to communicate with a larger audience. Many others use a more cautious approach and prefer to make a solid and profitable launch in a single market before looking for a language service provider to help them with the localisation of their website in a foreign language.

A multilingual website is today a necessity for businesses and brands that want an international presence. But when is the right moment to communicate properly with your foreign audience? How can you decide when it is time to invest in Website Localisation services?

Here are ten signs that will help you to make this choice.

Localise your website for clients that have contacted you recently

People are interested in your products or services. They have contacted you to ask you for information or to clarify a few details they did not understand from your English webpages. Do you want to please them? Well, you should provide them with information and webpages in their native language in order to satisfy their needs and give them reason to make a purchase from your website.

Have you received a few orders from abroad?

Great news! However, don’t be under the illusion that your sales from international customers will grow naturally because you have a solid online presence. Only a very limited audience uses a foreign language to make purchases online. Receiving a few orders from a specific country means that your products have the potential to be successful in that area. A good website localisation is the key factor to opening the doors of your website to a completely new foreign audience.

Bounce rates from international audiences are high

So you are receiving visits from people abroad, but they spend insignificant amounts of time on your website. Even worse, they only visit one webpage; they don’t like something about your website. They have probably looked for a version of your website in their native language. Once they realise that you have not localised your website yet, they decide to visit the website of one of your competitors. You lose potential clients, consigning them to your rivals.

International customers are not recurring customers

You may have had a few customers from other markets. They may like your products or services. However, many customers prefer a clear and smooth user experience, rather than the best products available on the market. If they experience problems in communicating with you or finding the right information on your website, they will find alternatives. Considering the fact that it is much less expensive to retain existing clients than to find new ones, you should seriously think about the best ways to help your customers. A professional website localisation will help you retain clients from other countries.

Your competitors have a multilingual website

You know what this means: they have preceded you. Now they are gaining a leading position in new markets. They may have found the potentiality of a market before you. Don’t worry, a professional translation agency can help you in the process of localising your website. Once you can communicate properly in the native language of new potential clients, you will be able to restore your commercial ranking.

Your products/services are in demand in other countries

If you know that a particular country’s customers are looking for products and service like yours, I don’t know what you are waiting for. They want to buy your products, so what you have to do is organise a strategy in order to target their market effectively. You need to provide the range of information they need in their native language.

You reach the top and don’t want to stop

You may find that continuous growth in your domestic market is unlikely. You have probably got the most out of your potential audience in your country. If you want to continue the expansion of your brand, you need an international strategy. Having a multilingual website is the first step to offering a good user experience to your new potential customers.

You find unexploited opportunities abroad

Well done! You spotted a business opportunity that may be exploited in a foreign country. You have to communicate properly with your potential audience. Having a localised website is the best way to gain a dominant position in an unexploited market. In this case, you need to be quick; it is possible that one of your competitors has spotted the same opportunity.

Foreign companies and retailers propose a strategic partnership

If the reputation of your products/services precedes you, you may not need to pay a fortune for market research. Companies and retailers from a foreign country could contact you in order to propose a strategic partnership. Who could be better for assessing the tastes and needs of customers than a domestic business? They know that your products/services will be successful in their markets. Obviously, a clear website localisation will help your new partners to merchandise your goods.

Your market research identifies opportunities in foreign markets

You have a clear idea of the foreign markets to target. Now you need to communicate with your new potential audiences and provide a good range of information to them in order to persuade them that your products/services are what they need.

For all of the ten cases we listed above, a website localisation is an affordable and low-risk investment for launching your business in a foreign country. In Other Words can help you to communicate with your new foreign audiences. Contact us today to discuss with one of our Project Managers what we can do for your company.

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