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3 Reasons Why Commenting on Other Blogs is a Good Thing!

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When you mosey your way around the Internet, how often do you take the time to pause and comment on what you’ve read?

Sometimes? Never? Once in awhile?

Do you leave long, pensive comments on Facebook posts? Or maybe dole out quick RTs on Tweets that speak to you? Do you hit the love button on those Instagram photos that resonate with you or really do love, without leaving a comment? What about Commenting on blogs? Any words of thanks, agreement, or disagreement on blog posts that fill you with fiery inspiration?

We’re all familiar with digesting the barrage of content we encounter in our daily lives, but many of us are silent onlookers. We consume the words, but after that, we keep on keeping on.

I challenge you to change your lurking behavior and become more vocal about other people’s content.

I am about to convince you that commenting on other blogs is not only mannerly (which it is); but, doing so will help you with your own Marketing efforts!

3 Reasons to Comment on Blogs!

  1. You’ll find new readers. If you leave a thoughtful, well-written comment on a blog post you’ve read, people who resonate with your comment will naturally be interested in going to your blog to see other things you’ve written. Ta da! More visibility and more new readers.

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  2. You will make new connections. When you regularly comment on a particular blog (or blogs) the blog author will become familiar with you. One day, you’ll get a reciprocal comment, and who knows where that may lead. You may even eventually be asked to leave a guest post on someone else’s blog.
  3. Find new clients. Related to both points above, you may find new clients simply by leaving an intelligent, helpful comment on a blog post.

Engaging with content read by those you wish to work with will get you noticed. No doubt about it. 

3 Tips For Commenting on Blogs!

Be strategic. Look for blogs that would be widely read by members of your target audience and comment on them. Be thoughtful in your comment and keep to the subject, but sometimes you can make your comment relevant to your business, no matter what the topic of the post.

Share after commenting. Before you take the time to share a post, leave a comment. The benefits of commenting on blogs are twofold: you’re sharing good information and you’re also sharing your own thoughts on the article, which will only lead to a wider reach for you.

Leave a thoughtful comment. Please don’t just leave a quick line like “I like this article” or “good info.” That’s fine to say when Tweeting about the blog post; but when commenting on a blog post, make sure you leave a comment that provides value. If you loved the article, explain why. If you hated the article, discuss why (but please be nice!). The benefits of commenting on blogs will be realized when you give good, genuine responses.

There. Have I convinced you? I can almost hear the wheels spinning in your head as you finally understand why commenting on other blogs can be an important part of your online marketing strategy.

Now, let’s put what you’ve learned into action. I challenge you to leave a comment below about what you thought about this post!

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3 Reasons Why Commenting on Other Blogs is a Good Thing!


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