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Our expert trader and educator Peter Bain founded in the year 2003 after getting aware of the misinformation being dispersed to new Forex traders.

In the initial stage of his career, Peter, himself, learned trading method from few of the top traders from reputable trading firms. He spent, 18-month period learning in detail Forex Trading not slowing even a minor detail to left. Over certain period of time, he urged to develop a simple though powerful Forex trading system on the basis of his study. Today, his trading system works in the lines with the techniques used by many other trading houses.

Today Forexmentor community consist of thousands of members and a powerful team of experienced trainers and mentors working hard and providing world-class education to aspiring traders for all required skills and tactics of trading with comprehensive video courses and live training services on the internet.

Forexmentor has assisted over 27,000 traders just like you to learn forex trading successfully and consistently. If you are a beginner or want to improve your trading skills and results, our simple and self-paced Forex trading courses will allowed you to build a consistent income from forex trading just like our thousands of other members.

Our Commitment

Forexmentor is committed and honest to its original objective to empower the Forex trading community with the highest quality training at the most reasonable prices. We offer online training courses for a beginner or someone who aspires to excel in forex trading and earn a stable income from forex markets.

Guidelines to get started

Our objective is to provide you with the best training experience. Unlike other websites providing such services we won’t lie that the Forex trading is quite easy and overnight trading can make you rich.

We recommend our new traders to think Forex trading in contras manner. Think of it as an easy task, it will get much harder or else think as difficult, and then it will become easier for you to learn.

We impart right training to a complete novice or an expert trader from our comprehensive library of Forex trading courses. To help you determine and start your learning journey with us choose the correct learning path for you by referring the guidelines as mentioned below:
Novice or Beginner Forex Trader

If you are new to Forex trading or have some experience in equity trading but never traded into forex market then select a course from under this category. We provide a 6-week learning plan to help you get started.

1. Week 1: Learn the basics of forex
Fast track to forex
2. Week 2-4: Classic forexmentor strategies
How to trade currencies like the ‘big dogs’ i.e. top traders in market
Forex money makers
3. Week 5-6: Diving deeper
Top killer trader mistakes
Forex support & resistance
Developing Forex Trader

If you are already aware about the basic concepts of Forex trading and want to learn the proven strategies developed and practiced by the mentors at opt for this program. This is an 8 week learning plan to take your trading understanding to the next level.

1. Week 1-2: Master our popular Fx trading strategies
A coach’s guide to forex trading the forex
2. Week 3-8: Master our popular fx trading strategies and tactics

  • Recurring forex patterns or,
  • London close trade strategy or,
  • Coach’s corner or,
  • Fund trader academy or,
  • Fibonacci swing trader or,
  • Fx systemslab
  • Forexmentors, training Forex traders worldwide since 2003 offers you with many course options to select from:
  • Home study video courses
  • Getting Started or Beginner
  • Learn Forex Now! new
  • Fast-Track to Forex
  • Forex Money Makers
  • Forex Support & Resistance
  • Coach’s Guide to Forex Trading
  • Trade Forex Like the ‘Big Dogs’
  • Mastering MetaTrader in 90 Min.
  • Forex Breakouts
  • Developing Traders
  • Advanced Forex Price Action
  • Forex Master Blueprint
  • High Reward – Low Risk Forex Trading
  • Psychology of Institutional Traders
  • High Probability Reversal Patterns
  • Driving Your Way to Success
  • Inside the Banks
  • Optimal Trade Entry & Position Management
  • Forex strategy courses
  • Popular courses
  • “Day In The Life” Workshop
  • FX SystemsLab
  • London Close Trading Strategy
  • Recurring Forex Patterns
  • Tactical FX Trend Strategies
  • Forex Profits with MACD
  • More Strategies
  • Advanced Forex Tactics
  • A Working Man’s Position Trading System
  • High Probability Reversal Patterns
  • Forex Training services
  • Forexmentor Live! new
  • FX News Breakout Trade
  • Daily Trade Plan
  • Forex Patterns Daily Review
  • COT MarketWatch
  • FXM TrendTrader
  • FX Coach’s Corner
  • London Close Daily Update
  • Personal Coaching

A Complete and Most Popular Collection of Home Study Courses

All of our mentors and trainers at forexmentor trade Forex on their own to enhance their trading experience to create and develop the most complete and affordable Forex educational series available to you today. Your qualification or background or your current trading skill doesn’t matter to impart you training. We are here to make you learn Forex trading and earn stable income. Below is the full list of our most popular forex home video courses just for you.

Recurring Forex Patterns: Identify and earn profit from currency price patterns that persist constantly throughout any trading session. This is one of the safest and best opportunities for the active forex trader to earn profits.

London close trade strategy: Instead of spending whole day in forex trading learn this time-specific and very profitable forex trading technique

Fast track to forex: A special foundation course for new traders with a comprehensive introduction to all the variations and differences of trading in the forex market.

Forex money makers: The founder himself shares his own time-tested and flexible forex trading strategies to get back on the path of earning profits.

Learn forex now: It provides the overview of the forex industry, most practical and realistic details to make you a competent practitioner in trading.

Driving your way to success: One of the mentor shares his own four years experience of getting into forex trade. He narrates his focus and developing a required psychological skill which can help you to achieve completely new levels.

In “a day in the life of a forex trader”: Learn the day trade techniques and insights that would provide amazing 92% success rate.
Fx systems lab monthly: A new trading system is made available to you every month. We believe in providing a basic stuff which could be applied in trading sessions to making money in the global forex market.

Advanced forex price action techniques: A practical course with live trading examples and practical techniques. The mentor makes the traders to learn and focus on situations where you can earn from larger picture instead of focusing on individual trade outcome.
Tactical Fx trend strategy: The step-by-step video course which shows the trend and tactics used by one full time successful trader.
High reward, low risk forex trading: This triple course combo teaches the important trading skill of maximizing your reward while minimizing your risk exposure.

Trade currencies like the ‘big dogs’: It provides learning of the forex spot market properly in a day.
Forex master blueprint: It teaches you how the forex market fluctuates and how to trade and earn profits from them.
Top 20 killer trader mistakes: Think in a way the winners would think, and learn how to avoid the mistakes that the unsuccessful traders continually make.
Forex support & resistance: Understand the key levels in the market and gain full knowledge of them just like big trading houses does.
Coach’s guide to building a success trading plan: A self study program that allows traders to review and learn the same winning strategies any time anywhere.

A working man’s position trading system: This video course consists of the simple forex trading strategies to trade successfully while keeping your day job intact.

Inside the banks: Learn the big trends and fluctuations in forex market from an insider who shares how cta’s, fund managers & bank traders use company fundamentals & analysts reports to gain in this market.

High probability reversal patterns: Learn to accurately predict the forthcoming fluctuations of your favorite currency pair and patiently wait to gain from them.

Advanced forex tactics: The most valuable insider forex information unavailable anywhere. Gaining knowledge from this course will surely save your thousands of dollars.

Psychology and risk of institutional traders: A very unique training program to help traders develop & maintain psychological expertise which is an important skill for long-term success.

Optimal trade entry and position management: This practical course teaches you to find an optimal entry point and the techniques to effectively manage forex trades.

Fx news breakout trade: It teaches you how to identify and filter potentially market-moving news events. You learn how to execute and manage trades in a low-risk, high reward or risk conclusion market moves.

Forexmentor Guarantee

Since 2003, we have a very respectful track record as we believe in fair practices with our clients. So learn from our proven trading systems, home study courses and mentoring programs now and start implementing all these strategies and techniques in forex market to earn profits.
If you are unable to earn money by trading with our proven methods, we offer a 30 day return option. Send us the course back within 30 days of purchase date in an original form along with a copy of your receipt. Please note as some online services and courses are online in nature they are not refundable. Please check before placing an order on the product’s order page for details.

Contact Forexmentor

We would love to receive your call for any question or query or in doubt. Please use our email fill-in form on our website at, or call us at 800-516-0234(within North America) or 604-953-0234 (for International calls). With our efforts we would try to resolve your query as soon as possible or within 12 hours of its receipt.


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