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Sales Management Training | How to Discipline Without Being a Dick

sales management dickNo sales management professional really wants to be a dick.

But sometimes, you gotta be a dick.

And that “sometimes” occurs when your sales reps are no longer listening to you.

It usually happens when they think your sales management leadership is weak.

Don’t worry.

It’s happened to me and it has happened to every Sales Management professional who’s reading this post at least once (and there are a few of them) :-)

So what do you do when they start “tuning you out”?

Do you:

  • Crack down hard and make em all “bow to your every command”?
  • Just continue as if nothing is happening?

It’s a tough choice. A choice that will in fact determine your Sales Management Leadership for months to come.

So as the Elder Knight states in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, you must not “choose poorly”….

No matter what kind of sales leader you are, you CAN re-establish your sales Management leadership through an easy Sales Management Training method that’ll re-establish your sales leadership and authority in a matter of days.

Sales Management Training to Train Your Reps

You most likely have deadlines that you need to meet, like a weekly sales report you send to your boss or maybe a daily activity report on your sales reps you need to send by email to your superiors.

Let’s say that one of your sales reps is constantly late on the submission of their sales reports to you, therefore making you late for YOUR report.

Sound familiar?

It should, because its one of the most common issues sales management students have in the Sales Management Mastery Academy.

Its because the tardiness of those tasks being completed by your sales reps is a huge issue if they don’t do it. When you have to hand in your sales report and are missing a few from your sales team, its a big issue. And an unfortunate but significant indicator of your lack of sales management leadership.

So what do you do to win it back?

Well, the very first step is to call them out on it.

In my own personal sales management training, I am continually amazed at how many sales managers DON’T do this. It floors me how much crap some sales managers put up with.

Someone totally disregards your authority and you IGNORE IT?

Not good.

Sales Management and The Weekly Report

Lets say one of your sales reps repeatedly doesn’t send in his weekly sales report.

The first thing you do is to call them on it. You IMMEDIATELY call them and ask them: “I noticed that you sent in your weekly a day late. Why is this?”

This may seem harsh and it may make you and them uncomfortable, but no matter.

Uncomfortable works.

Uncomfortable gets the job done.

Then you say: “My boss makes me send my report the day after I get it from you. When you send it to me a day late, it makes me late. Do you think that’s fair?”

Then wait for their answer. Don’t be mad. Don’t be upset. Just ask them.

I guarantee the next weekly report will be on time.

You can use this sales management technique for any infraction, minor or major, it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you use it.

Use it regularly and your sales management leadership will skyrocket, I guarantee it.

And your sales force will disrespect you no more.

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Sales Management Training | How to Discipline Without Being a Dick


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