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The Best Property Podcasts 2021

With the number of active listeners across the UK growing exponentially, podcasts have revolutionised how we consume information – whilst bringing a much wider range of voices and ideas to the forefront.

The Property sector is no exception.  Indeed, since the last update, we’re now excited to present a much wider range of ‘on demand’ audio to check out – including some new stateside listens as well as a number of interesting YouTube channels.

Accessible for free to anyone with a smartphone, the growing number of podcasts specifically dedicated to the property industry has been particularly encouraging. Excitingly, as more property podcasters compete for listenership, content quality and production values continue to improve.

If we’ve missed any, please drop us an email at [email protected]

Inside Property Investing Podcast

Inside Property Investing

Frequency: Weekly

The @InsidePropertyInvesting podcast regularly shares stories of active property investors, developers and entrepreneurs alongside presenter monologues of real-time experiences in the ever-changing sector.

Notable guests include investor and former AirBnB employee Danny Rusteen on short-term lets, Maria Thomson on commercial to residential conversions in Scotland, SSAS pensions with Kevin Whelan and the likes of seasoned investors including Adam Lawrence and Saif Derzi.

The podcast is hosted by Mike and Victoria Stenhouse, specialists in high-end HMO and serviced accommodation development as well as commercial to residential conversions.

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The Property Podcast

The Property Podcast

Frequency: Bi-weekly

This well-produced and impressively consistent podcast is delivered by the co-founders of @PropertyHubUK, Rob Bence and Rob Dix.  It’s a great source of advice regarding property investment for those starting out or managing sizeable portfolios. It includes discussions with industry experts, candid updates on the Property Hub’s own development activities, weekly news updates and handy resources. 

The Property Podcast regularly explores the property cycle, market predictions, how to conduct a review of your property portfolio, the impact of Brexit / coronavirus on UK property, refurbishment mistakes, investing remotely and plenty of other fascinating subjects besides.

The podcast explores themes applicable to wider life too, such as the negotiation of deals, business and personal development tools / recommendations.

The recently-launched sister podcast Any Other Business which delves into the day-to-day realities of running their property businesses.

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The Property Voice Podcast

The Property Voice

Frequency: Weekly

One of the longest-running podcasts on this list, The Property Voice first hit in 2015. It’s presented by Richard W J Brown (@PropertyVoiceUK), a seasoned global property investor, developer and writer.

The podcast’s main themes are the property market and smart investment. More recently, the podcast has explored how to become your own bank / finance broker, who controls house prices, adding value to property, a range of cautionary tales about the property industry as a whole as well as a series of interviews with a wide range of full-time property investors.

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Frequency: Weekly

One of our new favourites, property investor and developer Rod Turner fronts this insightful podcast which focuses on the practical details of property development and investment as well as the broader fields of real estate business and asset-backed investments.

More recently, the Rodcast has featured various experts deep-diving areas as diverse as prime Central London property, institutional residential investment, commercial property, inheritance planning, tax planning / incorporation in light of the Section 24 legislation, insolvency, stamp duty land tax alongside fascinating discussions on the wider economy and the effect on property.

Some of the interviewees and co-presenters include CEO of Viewber Ed Mead, investor Helen Chorley, trader/investor Kwasi Affum, property trader/developer Ross Harper, former banker Ayesha Ofori, VAT specialist Jane Deeks, investor Adam Lawrence, Irish commercial property developer Gavin Gallagher, LHA lettings expert John Paul and Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action.

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The Return: Property & Investment Podcast

Frequency: Twice monthly

Since its advent in 2018, presented by @annaclareharper, The Return touches not only on property but on the wider world of business investment, management and development.

In recent months, the podcast has aired in-depth conversations with CIO of SPI Capital Damien Fogg, CEO of Hearthstone Investments Cedric Butcher, Founder of Urban Splash Tom Bloxham, Zoopla’s Head of Research Gráinne Gilmore and CEO of REalyse Gavriel Merkado.

Its most recent discussions have included the impact of the COVID-19 on property investment and the value of data as a commodity within real estate, amongst a wide range of other topics.

Check out Anna’s most recent contribution to our annual expert forecast post and her Tedx Talk on socially responsible housing investment.

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The Straight Talking Property Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

Providing guidance and tips for up and coming property investors from industry experts Ashley Banfield, Immanuel Ezekiel and Jimmy London, this podcast does what it says on the tin.

The Straight Talking Property Podcast teaches listeners to make professional standard investments and prepare for success, discussing everything from raising finance and managing cash flow to developing the right mindset.

The latest episodes have included tips on how to prepare a property business for the post COVID-19 operating environment.

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Behind the Facade

Behind the Facade

Frequency: Weekly

A relatively new podcast, hosted by accomplished property entrepreneur Gavin Gallagher, Behind The Facade explores the often overlooked but critically important mindset and emotional game governing success in real estate.

As well as reflecting on his own career highs and lows, Gavin serves up some excellent monologues and discussions with a wide range of experienced investors and business people including Scottish commercial property investor Jerry Alexander (see below), financial markets expert Jason Graystone, flexi-office expert Adam Blaskey as well as a number of wider business experts.

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Mark My Words

Mark My Words (Property Podcast)

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

As an experienced property developer and co-founder of Progressive Property, with extensive knowledge of property and it’s key interrelationships with the wider economy, Mark Homer imparts his thoughts on this podcast.

Alongside updates on his own property ventures, past episodes have delved into commercial to residential development, planning policy and legislation, fundraising, property surveying, HMOs and buy-to-let property management as well as alternative investing strategies.

In the podcast’s most recent episodes, Mark has celebrated his 100th episode with an ‘ask me anything’ edition alongside Covid-19 updates for both property investors and business owners.

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Progressive Property Podcast

Progressive Property Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

Another now well-established podcast focuses chiefly on property investment and is pitched primarily at “buy & hold investors, flippers, deal packagers or multi-letters”.

Past episodes of Progressive Property Podcast have discussed domination of one’s specialist field, legislation affecting landlords + developers, property conversion on a commercial scale, buy-refurbish-refinance (BRR) / momentum investment approaches, less common strategies like serviced accommodation / AirBnB or running rent-to-rent projects, renovation, finances and taxation.

Recently, the podcast has looked at the best uses of the Covid-19 UK lockdown and conversations with Progressive Property mentees.

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Tej Talks Podcast

Tej Talks Property Podcast

Frequency: At least weekly

Presenter Tej Singh equips property investors with the wider world of business in this superb regular podcast. 

An investor and entrepreneur himself, he has touched on a wide range of valuable subjects throughout the life of his podcast thus far, including the management of serviced accommodation and rent-to-rent property, Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and the building of portfolios – as well as providing specialist insights into angel finance, working with private investors and deal packaging.

Recent Tej Talks episodes have discussed ways in which business people can work to ensure that their ventures survive the Covid-19 crisis, as well as brand-building and time management.

With great additional advice surrounding attitude and approaches to business – including marketing and networking – this podcast is a must for anyone running a business, both inside and outside of property.

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Optimise Accountants‘ Property Channel

Optimise Accountants’ Property Channel

Frequency: Weekly

Now mainly published on YouTube, the content – bought to you by Simon Misiewicz @Optimise_Tax focuses exclusively on accountancy and tax advisory matters for property professionals.

With discussions ranging from property purchases made via special purchase vehicles to tips regarding stamp duty, inheritance and capital gains taxes, estate, retirement, wealth planning, self-employment tax management and mortgage interest relief as well as approaches to incorporation.  Simon also hosts expert panels with industry experts across the board, also available on this channel.

More recently, the channel has address a range of topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic including the furlough scheme and its relevance for property investors, job retention and mortgage holidays for buy-to-let investors.

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Property Magic Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

With its first episode airing towards the end of 2019, Property Magic is full of fresh ideas and info from a seasoned expert.

Focussing mainly on property investment, the podcast contains insights and information from Simon Zutshi’s book of the same name, Property Magic, as well as additional tips from his experience as an investor.

An investor since 1995, host Simon has a significant track record in the industry, having founded and chaired both PIN (the property investor’s network) and CrowdProperty, a peer to peer investment and lending platform. 

Recent episodes focus on strategies and techniques that will help to protect your portfolio from potentially volatile market conditions as well as momentum investing and raising your profile to attract investors.

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This Week in Property

This Week in Property Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

This Week in Property features in-depth discussions on all things property. Hosted by Richard Swan, the podcast regularly features guest experts who offer opinions and advice on a range of relevant-related matters.

Past conversations aired on This Week in Property have included how tech is chaging the sector,  ways to prepare for a financial crash, the raising of finance through means such as SSASs, the marketing of a property business, wealth management and estate planning and balancing good business with giving.

The most recent episodes have focused on the responses of property businesses to the Covid-19 crisis as well as property investing in Scotland and Ireland.

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A Cup of Tea with Rick G

Cup of Tea with Rick G

Frequency: Thrice monthly

A podcast for those ‘looking to be inspired by like-minded successful people’, A Cup of Tea with Rick G offers various nuggets of wisdom for those wishing to build practical skills that will benefit their ventures within the property industry

Hosted by property investor Rick Gannon, past episodes of the podcast have focused on building strong cash-flowing property portfolios, negotiation and the reduction of tenant arrears. It has also aired interviews with a variety of experts in the rental, business and planning sectors.  

Recent episodes have focused on the Covid-19 crisis, along with questions surrounding private rented sector / landlord legislation.  The podcast also features flash briefings, with tidbits of useful information.

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The Coreco Mortgage & Property Podcast

The Coreco Property Podcast

Frequency: Occasional

Coreco is a top London mortgage brokerage. The firm’s eponymous podcast discusses trending matters related to property, including various lending markets, buy-to-let investment, financing property developments, mortgage lending regulation, property and mortgage tech and the relationship between politics and property.

Hosted by Coreco founding director Andrew ‘Monty’ Montlake, the podcast also regularly hosts interviews with his colleagues along with property and mortgage experts, including representatives from the likes of Santander and the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries as well as numerous mortgage and finance specialists.

More recently, the Coreco podcast spoke to Rachel Neale from UK Mortgage Prisoners and published a ‘lockdown’ edition with property expert Louisa Fletcher and founder of Viewber Ed Mead.

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Game of Loans

Frequency: Weekly

The Game of Loans podcast is hosted by property investment specialist Sam Norris and provides great advice and information surrounding finance for property and business.

Episodes tend to range between 40 minutes and an hour in length – with a few bite-sized updates thrown in along the way. The podcast hosts discussions with seasoned property professionals who explain the lessons they’ve learned throughout their career.

Recent discussions have covered deal sourcing and social media for business.

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My Property World Podcast

My Property World Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

A relatively new podcast hosted by Will Mallard aimed at examining the “what, where, why and how of making money in property”.

Some of the more recent titles include “How Nice Guys Win in Property Development (Using Strategic Partnerships, Clear Communication & Relationships) (with Richard Little)”; “Solo Housing – Housing People Who are Alone in the World” (with Carolyn Howell); “How Property Sourcers Can Close More Deals Fast” and “Find & Analyse your Deal in Seconds” (with PropTech founder Nitin Aggarwal of Property Deals Insight).

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Henry Pryor‘s Podcast

Frequency: Occasional

Property specialist @HenryPryor is regularly called upon to provide expert advice and opinions across several mainstream media channels.

From up to date information about the UK property market to current trends and predictions for the future, past episodes have discussed Brexit and COVID-19’s impact, buy-to-let, the potential for future market crashes and numerous other valuable tidbits.

In recent episodes, Henry has talked with Jeremy Vine and the BBC’s Ian Collins about the COVID-19 lockdown’s impact on property sales. He also joined a panel of experts for Moneybox live to discuss government support for landlords and tenants during the crisis.

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EG (Estates Gazette) Podcast

EG (Estates Gazette) Podcast

Frequency: At Least Once a Week

Popular property business magazine Estates Gazette runs a podcast dedicated to property news and discussion. The presenters are EG journalists, and the episodes they produce include interviews and debates with numerous knowledgeable guests, including PropTech gurus, legal experts, property developers and consultants and specialists in property management, sales and the rental sector. 

The podcast’s most recent episodes have covered topics such as risks to the real estate loan market created by Covid-19, approaches to sustainability and a spotlight study of the future of Birmingham.

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Commercial Property Investor Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

Hosted by multiple-unit commercial property investor Jerry Alexander, this refreshingly frank podcast involves no-nonsense discussions and insights into this often unexplored sector.

Some of the recent topics of discussion include understanding the commercial property market, preparing for inflation, 10 steps deal analysis process, alternative finance for the re-development phase, container storage investment alongside regular market analysis.

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SSAS Podcast (with Mark Stokes)

SSAS Podcast (with Mark Stokes)

Hosted by Mark Stokes, this unique podcast primarily focuses on Small Self-Administered Scheme pensions and their relationship with property investment.

The podcast has featured interviews with crowdfunders Mike Bristow of CrowdProperty and Rob Wilkinson of Crowd With Us in addition to a number of professional investors who have successfully deployed SSAS pensions within their long-term strategies.

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The Property Nomads Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

With a focus on the human side of property, including history and attitudes across the world, this podcast encourages listeners to explore their own mindsets and look more deeply into their property related activities.

Subjects include the impact of buildings on their surrounding civilisations throughout history, the attitudes towards entrepreneurship and ways in which you – as a businessperson and individual – can deal with adversity in all its forms.

Most recently, the podcast has explored ways in which you can grow your property business despite Covid-19, top book recommendations and the topic of matching-up developers with investors.

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Hamilton Fraser’s Property Podcast

Hamilton Fraser Property Podcast

Frequency: Bimonthly

Hamilton Fraser – providers of specialist private rental sector insurance – presents this hands-on podcast that is particularly useful for letting agents, landlords and property managers.

Presented by Paul Shamplina of Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords on Channel 5 and renowned buy-to-let expert the podcast features discussions with seasoned landlords, mortgage lenders, tenant mediation / rent arrears specialits amongst other industry professionals.

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Frequency: Twice a Week

Named after US real estate investment company, a resource for up and coming investors to generate leads online, this podcast is presented by its CEO, Trevor Mauch.

CarrotCast examines the unique journeys of Mauch and other experts that saw them achieve their current successes, picking out lessons and tips along the way. Episodes don’t just focus on industry-specific matters – there are also guides on how to improve your personal performance in day to day life, becoming more productive and motivated. 

Listeners can also pick up handy advice on building investment momentum and growing a business without losing sight of their goals.

Recently, CarrotCast has held a discussion with ex-prisoner turned successful real estate wholesaler Ben Lovro as well as an examination of the ways in which investors continue to make progress during the Covid-19 crisis.

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The Science of Flipping

Frequency: Twice Weekly

Another podcast from across the pond that provides expert insight into universal real estate approaches and techniques.   Professional real estate investor Justin Colby shares his knowledge with listeners, providing guidance for everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned property-flippers and traders.

The podcast airs interviews too, in which the property industry is explored and discussed by a range of US-based investment specialists and other experts.

In recent episodes, The Science of Flipping has discussed skip tracing to find sellers, handling short sales, whether direct mail still works, estimating renovation costs, Google pay per click, partnering with a mentor and wholesale property trading.

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Cash Flow Connections (Real Estate Podcast)

Frequency: At Least Twice Weekly

Presented by Hunter Thompson, Founder of Asym Capital and author of ‘Raising Capital for Real Estate: How to Attract Investors, Establish Credibility and Fund’. The program provides insights into the world of commercial real estate through interviews with some of the leading investors, sponsors, authors and managers in the US.

Much of the content is centered on cash flow focused asset classes such as mobile home parks, self-storage, multi-family and office amongst other types of real estate investment strategies.

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Property on Fire

Property On Fire

Frequency: Weekly

A relatively new podcast hosted by Ian Walmsley of Planning Geek predominantly focused on planning from a third-generation developer’s point of view. Ian also companies involved with residential development around the UK, developing affordable homes for local authorities and housing associations as well as land sourcing and sales

As well as interesting monologues and planning-related insights, Ian speaks with social housing providers, rent-to-rent, HMO and other active investors.

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Frequency: Monthly

Hosted by partner at law firm Mishcon de Reya Susan Freeman, in association with the London Real Estate Forum, the podcast features long-form conversations with a ‘mix of property personalities that define and make a difference to the industry’.

Recent interviewees include Rebeca Guzman Vidal (head of retail at international investor, asset manager and developer Chelsfield), Ronen Journo (European Head of Operations and Senior Managing Director at international real estate firm Hines), James Reynor (CEO of Grosvenor Britain and Ireland).

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How to Raise Money Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

This podcast is for anyone who wants to raise other people’s money for business and property ventures.

Ray McLennan (business owner, property investor, angel finance expert and solicitor) and Nigel Best (business owner, property investor, digital marketer and accountant) discuss a range of topics including using Clubhouse to raise capital, lockdown money issues, SSAS pensions, the rise of challenger banks amongst others.

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Property Jam

Property Jam

Frequency: Weekly

Hosts Jo Akhgar, Matt Baker and Niall Scott aim to uncover the human side of property through conversation and experience in dealing with property investment and developments.

They aim to create a regular space for ‘anyone at any stage in their property path to share, care, despair and hilare’ by drawing on our own property pathways. Recent interviewees include ‘entrepre-nurse’ Catherine Croghan, Andi Cooke and Lloyd Girardi from White Box Property, Kevin Whelan from Wealth Builders and Lisa Brown of Supported Living Gateway.

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The Business of Property

The Business of Property Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

This podcast follows the journey of two entrepreneurs working in the property world. Stuart Lordan is a property investor with a focus on HMOs, mostly for the student market. He prefers a hands-off approach with most of his investment properties being remote. Simon Pither has a small portfolio of vanilla buy-to-let properties that he mostly self-manages.

Along with guests, they discuss the ups and downs they’re experiencing in their property businesses. Along the way they share property news, business tips and anything else that happens to crop up their weekly chats.

Some of the popular topics have included getting started in property, property investment / strategy terms (jargon-busting), time management, angel investing and property finance more widely.

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Hardcore Property Podcast

The Hardcore Property Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

Presented by Paul McFadden, this podcast aims to provide a ‘roadmap to success in UK Property’ regardless of your circumstances, and whether you’re looking to get started, or accelerate an existing property business.

Some of the topics covered include ‘The Truth About What Motivates Us’, ‘Life is a Numbers Game’, ‘How to Spend Your Time Like a Property Pro’, ‘Lockdown Survival Tips for Businesses’ and ‘Unlock Your Full Potential’.

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Goliath Sourcing Academy Podcast

Goliath Sourcing Academy Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

The Goliath Sourcing Academy is the podcast for all property sourcers new and experienced.  Hosts Mark Dunsmore and Brad Lazarus discuss a variety of different property sourcing-related strategies, tactics, hints and tips. Each episode covers a listener Q&A session where we help you solve a specific problem that’s holding your property business back.

They go deep into various innovative and advanced strategies for sourcing better and more property deals as well as reveal various marketing, business systems and outsourcing hacks designed to help you do more property deals using less of your valuable time.

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This Property Life

This Property Life

Frequency: Weekly

This podcast features weekly interviews with rare and unique insights into the lives of successful property investors who share their wins, their challenges and their top tips to help you in your own property investment journey.

Also featuring panel discussions where experienced investors get together to take a deep-dive into a specific property topic with invaluable, real-life advice from a guest panellist with a proven track record in that area.

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The Rent 2 Rent Success Property Podcast

The Rent to Rent Success Property Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

Hosted by Stephanie Taylor and Nicky Taylor Co-Founders of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success, this only podcast on this list exclusively focused on the rent-to-rent investment strategy.

Some of the recent interviews include Jamie Kullman of the Moms Freedom Maker podcast, Kevin Whelan of WealthTalk and other active operators in the rent-to-rent space.  Key topics such as serviced accommodation, getting started and common R2R mistakes are also covered.

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Scottish Property Podcast

Scottish Property Podcast

Frequency: Weekly

Co-hosts Nick Ponty and Steven Clark share their own experiences, answer questions and talk to experts in the Scottish industry.

Some of the more recent conversations include with mortgage broker Jonathan Williams (on first time buyer mortgages and the state of the market); Sam Dyer of Dyer & Co. Property (on raising private finance) and solicitor Gerald Segal from Mov8 (on the Scottish

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The Best Property Podcasts 2021


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