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Let Us Build Better World With Creative Plastic Products


Thermoplastic is the future of infrastructure. It easily replaces metal and used in everyday products. Thermoplastics are way too different from thermoset materials, the former can be melted and formed and can be re-melted to bring it to another form, while the latter is one time set and cannot be altered in the future.

Features of Thermoplastics

Thermoplastic composite material has evolved from polymer composite materials, which are comfortably easy to shape it when it is in the liquid form. The liquid form of Thermoplastics is attained by heating it at a very high temperature. The liquid is molded to a shape and it is cooled down to become solid, strong plastic.

The technology has helped to get better products day by day. Being a Vibration damping material, the thermoplastics evenly spreads and transfers the energy through appropriate channels and lessens the noise that usually is an annoyance for the end user.

The flexibility of the structure enhances the usage of thermoplastics in varied ways. Apart from being light weight, thermoplastics can be molded to be a rubber which is the best of Vibration damping material or it can also be as strong as iron for variety of usages.

Certain thermoplastic structures can withstand temperatures up to 315 degree Celsius and there are certain structures which can retain its properties even after kept in -37 degree Celsius.

Plastics are improving the overall driving experience

Thermoplastic composite material are lightweight; however, they have high strength. The processing cost is fairly low compared to any other substitutes.

Common Products made of Thermoplastics

In our day today lives we use thermoplastics without even realizing the material that is used to make them. The juices we drink from a plastic bottle is thermoplastic. The case for your cell phone is thermoplastic. Let us see some of the commonly used products that is made of thermoplastic.

Polycarbonate is used for many products that we use today

1. Compact Discs and DVDs

2. PET Water bottles

3. Food Containers

4. Lenses for the Eyeglasses

The Polyethylene is used for products which are more ductile

1. Plastic Grocery Bags

2. Buller proof Jackets

3. Shampoo Containers

Apart from it the thermoplastic composite material is used in making thermal insulators and electrical insulators.

The PVC pipes, the car bodies and the windows in the house are made of thermoplastics.

Prime Benefits of using Thermoplastics

1. Manufacturing and processing efficiency are more with thermoplastics. High volumes of thermoplastic components can be manufactured easily.

2. The thermoplastic components once made can be made into other components easily

3. The manufacturing of thermoplastic components can be made to highest precision with greater ease.

4. The processing costs is relatively low

5. The thermoplastic products are flexible and stay with highest strength. Few products are used in high stress mechanical products.


Major disadvantage of Thermoplastics

The prominent disadvantage of thermoplastics is that they degrade while exposed to excessive sunlight. It has the property to melt, so low quality thermoplastics tend to melt while it is exposed to heat. At times deformation of the product can be identified if any of these happens.


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Let Us Build Better World With Creative Plastic Products


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