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Heal Your Body Meditation.

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I ask you to feel when I ask you to open your heart, want you to take a big chance and, open it up and feel because it’s that energy that begins to change matter, and I believe that we have all of the machinery to do this. Let’s take the journey and raise the consciousness and awareness, the energy of this planet, to see if we can begin to produce changes in the future. How does that sound? Those of you who are watching from somewhere in the world I’m going to ask you to shut your cell phone off close the door and get in a place where. You can separate yourself from the people environment things in your life and have enough time and space to go within. Let’s begin to sit up straight eyes, closed, take a breath and breathe in the power of Love and breathe out any limitation within you, breathe in life, breathe out fear space behind your eyes in space, become Aware of the vastness of space way out beyond. How does it go? Is he turning? How high is this blackness before you are all around, become aware that it’s behind you and on both sides of you become aware that you’re aware of fast space and as nobody, no one in nothing in nowhere and in no time as pure consciousness, become aware in this infinite void? That you’re inside the centre of the earth become aware that you’re aware inside a sphere and sense it all around you in this eternal vast space and now it’s time to raise your energy and radiate this feeling of love in the space within its centre in space to give life to live off our mother feel it experience it becomes aware of it. It’s all around you stay present with it and in care and love, enjoy, your energy carries, the thought, the intent that your love heals this sacred place, that everything in it and not is altered by your energy feeling become more aware of it. Stay present with it that all life be enriched, loving the earth into life feel it and now as if you are moving into space further away from the earth view it from space, see it in its glory, our home, sustaining life and in this infinite vast space Become aware of the space in the centre of your chest, the vastness of space and take the earth and place it in the centre of your chest and love it into life and breathe in the power of love and feeling and breathe out you’re intense to heal it And bring it closer into your heart and think of the trees, the oceans, its mountains and deserts. Think of its landscapes and pastures, its creatures of all species, harmony, balance and feel wholeness onenessstay present within you become aware of it, feel it it’s in you and let it grow in. You become more aware of intelligent love, feeling it’s within you and all around and remember, to keep the earth close to your heart and let your love for life, heal all of life and all people of all races and cultures live in harmony because we are in Harmony feeling in your chest and let it heal you feeling become aware of it experiencing a moment by moment by moment and remember it lives within you and every time. You open your heart. The earth notices every time you give it notices every time you serve it’s aware every time. You give thanks, feel you, when we feel awe for a sunset, wonder in the midnight sky, a gentle breeze caressing us the love for a flower. We are connected to it and we give energy to its field and now move away and notice that planet in space and remember you’re living on it. Citizens of the earth bless it give thanks to it, admire it, celebrate it care for it take time to be aware of it so and enjoy it. Take care of it and now in reverence in grace and humility, bring your awareness back to a new earth and when you’re ready, you can open your eyes and remember it’s in your heart feeling and so in closing for those people tuning in it’s not enough to Meditate on peace or to meditate on change, it’s not enough to just meditate on wholeness and oneness, for this planet, it’s going to require all of us to demonstrate it in all areas of our life that. The change that we want to see in the world has to first start with ourselves. If there are things that we don’t like in the world, we should first look to see if any of that is within us, and I think if we work to make those changes within us and demonstrate peace and demonstrate change, not violently or arrogantly, but an empowered way. If we keep demonstrating over and over again will become the very change we would like to see in the world, thank you for listening.

Dr Joe Dispenza Guided Morning Healing Meditation | Dr Joe Dispenza Heal Your Body Meditation🔅✅

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Heal Your Body Meditation.


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