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No Intention--No Money--No Way to Feed the Kids! How to Create Million Dollar Ideas Through Group Synergy

When you have become aware of your desire, it’s time to add intention to it. Intention, purpose, and desire are locked together like a divine trinity.

Wayne Dyer, in his lecture, The Secrets of the Power of Intention once said, “Intention is not something that has anything to do my ego at all. Intention is a Field of energy in the universe.” That is to say, intention, as far as its use in a business model, is devoid of the need to compete against another business because the need to compete is ego based.

No matter how we try to move forward in this discussion, we will inevitably come back again and again to this theme of synergy and holism. To adopt a synergistic attitude is a far better mindset to hold than to cling to the antiquated ideas of competition and domination. The latter stem from the idea that a single part is better than the whole. In other words, most corporate thinking is based on the notion that someone has to be number one. Don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with a company rising to the top in its chosen field, provided that the company is not looking to cut off the head of its competitors. This has proven to be an ineffective business strategy because the cutting of heads often lead to the cutting of jobs, the cutting of benefits, reduced wages and rampant outsourcing, the dismantling of the U.S. corporate structure and family life as a whole. This is the way that men do business--it should not be your way. If you don't believe me, look around; women, by and large, did not get the country in the current fix it now find itself in. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to form a cohesive mastermind group and tap in to the power of intention. The desire to create a better life for yourself is evident. Now its time to put purpose and intention behind your desire.

The beauty behind the meaning of intention lies within this thought: All creation has been intended and created on purpose from the Source, the Field of divine energy and intelligence. As such, all things are connected by intention to intention. Thus, all things are full of the power of intention.

Remember, it has already been established that ideas are non-exclusive because they are contained within the Field. In other words, ideas flow from the Source into the minds of men and women. Thus, everything you see is a Source idea. The Source provides the ideas, the materials and the know-how to bring things into manifestation. If you and your group are really aware of the divine connection between Source and yourselves, you will tap into this Field and things will flow freely.

Again, intention flows from the Source into the hearts and minds of men and women on a non-exclusive basis. Everyone, and I repeat, everyone, has access to the Field. You are within the Field and the Field is within you. What is required is an awareness of this statement as an experiential truth. Again, intention is contained within the Field and you are a part of this Field. Thus, ideas are freely given right along with intention--to bring or manifest these ideas into tangible forms.

Do not look at intention as merely as setting your mind upon something you want. Instead, look at intention in regard to the whole. It’s not about what you want, but what is good, enjoyable, pleasurable and beneficial to the whole, including yourself. Again the ego must dissolve into the whole. This is where synergy comes in. The group process is a wonderful way of moving several women into the realm of synergy to create great products and services. Always remember, the name of the game is Synergy. But what exactly is synergy? The answer is coming up in the next blog.

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No Intention--No Money--No Way to Feed the Kids! How to Create Million Dollar Ideas Through Group Synergy


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