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Go for a 2nd opinion

In his first four years, our son, Zig, suffered recurrent tonsillitis, inflammation of the tonsils, or so we thought. And doctor afte r doctor from reputable hospitals diagnosed him as much and encouraged us that he will grow over it by the time he’s past four. But he didn’t. Then a close friend, Dr. Larry Kamamia advised us to go yet for another medical opinion! He even had the audacity to tell us that he will take full responsibility if the results won’t be positive after we meet one, Dr. Aris Waris at the Agakhan Hospital Doctor’s Plaza.

The most optimistic and professional doctor I have ever met, Dr. Waris, listened to Zig’s medical history and diagnosed him afresh and came to a different conclusion. Zig was suffering from mild asthma. All along, he had been misdiagnosed. And following the doctor’s prescription taking the boy through the Asthma therapy for one year, he got over it!

Isn’t it amazing that you can have two doctors with similar level of education (and perhaps experience), following the same medical procedures yet they arrive at totally different conclusions! That’s why, with all honour due professional advice, go for a 2nd opinion.

Michael Jordan’s 1st couch suggested that he’s best for baseball. A Baltimore TV producer told Oprah Winfrey that she was “unfit for television news”. In 1919, Walt Disney, the founder of multi-billion Disney Land was fired from the Kansas City Star. According to his editor, he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” The 18th richest American and mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, the brain behind Bloomberg L.P. Group, was summarily dismissed at Salomon Brothers, an investment bank that was later bought out by Citigroup.

Do you remember the first time your gift was doubted? Someone said that you can’t make it in marketing…you are not wired for business…you have no chance in academics? Not everybody is right all the time. Giving such immense power to any single individual to tell you what you can or cannot do is debilitating to your potential. Any opinion from one individual confines you to their worldview. A 2nd opinion expands what I call 3P’s – Perspectives, Possibilities and Prospects.

Of-times I have wondered why many businesses are operated by not very intellectually endowed people…who then employ the intellectual! Though Bertrand Russel used very strong words in his quote, he answered my concern with precision, “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” Those who make it in this life sail against the current. Failure is the road of least resistance. No wonder Walt Disney once said, “Find out where the crowd is going and go the opposite direction”.

Especially if you have rare gifts, you will be doubted. If your case is not general, it can only be handled by a specialist. If your business idea is outside common thinking patterns, soliciting advice from general practitioners may kill it. If the naysayer in your life has no practical (and right) experience in the venture you wish to undertake, you have no business seeking their counsel. An opinion, 1st, 2nd, nth must be sought from specialists. Remember that misery loves company. Failures would like you to go down the drain with them. That’s why they shoot down any progressive idea. Only successful people will celebrate your success.

Majority of human beings have no clue on how to handle the outliers in the society. And perhaps more than a 2nd opinion, you need the right opinion. The right opinion can ONLY come from your Maker. It is the only opinion you can take to the bank. At times God’s opinion in your life is spoken through His servants. Him alone never doubts your capabilities. A high school teacher may have doubted your abilities. An employer may have written you off. A step-mother may have told you that you have no chance in life. An X may have declared you good for nothing. But God never gives up on His creation. And only His opinion counts.

I would like to speak to your heart in the “I Don’t Need A Job” Seminar. It is Nelson Mandera who once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to a man in his own language, it goes to his heart.” Exclusively for those who have an inner witness that they were called to be job creators…despite the fact that someone may have doubted your capacity to run a business empire…This is your 2nd chance. To be all you were meant to be.

I write to you from my heart, ‘join me for a 2nd opinion on how to make it work this time round on the 12th August 2015 at the Hotel Royal Orchid, Lantana Road, Off Rhapta Road, Westlands from 8am to 5pm for a guaranteed life-transforming seminar’. We have already received several bookings from people all over the country and we will close bookings on 15th July for logistics purposes. Call 0725215711 / 0721419430 / 0722278176 for reservations or email me directly: [email protected] or/and HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected][email protected]

In this life transforming seminar, we will take you through a journey that will help you avoid becoming self-employed but rather a business owner cum investor. Being self-employed is like diving into a kid pool – this can lead to strangulation. Being self-employed is believing that no-one else can do like you. Leading a business is knowing that others can do better than you. Your work, therefore, is to create a system for others to work. Then you continuously invest. That’s swimming in the deep end of the adult’s pool.

Why give all your time to an employer? Waking up at dawn to fight heavy traffic? Reaching home at dusk with no time to spend with the family you love? And (just) suppose there was an alternative lifestyle? Let me emphasize that this seminar invitation is not for general practitioners who prefer the warmth of crowds. It is for people who know they are unique entities endowed by their Creator with the ability to create a system from which others can equally excel and maximize their potentials.

After the inspiring training, we will follow you (and indeed all seminar participants) to ensure that you stand. That is why we will give you an opportunity to join Sense 101 Life Club which is an absolutely free mentorship club whereby you will be allocated a business mentor and an opportunity to network with Club Members who sign a declaration that they will always give any business opportunity priority to club members.

As such, we shall be creating a Strong Business Community among club members. The need to form a strong business community to help members grow will greatly be emphasized in the seminar. For any future training, club members will attend at discounted rates and be given free learning materials, publications and tapes (DVDs/CDs). We will also record the training so that Club Members can re-play the tapes over and over again. Faith comes by hearing over and over again.

P/S: Fathers of Loreto Msongari, let’s meet coming Saturday, 27th June 2015 and explore the theme, “A stable Father for a Stable Nation”. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.
Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD – Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker –

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Go for a 2nd opinion


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