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CuraDebt financial solutions

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Financial crisis occurs to a person whose spending is more than his earnings. Sometimes, with the increase in standard of living of the person his purchasing power might not increase at same rate which leads to financial crises. This affects personal life leading to stress, anxiety and tension. Now here CuraDebt plays a role of a counselor providing solutions and remedies to bring financial stability.

About CuraDebt

CuraDebt is a company providing solutions for debt relief to individuals as well as small enterprise owners for over a decade. No other company in the industry is near to its competition because of the experienced and talented teams they own. For years they have adhered to their initial mission statement ‘helping individuals and small businesses with solutions that help put them in a better place’. If you want stress free life back, pick up your phone and call our counselor for free. The best program suitable as per your situation and problem will be provided and resolved.

Few of the many solutions available just for you:

Debt negotiation or Debt settlement

Debt settlement means both the debtor and creditor agrees to pay and receive, respectively, part of outstanding dues which is considered payment in full and person gets relieved from the debt. Monthly installments or any other option mutually agreed are executed for settlement. This option is suitable for unsecured properties and can be easily worked upon.

Business Debt consolidation:

The small business owners finds more difficulty in debt as their debt may increase as their business is about to ruined. Working capital is also required for day to day expenses of the business.

Business debt consolidation program or also known as business debt management program will help in generating this liquid cash which will further increase business income by investing. This program best suited to non critical business debts. Now you are free to focus on your business rather than creditors.

If you go to an attorney for solution your cost and debt increases as you owe money to attorney fees, court hearings, interest unpaid and many more. Don’t think and give us a call today and live stress free.

CuraDebt unique process:

Firstly you make a toll free call which on other hand is received by our representative who would patiently listen and understand your problem. For better understanding he/she might probe and learn your short and long term goals and recommends a suitable solution.
For people with both personal and business debts a proper extensive solution is recommended.

CuraDebt Debt settlement program will provide solution for all financial crises. For individual with personal or business debt the award-winning CuraDebt consumer credit counseling program will take your situation and resolve it and make you debt free. Whether you opt for Debt negotiation or Debt consolidation, you are assured of your money is in safe hands.

In debt negotiation, CuraDebt will ask you to park your funds in another account for certain time period instead of paying to your creditors account. On your behalf they will negotiate to pay fewer amounts then the total outstanding amount. This way you could be debt free easily and quickly.

In debt consolidation, CuraDebt will provide you loan with lower interest rates, easy monthly installments and less tenor for all your outstanding debts. This way also you could be debt free easily and quickly.

Now what you thinking, give a call on 1-877-850-3328 to CuraDebt right away to get financial assistance from a company which is more than a decade old.

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is a common term used for many debt free programs. These are mostly not much reliable programs as they might bring worst for you. Below is the list of debt consolidation programs available:

Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Program

A non-profit debt consolidation program (also known as a debt management program, credit counseling program, non-profit credit counseling program) is a creditor sponsored program designed for the individuals who are not in a capacity to pay even minimum amount of monthly debt.

To avail this program the person will have to pay at least a 2% minimum payment each month plus a fee to the credit counseling agency. In turn the credit counseling agency will make one payment to creditor each month. Traditionally the creditor would lower the interest rate also up to 0% but now a day’s creditors do not even lower the interest rates but also denies working under such plans. There is a risk of getting terminated from the program if payment is missed or late.

Individual credit report still shows the payment made by third party i.e. (the debt consolidation credit counseling agency) who is perceived by lenders differently few considering credit rating on this program to a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

This simply means taking one loan to clear other loan dues. This is done to seek low interest rate or fixed interest rate or convenience. This will lead an individual to even worse condition. The best alternative is to seek help from CubaDebt counselor and live tension free.

Secured Debt Consolidation Loan

Dream home or other secured property is a costly affair so many loan offers will be availed for you which seems attractive but will actually put you in trouble. This might eliminate your credit scores but your creditworthiness is at doubt.

CuraDebt unique process:

Now in these cases the best option is to avail debt settlement .Here you will have to deposit funds in a trust account and debt Settlement Company on behalf of you will reach for a solution with your creditor keeping in mind the funds collected, making possible as much as saving for you and as fast as possible. Here your home or property is not affected if you miss any installment as program is designed to end up your debts in your favor savings for you from the money collected.

Get a free consultation at 1-877-850-3328 and allow CuraDebt counselor find out the best solution just for you.

Debt Relief Options

Below are the options available to make you debt free:

Do nothing and continue paying the minimum payments, if possible.

This option will lead you nowhere as it is not improving your condition. Most part of your installment is only the interest amount and hardly the principle is reduced. If you pay regularly and then miss a month payment or need more loan than your debt is certainly going to increase. The late payment fees and other additional cost or increase in rate of interest will worsen your debt.

Hence, instead of thinking to negotiate to your creditor on your own here we are as a helping hand to negotiate on your behalf .With the expertise and experience of negotiating in these industries will close a fair and superior deal for our clients.

For free consultation call at 1-877-850-3328 and allow CuraDebt counselor to assist you.

Inherit a lot of money or win the lottery.

This is simply a waste of time or neglecting a problem. Have courage to face the problem before it gets worst. Better sooner than later. The chance to win a lottery as per records is 1 in 175,223,510.00 so probably paying your debts by this mode is 0. Hence, opt for best program available and suitable for you from Cuba debt.

File Bankruptcy.

A legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay outstanding debts. The bankruptcy process begins with a petition filed by the debtor (most common) or on behalf of creditors (less common). All of the debtor’s assets are measured and evaluated, whereupon the assets are used to repay a portion of outstanding debt. Upon the successful completion of bankruptcy proceedings, the debtor is relieved of the debt obligations incurred prior to filing for bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy should be the last option. This means you have tried upon all available options like negotiating for credit card debt settlement, credit card debt consolidation, and debt management options. Bankruptcy will have long term effect on your life both personally and financially as for next ten years it will reflect on your credit report any you may not be able to get any loan, credit, rent a house, car finance or not even a job. Think and think before filing bankruptcy.

However, with no other option on hand, to live debt free and save home and other assets you end up filling bankruptcy. Creditor cannot sue you for pending dues after you declare bankruptcy.

Types of bankruptcy:

There are three options for filing bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (for individuals) and Chapter 11 (for businesses).
In Chapter 11, businesses negotiate with lenders to repay their debts. Lenders have to agree upon a repayment plan from business and all prior contracts are null and void. The assets of the business are to be sold to pay off debts. In future company will have problem getting credit.

In Chapter 7, all your assets are sold and money generated is distributed amongst debtors. This will eliminate all your dues.
To qualify for Chapter 7, you have to prove that you have no other way to repay your debts. Additionally, you need to make less than the average median income for your state. You may not file for Chapter 7 if you’ve filed and been approved for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or completed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the past 6 years.

In Chapter 13, is a common option and requires negotiating with your lender to repay dues. It is mandatory to have repayment plan based on your ability to earn and repay but should be paid between 3 to 5 years. The court might be liberal to you and deduct the fees and interest amount making you repay only the principle amount.

Anyone who earns the median average income for their state and has no more than $250K in unsecured debt and $750K in secured debt will only qualify for chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

After bankruptcy debts:

Do you know, Bankruptcy will reflect on your credit report for 10 years? You will have to repay dues regularly as per negotiated plan. If not then your creditors might take action against you and can even ask court to dismiss bankruptcy case. This leads to paying your dues in full.
To avoid selling your assets, spoiling your credit report and credit worthiness better look for alternatives.
Please feel free to call our counselor at toll free number 1-877-850-3328.

Other options:

Desperate people look out for quick and prompt solutions without doing research and end up paying more. They might get stressed or frustrated by the end less collection calls asking for money or similar things. Whatsoever the situation one should not give up likewise and with proper guidance and assistance should get rid of all dues.

For best assistance and solution talk to our client representative now on 1-877-850-3328.

Apart from these details 19 solid facts to trust CubaDebt for you and your family:

1. Experience of more than 13 years.
2. Member of NetCheck with no Complaints.
3. Less than 21% fees of total debt flat fees.
4. No monthly fees.
5. Paid months of Credit restoration for successful completion of program with a top rated credit restoration law firm.
6. Complaints with federal laws with no fees charges in advance of delivering result.
7. Staff with previous experience in debt consolidation.
8. A rated or better with Better Business Bureau (BBB).
9. Fewer than 2 complaints closed with BBB in last one year.
10. Ranks amongst top 2 in top consumer review as best debt relief companies for past 5 years.
11. Online reviews are verified from independent reviewer from a site separate then company website
12. Over 400 five star reviews on or other independent rating site.
13. American fair credit council member in good standing(the leading debt relief industry association)
14. Member of HonestE Online with No complaints.
15. If applicable offers tax relief and counseling.
16. #1 rated with Top Consumer reviews for Tax Relief counseling.
17. Member of online Business Bureau in ‘Good Standing’.
18. US Chamber of Commerce Member 2014
19. Over 150 viewable settlement letters online, showing settlement dating back to 1998 and more available upon client request.

CuraDebt’s talented and experienced counselor are ready to listen and find solutions to bring your financial stability back.
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CuraDebt financial solutions


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