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Best in the World!- Best Reputation Review

I could never express enough praise for The Natural Sapphire Company and its dedicated staff. In an industry that’s highly-unregulated, they provide exceptional, trustworthy service; unparalleled worldwide.

In the spring of 2015, I found myself in a terrible position; I’d been married just six months when both my wedding band and engagement ring went missing… for good. I was left with the task of replacing the irreplaceable (a 4.26 blush pink, un- heated/untreated oval sapphire, with exceptional cut and clarity). Over the course of several months, I worked with a multitude of gem dealers and jewelers around the world. I did lengthy research, and after identifying distributors with “reputable” business practices, I began a nightmarish cycle of purchases and returns.

Over four months, I made 8 consecutive purchases and returns. I had sapphires arrive without the promised certification, gems that were nothing like their online description and even false certification reports. The last order I placed was from a world-renowned sapphire dealer in British Columbia. I purchased an exceptionally large sapphire, and while everything looked good on the surface, I decided to hand-deliver the sapphire to the GIA in New York City, just to be safe. The result? 2 Weeks and $225 later, the GIA found indications of heat treatment (thought the dealer’s paperwork clearly listed the stone as “untreated”). Further, the appraisal issued by the GIA was LESS than 20% of what I had paid for the sapphire! After months of exhaustion and defeat, I finally found The Natural Sapphire Company and have never looked back!

The Natural Sapphire Company is a business that surpasses any competitor by leaps and bounds.
Not only did I find a sapphire to replace that of my beloved engagement ring, The Natural Sapphire Company provided a complete setting service with exceptional design. From start to finish, The Natural Sapphire Company far exceeded my expectations! I am absolutely amazed with the stark difference from what I had previously experienced (and from some of the world’s “leading” gem dealers!). NO ONE can compete with the business practices and exceptional services offered by The Natural Sapphire Company. NO ONE, worldwide, can compete with their standards of excellence.

As a (painfully) experienced sapphire buyer, I noticed some stark differences from the previous experiences that I had encountered with other dealers. These differences are worth consideration when purchasing a sapphire:

1. Certification: Make sure that your purchase is accompanied by a certificate from a recognized source (GIA, EGL or AGTA). It is NOT enough to have a person who claims to be certified by these agencies perform the report. In my purchase with the world-renowned sapphire dealer, his certified report claimed “no treatment”, when the GIA found clear indications to the contrary. Some companies will offer these reports for an additional cost, while all too many offer no certified documentation at all. The Natural Sapphire Company understands the importance of certification and includes them with your purchase; reports that include mapping of your gem… Above and beyond what any dealer will provide.

2. Treatment: Sapphires can undergo excessive heating and chemical treatment; processes that greatly decrease their value. The Natural Sapphire Company only sells gems that are either completely untreated and un-touched, or gems that have undergone light, natural treatment. Further, these sapphires that have been naturally treated are clearly identified in each gem’s listing. You will not find another dealer in the world, with the same integrity as The Natural Sapphire Company.

3. Color, Clarity and Cut: These leading characteristics define the beauty of your sapphire. With factors such as inventory and location, it is oftentimes the best option to purchase your sapphire online. As a result, these factors are oftentimes highly misrepresented. In my search, I fell in love with dozens of sapphires online and was extremely disappointed when they arrived and I viewed them in-person. The color of the gems that I received were nothing like the hue that I saw in their original listings. I also found the clarity of these gems to be distorted and the cuts unimpressive. The Natural Sapphire Company is the ONLY sapphire dealer in the world that offers detailed 3D Gemstone Scan Reports, documenting every minutia of your sapphire, illustrating its unique “fingerprint”…. It’s comparable to the sapphire’s DNA. Further, every sapphire listing includes video footage, including 3D interactive video, allowing you to view every facet of a gemstone from any angle. Their listings ALONE are unparalleled, ensuring that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

4. Setting Services: Many sapphire dealers are pedaling low-quality, chemically processed, high-volume sapphires. A reputable dealer will have established relationships in their industry and be able to provide custom services to set your sapphire into the jewelry you request. The Natural Sapphire Company demonstrates this better than anyone I’ve encountered! They provide hundreds of sample settings with thousands of variations, with a clear and concise pricing structure. The Natural Sapphire Company can customize anything you can imagine! They were able to set my pink sapphire into a glamorous ring setting with sparkling diamonds along the band. Before finalizing the design, I received complimentary renderings that illustrated precise details so defined that I felt that I had seen my ring in-person! They also provided documentation for the setting, noting the exact details of the materials used (platinum setting with diamonds-detailing their exact grade, size, clarity, cut…etc.). Previously, I had to seek out a jeweler to provide setting services, thus expanding the process by weeks. The Natural Sapphire Company streamlined the entire experience, ensuring that I had my ring in a fraction of the time.

5. Customer Service: When making a large purchase of any kind, it is important to feel confident and assured that you are getting your money’s-worth. Most sapphire dealers will allow returns in a very limited time frame. All too many will penalize their customers opting for returns through excessive fees, while many will not accept returns of any kind. These practices are more troublesome when you consider the fact that over 95% of the sapphires on the market are heat and/or chemically treated! The business practices of The Natural Sapphire Company alleviate these anxieties completely. Further, their dedicated staff go above and beyond in all aspects of customer service. They are always available to answer questions or address your concerns. After purchasing my ring, I contacted The Natural Sapphire Company to request a signature for the appraisal that they provided (per the request of my insurance company). Within 1 hour of sending my request by email, I received assistance from the owner (who was in Thailand at the time!!). Despite the harshly inconvenient time difference, I had the matter resolved swiftly, and with his kind demeanor.

Although I purchased a sapphire that was relatively inexpensive, I felt as though I was purchasing their most coveted item. Owner Michael Arnstein was SO incredibly patient and explained each step along the way. He was not pushy in any way. I truly felt as though I was making a purchase (and not being “sold”).

Again, I cannot sing enough praise for The Natural Sapphire Company, and encourage anyone in the market to seek their services. They are so professional, kind and trustworthy and will work to create anything you can imagine! If you do not find exactly what you are looking for in their extensive catalogue, simply contact them with a description of what it is that you are seeking and provide them with your budget. Their staff will work with you and scour the world (including their minds abroad) to locate the sapphire of your dreams!

Thank you again and again to Michael Arnstein and The Natural Sapphire Company, for such an exquisite shopping experience, that compensated for the months of horror endured with other sapphire dealers. You are, hands down, the best in the world!

Shannon Niland, pink-sapphire-ring- Shannon Niland-Yerk

Best in the World- Pink Sapphire Ring- The Natural Sapphire Company

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Best in the World!- Best Reputation Review


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