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Make Money Online with eCash: Get Paid to Shorten URL

There are lots of services online that help with cloaking or shortening of URL (Online address) for various reasons; ... Masking your affiliate links, Space conservation and Easy readability to mention a few. Quite a few of the service providers offer the service for free (tinyurl, Go2-Url) while a couple of others charge for the service.

Tinyurl is one of the most popular because of its free and instant shortened Url creation without the hassles of registration and sign-ups. However, there is a service provider (Shortened Url ) that actually pays you to do exactly what you do with tinyurl... It's called eCash from the stable of low-stress income; a marketplace on the web. 

So, How Does This Work?

When you shorten your URL with eCash, It adds an unobtrusive toolbar to the top of the page. This toolbar displays and rotates very lucrative ads for various products from Low-Stress Income's Marketplace with your affiliate link embedded:

See Shortened Link - (right click and "open in a new tab or window)

The actual re-directed page (eCash Website) appears below the ads toolbar strip. Whenever someone clicks on the any of the ads, you get paid 50%+ for sales made through your automatically embedded affiliate link from Low-Stress Income's Affiliate Program 2.0...earning up to $497 per sale! And since this is a two-tier affiliate program, you also get paid up to 10% whenever someone who signs up under you makes a sale using shortened Url from eCash too.

When you sign-up with eCash (free)... you're also signed up with Low-Stress Income's Marketplace and your affiliate ID is automatically embedded in every shortened URL that you send out via e-mail or otherwise (Talk about Viral marketing made easy). Various products being promoted via your affiliate link with Low-Stress Income Marketplace are listed below... Browse through and get your product of interest... What are you waiting for... Join eCash now!!! Or become a Low-Stress Income Affiliate.

PS. This program is only FREE to join for a limited time...soon it will cost money to be a member of this exclusive network. So join right now!

Check out some of these tested, result oriented products from Low-Stress Income Marketplace below:

Low-Stress Income Marketplace (Some Products and Services)

Sub-Affiliate Program

Promote the hottest affiliate program on the internet. By generating sign-ups to Low-Stress Income's program, you earn easy, passive income from all sales made by your army of affiliates. Finding new affiliates is an easy way to make a lot of money...  Get in on the buzz

Plugin Site PRO

Instantly "plug in" 40+ streams of passive income. You get your very own 28-page website and HTML newsletter built for you at one ridiculously low price. Struggling to make money online? Well, stress no more. We have come up with the perfect solution to your online marketing problems. Everything is taken care of for you so all you need to do is simply promote your site and watch the sales come in! Take a look at some of the amazing tools that are included with your very own money-making platform:

·     Your very own custom designed 28-page website!
·     Built in automatically updating RSS Feeds
·     New, fresh articles rotated weekly
·     Automatically updating site means you never have to add products or change anything
·     Flash image rotater displaying popular products!
·     Animated text ads
·     13 categories full of hot products that ALL make you money
·     Your own newsletter
·     Content-packed newsletter sent daily to your prospects!
·     Each newsletter has built-in featured products that you earn commissions on
·     Enjoy the benefits of "the money in the list" without having the headaches of list management
·     Automatically updated -- you don't have to do anything to have hot fresh content
·     We worry about SPAM complaints, technology, server management, etc.
·     Your own contact form
·     Easily and automatically recruit sub-affilaites
·     Automatically search-engine optimized
·     One year of free basic hosting included!
·     Automatic upgrades...enjoy new features without any extra costs
·     A collection of ebooks and software tools to help you promote your site for free
·     FREE Traffic Flood - get all the free traffic to your site that you can handle
·     RSS Announcer - Easily stay at the top of RSS search engines with this tool
·     The "Tag and Ping" Video tutorials - videos showing you how to make use of "tag and ping" technology to drive tons of traffic to your site
·     "Blog and Ping" software to automate blog and forum promotion... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Your Guide To Low-Stress Income

Imagine waking up to $200 to $2000 per day in easy, automatic income...this guide shows you how. Become a super affiliate with ease, detailed step-by-step instructions included! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Hot Promo Tools

eCash URL Shortener
Use Low-Stress Income's free URL shortening service to earn you easy affiliate commissions! When you shorten urls with eCash then an unobtrusive toolbar appears at the top of your shortened links. This toolbar includes advertisements for Low-Stress Income's products - with your affiliate ID embedded in them! We also throw in a link brander you can use to turn "ugly" links into "nice" links. Plus full stats and reporting tools show you exactly how well your links are doing! Use eCash links every time you post a link, and watch your income increase dramatically and effortlessly! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Twitter Treasure Chest with Monthly Upsell

Hot new in-demand report reveals the secret to earning easy income by generating free traffic from Twitter. High-converting upsell offer provides monthly recurring commissions and up to $44.50 sale... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Attract Money Minicourse With Upsells

Give away this free minicourse. Every new subscriber will see a high-converting one-time offer, which earns you easy commissions up to $48.50. Each individual issue of this six-part mini-course also features an upsell product which bring you commissions of $13.50 to $98.50 per sale... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Promote Low Stress Income Global Marketplace

Promote Low-Stress Income's global marketplace for easy commissions. You earn generous commissions on any sales made... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Autoresponder Cash with Monthly Upsell

Free Report reveals top secret email marketing technique that generated $5,260 in sales to a small list of 500 in just 24 hours! Earn easy recurring monthly commissions and up to $123.50sale from high-converting upsell offer... Check it out at the Resource Directory


$10 Million In Free Ads

This directory of instant link sources allows you to place over $10 Million in FREE Ads instantly all with 1-, 2-, 3-click ease! Repeat unlimited with this amazing sources directory for any product or program you are offering... Check it out at the Resource Directory

My 99-Cent Ad Secret

Secret system allowing you to place offline newspaper ads ordinarily $100 each, but starting for under JUST 99¢ each using this little-known method... Check it out at the Resource Directory

My FREE Ads Secret

Allows you to be able to place 200 million ads FREE with 1-2-3 click ease from any computer online, and for any product you are selling- EVER. We use this very system ourselves to make us millions-and so should you! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

My FREE Traffic Secret (2010 Edition)

Internet Multi-Millionaire teaches you everything he knows about generating millions of dollars in Unlimited, FREE Traffic to your web site or affiliate offers. Start gaining traffic in just 15 minutes from now. Full home study course includes workbooks and video. Plus Twitter automation software! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

My SUPER Free Ads Secret

This PRO PLUS version allows you to place over 1 billion ads FREE utilizing Low-Stress Income's most advanced auto-effective marketing technology. Comes complete with insider codes, plus complete selling tools and their supplemental components... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Business and Employment

Building a Virtual Corporation

Learn how to compete in the marketplace by acting like and appearing to be a large company. All while working from home and investing very little money in your business... Check it out at the Resource Directory

My Phone Riches - Profit w iPhone Apps

Make Huge Money Cashing In On iPhone Apps - A New Billion-Dollar Industry - Without Even Owning an iPhone or Learning How To Program... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Paid to Shop: Mystery Shopping Exposed

Get paid to go shopping, eat dinner out, and go to the movies. Both earn income AND save money doing the things you\'re doing anyway. Easy to start... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Web Business Investment Cash

Learn how you can get all the investment money you need to start or fund your online internet business today! Just takes 30 minutes to get started... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Buy Anything Wholesale

Never pay retail price again! Learn how to purchase products at wholesale prices, for your own use and also to profit as a reseller. Choose from thousands of products, such as video cameras, watches, plasma TV's, clothing, DVDs, cars, cell phones, and more!... Check it out at the Resource Directory

The eBay Power Secrets Bundle

Join the ranks of tens of thousands who are making six figures per year or more marketing on eBay. Includes the very best information on going from eBay newbie to eBay Powerseller... Check it out at the Resource Directory

The eBay Profit Loophole

A newly discovered "loophole" that allows you to leverage eBay's massive traffic base to earn money without actually having to sell anything! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Email Marketing

·      eBlaster Pro PLUS - Bottom Banner - 3 Runs

·      eBlaster Pro PLUS - Solo eZine Ad

·      eBlaster Pro PLUS - Top Banner - 3 Runs

·      100,000 Fresh Biz-Opp Leads

·      250,000 Fresh Biz-Opp Leads

·      500,000 Fresh Biz-Opp Leads

·      1,000,000 Fresh Biz-Opp Leads

·      5,000,000 Fresh Biz-Opp Leads on DVD

Google Adwords and Adsense

Adsense Biz-In-A-Box Pure Profit Pack

A collection of a whopping 155 Adsense-ready web sites, complete with multiple articles and keywords for each website. Plus each site is already optimized so that you can start making an Adsense income immediately!... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Adsense Revenue Exposed

You don't have to be a serious marketer to make lots of money with Google Adsense. Create easy, endless streams of income with this simple system... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Easy Adsense Cash: Video eCourse

Do you find that making any kind of real money with Google Adsense is overwhelming? Well, worry no more, you have found the easiest method of making money with Adsense ever created. This course is built for beginners and walks you through every step of the way... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Massive Adsense on DVD-ROM

Wow! The most MASSIVE collection of Adsense products ever assembled! Videos, EBooks, Resell Rights, Templates, Software, and more, all in one HUGE package!... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain
Instantly put your offer in front of thousands. Learn the secrets to cost-effective advertising with Google Adwords. Includes bonus guide "Google Slap Secrets"... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Internet Marketing

Buy Impulse: 26 Mind-Control Secrets

Shows You How To Get The Power of 26 Secret Mind Controlling Tools That Will Give You: More Customers Who Spend More Money More Frequently ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Fulltime Web Income 7-Week eCourse
This intensive, 7-week audio, video, and written eCourse covers everything you need to realistically pursue fulltime income on the web. In just 7 short weeks from now you can Work From Home and make more money than you ever have before... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Power Blogger Elite
Experience the most comprehensive training package available today to become a Power Blogger. Earn Full-Time income from home blogging Part-Time... Check it out at the Resource Directory

The Complete Vlog Video Tutorial
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The Craigslist Blackhat System
Watch over the shoulder of an underground Craigslist Mastermind as he reveals his secrets on how to BANKROLL up to $8,132.26 in PROFIT every month!... Check it out at the Resource Directory

The Fast Start Marketing Kit

There are two major hurdles to building a business on the internet. The first is getting quality traffic, and the second is building a responsive email list. This product conquers both problems for under $10!... Check it out at the Resource Directory

The Newbie Checklist

Go from Internet Marketing newbie to Internet Marketing guru in just six easy steps.
Get your projects done fast with these step-by-step checklists and handbooks.
7-part video series included! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Web Marketing For Stay At Home Moms

Learn the secrets to juggling your job as a fulltime mom and running your own successful business online. Over three hours of audio included... Resource Directory

Quick $50

·     Quick $50 - Basic

·     Quick $50 - Nickel

·     Quick $50 - Copper

·     Quick $50 - Bronze

·     Quick $50 - Silver

·    Quick $50 - Gold

Saving Money and Credit

1-Click to Free Cash!

Now with the ease of just 1-click, you can be on your way to getting all the FREE Cash you could ever want! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

101 Ways to Generate Emergency Cash

101 ways to find needed cash when you're living paycheck to paycheck, strapped for funds, and don't know who to turn to... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Gas Pump Secrets: Save Money on Gas

Learn how to shave off big dollars at the gas pump with these money-saving secrets gas stations don't want you to know!... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Multiply My Savings - With Free Cash!

Easily multiply your savings with as much free cash as you can handle. Billions are available for U.S. and Canada residents. You can get paid up to $10 for every $1 you save... Check it out at the Resource Directory

My FREE Credit Repair

How to fix all your bad credit and destroy your debts using principally just 2 "magic" letters. Complete with legal supportive resources via hotlinks... Check it out at the Resource Directory

The Truth behind Government Grants

What does it really take to qualify for a government grant? This program teaches you the easy, step-by-step method for maximizing your chance of qualifying for a government grant... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Software and Tools

Low-Stress Helpdesk Software

How would you like a full-featured helpdesk -- like what multimillion-dollar companies use -- without paying hundreds of dollars? Instantly improve your image by offering top-notch customer support! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Magic Video Creation Suite

Discover the power of adding high-quality streaming video to your you easily increase sales page conversions up to 400% and wow your customers with a single click!... Check it out at the Resource Directory

The Software Profit Pack Reseller Kit

Grab This Collection Of 9 BRAND NEW Software Titles With Resell Rights, Sales Pages and Graphics For Pennies On The Dollar! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Wealth Creation

Multiple Streams of Residual Income

Had enough of working because you have to? Tired of wasting your life on paying bills instead of actually living? Then discover exactly how you can setup as many residual income streams as you want, so you can have the freedom to do what you love!
Here are just some of the things you'll learn once you get your hands on "How to Set up Multiple Streams of Residual Income":

·      Everything you need to know to set up a long term, residual online income (Thanks to the internet, it has NEVER been easier to set up as many residual income streams as you like)

·      Step-By-Step guide to successfully choosing, setting up and selling valuable information on the internet

·     What you need to know about "Opt-in" list marketing and why it is one of the most profitable ways to sell products on the internet.

·      Exactly how to set up your own highly profitable "Opt-in" list Step-By-Step, so you can have a money spitting list of hungry people waiting to buy what you offer them.

·      Everything you need to know about Affiliate Programs (If you want others to promote your website for you, or want to promote other people's websites on a commission basis: Affiliate Programs are for you!)

·      Niche Marketing, and exactly why focusing on one targeted niche can be 10 times more profitable than trying to sell to everyone.

·      Everything you need to know about Self-Publishing and how you can make it as profitable as you possibly can!

·      The absolute easiest, simplest and fastest ways to write a book if you don't have all the time in the world (All it takes is some consistency on your part, and before you know it you'll be done your book)

·      Step-By-Step instructions on self-publishing, and all the resources you need to make your job a lot less time consuming and frustrating.

·      All about Network Marketing and why it's such a great and proven way to build residual income.

·      Everything you need to know about Direct Mail advertising!

·      Exactly how to select the most profitable list for your direct mail campaign (This can mean the difference between an ultra-profitable campaign and a flop)

·      Everything you need to know about Franchising, and more importantly making it as profitable as you possibly can.

·      And much, much more! ... check it out here at the Resource Directory

Passive Income through Real Estate

Learn how you can build wealth by creating multiple, residual passive income streams through real estate! This guide gives you everything you need to get started right away... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Win That Lotto!

If you play the lotto, it makes sense to maximize your odds of winning, right? Learn the secret tricks that massively increase your odds to allow you to finally actually win! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Web Promotion and SEO

Free Traffic Flood

Discover the Proven and Simple Methods Used By the Pros to Get All the 100% Free Traffic Your Website Can Handle! ... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Offline Marketing for Web Business

Easily boost your profits online by adding offline marketing to the mix. Find out just how easy and inexpensive it is to add Print, TV, and Radio advertising to your marketing arsenal... Check it out at the Resource Directory

Viral Cash Machines: Volume I

Quickly and easily have three virtual ATM machines spitting out profits 24 hours a day on autopilot. Complete with three ready-to-go websites and a full video tutorial... Check it out at the Resource Directory.

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