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5 Reasons Why Some Entrepreneurs Don’t Take Social Media Seriously And Why They Should

Even though several businesses are already making their presence felt on social media, there are some business owners who are still on the fence about it.

Now is not the time to wait and see if Social Media will work for your business. Rather, it is about being where your customers are and going all out to show that you care.

As Gary Vaynerchuk likes to put it, “Marketers ruin everything.” Whenever there’s a new platform where potential customers gather, the marketers go right there and flood it until the well runs dry and then they move on to the next platform where the masses gather.

This has been and will always be the way of marketing and no business should be averse to adapting to the trends.

Here are 5 reasons why some entrepreneurs still do not take Social media seriously and clarifications on why they should begin taking it seriously.

1) They Think It Does Not Convert Well

It pays to note 3 things:

1) a lot of people keep in touch with their friends and family through social media platforms,
2) most people make their purchasing decisions after consulting their friends and family,

3) “consumers trust other consumers more than they trust traditional advertising”, said Pete Blackshaw, author of ‘Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000’.

People love to buy from brands they see their family or friends patronizing or associating with.

Do you see your friends and family members “liking” certain brands on Facebook or commenting on certain posts about some products or services? Did it stir your interest and make you want to check out further just what they were talking about? That is the power of social media.

What used to be “secret conversations” between consumers in the past are now within the “hearing space” of business owners. We have an unprecedented opportunity to listen in to these conversations and befriend consumers.

Research also shows that when consumers like certain products or services, they will more likely promote for you on their social media pages. What used to be “word of mouth marketing” is now able to spread on a larger scale, thanks to social media.

If entrepreneurs learn how to engage with people on social media, they can even win people over regardless of price or brand. People are willing to pay for excellent customer service. And what better customer service than one-on-one interaction on social media?

2) They Feel That It Is Just A Passing Trend

Since the traditional marketing channels like magazines, newspapers, radio and television have been around for several years, there is a false sense of stability associated with them.

Also, people may assume that it’s just a passing trend based on how some social media networks like Friendster, MySpace etc were once very popular until Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc came into the picture. This might make them think that social media platforms are too volatile to embrace.

Whatever it is, you will never lose out by following your customers wherever they go in order to maintain the relationship. It’s as simple as that.

3) They Are Afraid Of Negative Comments Pulling Them Down

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Some entrepreneurs just don’t want people to put out negative comments on their social media pages.

But if we put things into perspective, it is better to have the ability to respond directly to the negative comments if they are left on our pages and try to win them back in the most respectful manner rather than let them voice out their opinions on some other forums and have no clue about it in order to respond.

Social media platforms also offer a great opportunity to understand the customers’ needs better and to respond favorably so that other customers also feel attracted to us by the way or tone of our response.

No company is going to fold up only because of negative comments. If a company folds up eventually, there must be some other underlying problems as well.

So to avoid social media like the plague only because of the perceived problems it might pose will just make us lose out on this big opportunity and cause us to lag behind.

4) They Don’t Want To Spend Time Communicating With Customers On Social Media

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It is more important now than ever that you interact with every customer or prospect or observer – no matter how much money they bring to you.

Never underestimate the power that one customer has in spreading about your brand. If you make one person happy, it can have a lasting effect on your company.

If you are just starting out in your business, do the social media engagements yourself. Interact with the customers or prospects yourself and you will be laying a strong foundation for those who you hire to take over your role as you grow. By doing that, you will also learn new things about your customers and be better able to improve your products or services.

If you already have a public relations department, open another social media department to handle interactions on social media, as it is a powerful tool to influence, interact with, and engage your customers.

5) They Assume That They Are Doing Ok Without It

This type of thinking is the first indicator of sloth. No serious business owner should allow such thoughts to sink in.

We need to be constantly in touch with the ground and get into real conversations with our customers; and the best way to do it today is via social media platforms where we have easy access to them.

[This article is based on some ideas taken from Gary Vaynerchuk’s ‘The Thank You Economy’.]

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5 Reasons Why Some Entrepreneurs Don’t Take Social Media Seriously And Why They Should


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