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5 Benefits Of Using A Pool Heat Pump

So you’ve been searching the web, trying to figure out which Pool heating option is best for you. You’ve looked at some reviews, maybe done a few comparisons, but you still can’t come to a decision. Well, look no further. We’re to here to explain why a Pool Heat Pump is your best pool heating option.

“The best? Now that’s a bold claim.”

It might be, but we have a good feeling you’ll agree with us after reading this post.

So without further ado, here are 5 benefits of using a pool heat pump:


5 Benefits Of Using A Pool Heat Pump


1.) Energy Efficiency

Pool heats pumps are one of the most energy efficient pool heating options available. While electric resistance and gas heaters can be quite costly, operation costs for Pool Heat Pumps are far more affordable. This is because of the way pool heat pumps generate their heat. Electric resistance heaters use resistors which pull heavily on electricity while gas heaters quite literally, burn gas.

But pool heat pumps utilize natural heat in a very special way. Using a small amount of electricity, pool heat pumps use a fan and compressor to pull in natural heat and transfer it directly into your pool’s water. Since most of the heat is being generated by nature itself, the pull on electricity is substantially lower than that of an electric resistance heater. Which is why pool heat pumps feature an impressive Coefficient of Performance or COP of 6.0. This means that for every unit of energy your pool heat pump consumes, it produces 6 units of energy in return. For a point of reference, consider the fact that neither gas or electric resistance heaters have a COP above 1.0.

So basically, pool heat pumps are insanely energy efficient and affordable to operate compared to most other options. And this is an excellent segue into one of the next benefits of using a pool heat pump.

[You can learn more about how pool heat pumps work here]


2.)Cost Effectiveness

With such a high energy efficiency rating, it’s only logical that cost effectiveness follows suite. But let’s start from the top.  The initial cost of a pool heat pump ranges anywhere from $2,000 – $4,000. Now the die hard gas heater fans may be thinking, “Hey I could get a gas heater for cheaper than that!” And they’re right, you could. But you have to remember one very important factor. Operation cost. The deal breaker.

While pool heat pumps can cost a bit more up front, they make up for it ten fold with substantially lower operational costs. How low? Well, consider this. The monthly operation cost for a gas heater for an average-sized backyard swimming pool ranges from $300-$500. But if you think that’s pricey, then it might scare you to know that electric resistance heaters can range even higher from $500-$600. And suddenly, those minor initial savings are looking A LOT less attractive.

But here is the good news. The cost of operating a pool heat pump is far more reasonable, ranging from as low as $50 to highs of about $150. So if you’re looking to enjoy a warm and refreshing swim on a budget, pool heat pumps are your go to heating option.

But the benefits of using a pool heat pump transcend energy efficiency and cost effectiveness — going as far as environmental impact.


3.) Eco-Friendly

In most cases, heat production calls for combustion of some kind, which is the case with gas heaters. In order for gas heaters to produce heat, they must continuously burn gas, which comes with some environmental consequences. The most prominent being a high rate of C02 emissions, which is damaging to the Ozone layer.

However, pool heat pumps don’t have to burn anything. With a small pull on electricity, pool heat pumps harvest natural heat from the air. Which means they produce zero C02 emissions while still being able to provide all the heat you need. So while you’re enjoying the soothing waters of your swimming pool, you’re also helping to preserve the environment and keep mother nature happy. Now that’s a win-win.

Oh, and let’s not forget that a pool heat pump contributes to an eco-friendly and energy efficient swimming pool.


4.) Durability

So what’s better than energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and eco-friendly operation? Durability, of course. If you’re going to invest in a pool heating solution, then you should be getting your money’s worth out of it. Which is why you’ll be pleased to know that pool heat pumps are one of the longest-lasting pool heating solutions on the market. How long? Well, let’s put things into perspective first.

Gas heaters, although initially cheap, aren’t known for their lifespans. On average most gas heaters will last around 5-10 years max before they need major repairs or replacement. And the same goes for electric resistance heaters.

But pool heat pumps, they’re in it for the long haul. At a minimum, a quality energy efficient pool heat pump will last anywhere from 10-20 years. And with proper pool heat pump maintenance and annual service calls, that lifespan can easily be extended. But even better than savings is the fact that one of the best ways to preserve your heat pump, is to simply use it. When you run your pool heat pump on a consistent basis, you’re actively helping to prevent any corrosion and debris from building up.

But the benefits of using a pool heat pump don’t stop here.

5.) Repair and Assistance accessibility

In the event where you eventually find yourself in need of pool heat pump repair, you have options. A professional pool heat pump specialist can help you come up with a solution to nearly any problem you may face. They’ll work with you and determine exactly which part you need to have your pool heat pump running like new.

And if you’re an ambitious do-it-yourself type, you can simply order the part you need and handle the rest. But if you find yourself stuck, you can use a pool heater troubleshooting service to guide you through the process from start to finish.  A service that you typically won’t come across with any other pool heating solution.

All in all, if you’re willing to maintain it, your pool heat pump can be one of the most rewarding investments you make when it comes to your pool.

We hope this post helped you to better understand the benefits of using a pool heat pump. And hopefully, now it’s easy to see why a pool heat pump is the best pool heating option for any pool owner.

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5 Benefits Of Using A Pool Heat Pump


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