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Fear, Failure and Hope

" In perplexity the fear of failure and the hope for success are always in conflict with each other, advancing and retreating " Rumi

One of the things I attempt to achieve each day is to read a poem or two by Rumi. It assists in clearing the mind of stuff that is running around with nowhere to go. Probably have read these lines about ten times, but they only struck me one day last week.

And they go back to the conflict man has had since the dawning of time. Should I follow my dreams ? Should I follow my heart or my head ? Everyone else is doing this, should I ? What happens if it becomes a success ? Where do I go if this fails ?

As you go through your day, the ebb and flow of fear of failure and the hope for success is like the ocean of tides. Sometimes you are optimistic and others doubtful. Is there a way to be more upbeat about your prospects and keep the doubts at bay.

Yes and no. Affirmations helps, being positive helps, but all it takes is one negative influence and the tide has turned and all you can see is the downside to what your dreams may hold for you.

What assists me and may be of benefit to you is to look at the risk. What is the worst downside if this venture goes belly up and what is the best possible outcome if this venture is successful. You can substitute the word idea for venture.

You can look at the risk in terms of both time on its own and money by itself. But the question I ask myself is can I afford this time, if the outcome is negative and what is the upside if things go well ?

Can I afford to lose X amount of money ? Sometimes you have to be prepared to have small losses because the upside when right can be staggering.  This swing between fear and hope is something you have to decide to deal with by yourself. No one on the outside can deal with perplexity that is in your mind, only you.

Sorry if you were looking for a quick fix, its not here. All I can do is share with you, that you are experiencing something mankind has been wrestling with since the barter system first took place. The person who was good at crafts had to decide if they made twenty items, could they barter them for enough provisions to keep his family fed, clothed and sheltered throughout the year.

But the one stumbling block in our decision making is our emotions. We are not as rational thinking as we would like to think, that is why the perplexity exists in our mind. It will never go away, but you can reason with yourself to a degree when looking at the upside or downside, in terms of time and money.

Hope is what keeps you going and hope is when you learn to ride the waves of perplexity.

Colin Myles
5 Keys to Doing Business with The Right People

" Emotions are the fuse that lights your decisions " Colin Myles

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Fear, Failure and Hope


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