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Why You Will See These 8 Top Engagement Ring Trends Everywhere in 2019

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It’s Engagement season again, and while there’s no one right way to choose an engagement Ring, there are always certain styles that reveal a sign of the times! Engagement ring styles and designs have varied for as long as engagement rings have been in existence, so it comes as no surprise that certain looks become popular again over time even as others get reinvented.

As more and more women decide to have a hand in the choosing of their engagement ring, many more personal touches are being expressed. And with more options for custom designing a ring, finding that perfectly unique engagement ring is right at your fingertips.

So what are we likely to see gracing the fingers of all of the newly engaged this year, and why? Let’s get into our biggest engagement ring trends for 2019 and find out!

Colored Stones

sapphire engagement rings

A selection of colored stone engagement rings: yellow sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, blue sapphire, ruby.

Sapphire engagement rings have had a popular past, especially among royalty, but now more than ever, modern brides are embracing the wide array of colors of sapphires for their engagement rings.

But they’re not stopping there – emerald and ruby are likely to see increasing interest for engagement rings. Like sapphires, these gemstones are incredibly valuable and more rare than diamonds – a huge factor in their uniqueness aside from their incredible color.

Vintage Cuts

Ceylon yellow oval sapphire diamond ring

Our lovely oval yellow sapphire ring with a mixed metal setting and side diamonds.

Pear-shaped gemstones used in engagement rings experienced a huge resurgence in 2018, and for this year, other vintage cuts like oval and emerald are joining the party too!

These cuts are especially popular with colored stones as they can help enhance the vibrancy of the gemstone’s hue. Another appeal of these cuts is that they help to elongate the finger and retain that feature when paired with a wedding band.

Diverse Halo Settings

Ceylon oval orange sapphire ring

One of our vibrant orange sapphires set in a flower-shaped halo of diamonds.

Many may already be familiar with a traditional halo setting – a surround of pave-set diamonds circling the center gemstone – and 2019 is going to see this particular settings reimagined in a multitude of ways.

Halo settings are beautiful enhancements to the center stone, providing additional sparkle and brilliance, especially when surrounding a colored stone. But 2019 is showing there is no limit to the styling of a halo setting, bringing in all sizes of diamonds and in different shapes as well.

Yellow Gold

yellow gold sapphire ring

A green sapphire set in yellow gold with side stones and a double band.

Platinum and white gold took the engagement ring world by storm years ago, and it may finally be reaching its peak as yellow gold is fighting its way back to popularity.

Yellow gold is a warm-tone metal, unlike the coolness of platinum and white gold, and adds a certain softness to a piece of jewelry. Another plus, yellow gold can better enhance colored gemstones like yellow sapphires and red rubies.

Three-Stone Rings

oval purple sapphire ring

One of our special purple sapphires set as a three-stone ring with trillion-cut diamond side stones.

In another salute to vintage style rings, the three-stone ring, also known as a trilogy ring, is headed for a major comeback. Perhaps heralding this trend was Meghan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring from fall of 2017.

This style ring had massive popularity in the 1920s and 30s with the Art Deco period, so choosing those vintage emerald and oval cut center stones pair perfectly with trillion, baguette, and half-moon cut side stones.

Hidden Pave Details

hidden pave setting

A delicate pink sapphire set with hidden pave-set diamonds in the mount.

Simple, timeless, solitaire engagement rings will ALWAYS be popular, but slight tweaks here and there allow each modern bride to make the style unique.

For 2019, expect to see hidden pave detailing on the prongs or mount of the solitaire setting. It’s a very subtle update that most people won’t even notice except upon close inspection, an almost secret, and even more special, unique component.

Split Shank Setting

split shank sapphire ring

An oval pink sapphire set in a halo surround with pave-set split shank band.

A split shank separates the single band into an appearance as two bands connecting again as one band on the bottom side of the ring.

This styling has wide appeal for being able to perfectly frame the center stone – especially more elongated styles like oval, emerald, and marquise cut gemstones. It also makes the ring itself appear a little more significant in size and help offset a particularly large center stone.

White Sapphire Rings

radiant white sapphire ring

A classic three-stone ring style set with a radiant emerald cut white sapphire.

White sapphires have long been the stone of choice for those who don’t want to go the route of the colored stone, but also don’t like the price or the ethics of diamonds.

This colorless version of sapphires is available in every shape and size and ticks all the unique and timeless boxes as it is incredibly rare and extremely durable. While more widely offered at most retailers as lab-created white sapphires, you can find the natural version, and keep your engagement ring one of a kind!

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Why You Will See These 8 Top Engagement Ring Trends Everywhere in 2019


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