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5 Conversion “Hacks” Smart Business Owners Secretly Use To Boost Their Sales And Profits… That They’ll Never Tell You About

I don’t know about you… but I’m lazy.


Extremely lazy.

I’m always looking for shortcuts and ways to get BETTER results… FASTER results…


LARGER Results.

Now, don’t get this wrong. Hard work is still important.

It’s a key ingredient to success. But…

As entrepreneurs and business owners, working smart (not just hard) is probably important too.



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So in this article, we’re going to reveal 5 “hacks” or shortcuts you can use to increase conversions for your business…

Which leads to higher sales, profits, and growth!


After More Than 2 Weeks Of Researching And Studying Top Business Models…

We come to realize that many top entrepreneurs use these conversion “hacks” in their business almost every day, but…

They seldom talk about it. And, they usually never share it openly.

Hence, that’s what we’re going to unveil in this article.


Specifically, Here’s What You’ll Discover:


  • Conversion Hack #1: A strategy you can instantly apply to your business within the next 30 minutes… With zero costs needed… but could triple or even quadruple your sales!


  • Conversion Hack #2: Why you should give your customers more choices and “distractions”… and how (surprisingly!) that will actually cause them to buy more of your products


  • Conversion Hack #3: Why introducing “inferior” products and raising your prices can actually help you to… INCREASE YOUR SALES? (*extremely cool tactic used by top businesses)


  • Conversion Hack #4: A psychological trigger you can use to make people rush to buy your products… immediately… even if they do NOT feel 100% sure of it yet


  • Conversion Hack #5: Why time is actually your enemy when it comes to getting sales and customers… and how you can overcome this issue in your business, permanently!


So, if you’re ready, then let’s get “hacking”….


Conversion Hack #1: Using testimonials and reviews (even the not so good ones)

Here’s an example of using testimonials and reviews… from an English school in Australia:



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As you can see, having testimonials about their programs helps potential customers understand how they can benefit from it too.


Why Are Testimonials So Powerful?

And how can testimonials boost a business’s sales and profits… almost instantly?



  • They can be set-up in less than 30 minutes, because they’re only 1-2 paragraphs long
  • You don’t need any money or costs to put testimonials on your product page
  • You can easily get them… for FREE… from your best customers!
  • It makes your products and services look more credible (because it shows that others have used it before and like it)
  • People want to feel assured that they will benefit from your products and services. And testimonials help to do that naturally…


Without You Having To Make Any Outrageous Claim!

Look, even a well-known site like uses testimonials and reviews.



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In fact, these reviews play a huge part in making sales for them, because…

Many buyers actually buy products on after checking out the reviews!


Plus, here’s a GOLDEN TIP for business owners who intend to use testimonials or reviews:

Add in testimonials that are neutral, or even… not the best!

For example, check out these neutral reviews about the Amazon kindle:



[Image Credits:]


These reviews are not the best, because they show flaws and weaknesses about the products.


But, that’s actually a blessing in disguise. Why?


Because having these neutral reviews will allow you to:

  • Look more credible and believable to potential customers, because…
  • They know you’re not just BS-ing, and only putting up your best testimonials for show!
  • This makes you look more honest and trust-worthy, thus…


It Instantly Increases The Chances Of People Buying Your Products And Services!

So, do you have any testimonials or reviews from your satisfied customers?

Use them right now, and you’ll see an increase in your sales and profits… with ZERO costs on your part.


Conversion Hack #2: Giving Customers Multiple Product Options

Here’s an example:



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It’s been scientifically proven and tested…

That with multiple options for people to choose from…


Most Would Pick The Middle One.



  • Because most people do not like to be at extremes
  • The lowest or cheapest option feels too low-value, so most people avoid that
  • The most expensive option feels like too much, so most avoid that too
  • To be safe, most people would pick the middle option because it’s neither too much nor too little. It’s just right!


Hence, you should introduce multiple product packages in your business…

And place the product package that you want to sell most… Right in the middle!


Look, Even Amazon Does This With Their Kindle:


[Image Credits:]


And would you like to guess…

Which Kindle model is the most popular one among customers?

The answer is staring you right in the… Middle.


Conversion Hack #3: Introducing Decoy Options

Take a good look at the picture below:



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From these 2 comparisons, you can see that:

  • The MP3 player with more space costs more money
  • The player with smaller space costs less money


Hence, If You’re A Customer Looking To Buy An MP3 Player Today…

You have to carefully consider between price and space…

And decide which is more important to you.


But, What If I Introduced A 3rd Option Into The Selection?



[Image Credits:]


Now… do you see that this makes MP3 player A much more enticing and attractive?

Because you can get a space of 30GB, for only $400…

Whereas the 3rd option (MP3 player C) is more expensive, but you get lesser space.

Introducing the new option now makes MP3 Player A look like a good deal, because customers now have a better point of reference.


This Is Known As A “Decoy”.


And here’s how you can do the same in your business:

  • Based on the product or package that you want to sell more of, create another “Decoy” option that’s similar in features or benefits. However…
  • Make the “decoy” slightly inferior in features and benefits.
  • Also, make the price almost similar to the actual product you want to sell more of.


This makes your actual product feel like a good deal…

And thus makes it more enticing for customers!

Here’s an example from…


Notice How They Use “Decoy” Pricing To Sell Their Check-in Baggage Add-Ons:



[Image Credits:]



The difference between the 15kg and 20kg baggage option is only… $1!


This makes the 20kg baggage option more enticing… and would probably have gotten JetStar more sales, because of the “decoy” reference.


Conversion Hack #4: Introducing Scarcity To Make People Buy… NOW!


Somtimes, you may face a situation where someone is uncertain whether to buy your product or not.

  • They understand the benefits your product provides…
  • They know that they need your product or service in their life…
  • But, for some reason, they are holding back from buying because they need to…


“Take some time to think about it!”

Sounds familiar?

This uncertainty is what many business owners and salespeople face often.

And the best way to overcome that is to introduce SCARCITY.


Here’s an example:



[Image Credits]


Notice the use of scarcity, where it clearly states that there are…


Only 5 Rooms Left!

This has a psychological effect on the potential customer, because:

  • They are now “forced” to make a decision, rather than continue to wait… and “think about it”
  • The limited quantities remaining makes your offer more enticing to the potential customer… because it shows that it’s popular, and people are buying it


These Reasons Increase The Chances Of Your Customer Taking Action To… Buy now!

Rather than continue to procrastinate, hesitate, and find excuses for themselves…

The scarcity gives them a strong reason to buy, before it’s fully sold out.

This results in more sales and profits for your business!



Conversion Hack #5: Introducing Time Limits

This is actually similar to using scarcity as a conversion “hack”, except that…


Using Time Limits Creates More Urgency In The Customer.



  • Because they know exactly when the offer ends, and thus…
  • They can estimate exactly how long more they have to make a decision!


Here’s an example:



[Image Credits:]



As you can see, point #4 is the…


Countdown Timer!

And it’s placed all the way at the top of the page, to remind customers that this offer does NOT last forever.

They only have 16 more hours to get it, before it is…


Taken Off The Market, Once And For All!

So, for people who might need time to think and consider (before buying the product)…

This subtly “pressures” them to make a decision fast, and not take their own sweet time.



  • The longer time people take to think and consider, the less chance of them buying because they tend to over-think and overanalyze
  • And very often, people tend to talk themselves out of buying if they overanalyze. Thus…
  • When customers make quick and fast decisions, there’s usually a higher chance they will buy the product, because the benefits are still…


HOT And FRESH In Their Mind!

So, implement some time limits for your products and services…

And help your customers make faster decisions!

This not only benefits your business, but it also benefits your customers… because they don’t need to waste precious time and energy analyzing for weeks!



These conversion “hacks” you just learnt above can be combined and used together!

Whether you’re using scarcity and time limits to increase urgency…

Or whether you’re using “decoy” products to increase your sales…

You can actually apply them at the same time!

This not only causes your conversions to increase, but you’re also able to build more credibility and believability with your customers (i.e. when you use reviews and testimonials).

So go ahead… put these into action… and “hack” your conversions today!

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5 Conversion “Hacks” Smart Business Owners Secretly Use To Boost Their Sales And Profits… That They’ll Never Tell You About


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