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The Importance of Morale

100% of your customers are people
100% of your employees are people
If you don't understand people
You don't understand Business "   Simon Sinek

Morale can be said to be " the mental and emotional state of a group, led by enthusiasm and confidence".  It flows from how people are treated and communicated to as a human beings.

Morale ebbs and flows. If you want it to flow more than it ebbs, there are a couple of things you need to watch out for. Lets go back to two words "Treated " " Communication ".

It defies the law of life to believe you can communicate one thing and then act opposite to your communication and expect morale to flow. It won't, it ebbs. One big way to cause morale to ebb away is to try and pull the wool over people's eyes. I have probably worked and done business with people from about thirty different nationalities and have never met a single person who likes to be made feel a fool. Once people know they have been fooled, morale goes down the tube. This can be an institution or belief in your product or service.

People expect to be treated with a certain amount of dignity. Whether this is in the workplace or they are your customer. Treat them as second best and their morale or belief in you disappears. When their morale drops and they have lost faith, your sales go down. I think Richard Branson said it best " treat your employees as you would like them to treat your customers ".

You can see from the quote above this strange radical truth. 100% of your employees and customers are people. So to be a success in business you want people to be enthusiastic and have confidence in you. Their morale and level of happiness needs to be as high as possible for them to remain your customer.

Have you ever walked into a shop and felt invisible ?
Have you ever had a query and the person on the other end, made you feel a fool?

How high was your level of confidence and enthusiasm in doing business with them again ? Low !

Think of morale as floating about on the ether, confidence and enthusiasm effect it's ability to create magic for your business. Do you believe people have confidence and enthusiasm for your product or service.

Remember, the sales figures don't tell lies. Their is no numerical number you can attach to these two items in your account's ledger. Morale may appear to be mystical, but we all know it, because we feel it. We humans feel it, in how we have been treated and the confidence, the other side is going to deliver on their promises.

As  a living breathing person, you know when morale is high or low. It is not mystical but a human feeling and all your employees and customers are people.

Colin Myles Author

Over time, people will forget what you did, they will even forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."  Maya Angelou

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The Importance of Morale


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